How To Breed Llamas In Minecraft (2021)

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Llamas are a neutral breed of mobs that were first introduced into Minecraft in version 1.11, or the Exploration Update as it is more commonly known. These adorable creatures cannot be ridden by the player, but they can be used as portable material containers to transport large amounts of resources.

But how do you get one of these Llamas for yourself? And later on, how do you produce more baby Llamas and increase the size of your personal herd?

Well, these are the two questions that we’re going to answer with our how to breed Llamas in Minecraft guide.

How To Breed Llamas In Minecraft Guide

How To Breed Llamas In Minecraft
Baby Llama.

In order to breed baby Llamas, you first have to make sure that you tame at least two adults of the species for yourself.

This process is not all that complicated; it’s simply a bit different from taming other mobs like Horses, Wolves, or Parrots.

Taming a Llama

How To Breed Llamas In Minecraft
Mounting A Llama.

The first step in this process is locating some of these animals in your own procedurally generated world. You have to search in the Savanna and Mountain biomes, where they spawn in herds of 4 to 6 Llamas. You might not get lucky on your first expedition, but keep looking, and you will eventually encounter a group.

All you have to do now, is go up to one of them and mount it with the ‘Use’ button. This is right-clicked on PC, LT on Xbox consoles, and L2 on PlayStation systems.

You’ll probably be bucked off on your first try, but you have to repeat this mounting process multiple times. When you eventually see a bunch of flying hearts all around the screen, this means that the Llama you’re interacting with has been tamed.

Also, keep in mind that if provoked, Llamas are capable of being aggressive with their Spitting attack. So make sure you don’t accidentally punch them in the process of mounting them.

Once the whole taming process is complete, it’s a good idea to take your new pets into an enclosure so that they can’t wander off. If you’re really creative, you can even construct an animal pen that’s operated by a Redstone system.

But Llamas do not accept saddles; the only way to control their movement is to use leads and guide them to the prepared area. After this has been accomplished, we can learn how to breed Llamas in Minecraft.

The Breeding Process

How To Breed Llamas In Minecraft
Hay Bales.

After the animals have been tamed and put inside a fenced area, you have to get some Hay Bales. These can be crafted by putting 9 Wheat in a 3×3 grid in the crafting menu.

The Wheat itself can either be grown using seeds, or harvested from any farms within a village. For breeding a single pair of Llamas, we recommend crafting at least 6 units of Hay Bales. So that’s a total of 54 Wheat.

When you have the Hay Bales ready, walk up to your pair of Llamas and use the item on them both. It should take anywhere from 1 to 3 feedings each, but eventually, you should see hearts rising from the animals.

How To Breed Llamas In Minecraft
Two Llamas In ‘Love Mode.’

This is called ‘Love mode.’ The two Llamas should now walk towards each other and breed. A second or two after this, a baby will spawn near its parents.

Congratulations, you now know how to breed baby Llamas.

This was eXputer’s how to breed Llamas in Minecraft guide. While you’re here, why not also check out our Minecraft Infinity Enchantment Guide.

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