How To Turn Off Redstone Torches In Minecraft

After new players have been playing Minecraft for a while, they’ll want to dive into some of the more advanced mechanics of this game. One of these is the Redstone system, which allows you to create complex machines using specialized items.

And while the basic premise is extremely easy to understand, there are multiple layers to this process. You can lose hours trying to set up even the most basic contraption if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Learning this entire system is not as time-consuming as getting the Infinity Enchantment, but it’s still fairly tough.

So with this guide, we’ll help players understand something fairly basic in this process. We’ll show them how to turn off Redstone torches.

How To Turn Off Redstone Torches?

How To Turn Off Redstone Torches In Minecraft
Redstone Torch With Lever.

A Redstone Torch is the most basic source of constant power in Minecraft. It can be crafted using a single Stick and one unit of Redstone Dust.

Understanding how to use it and have it supply power to other components is fairly easy, but over time players will want to create more complex machines. When this happens, sometimes they’ll want to know how to turn off Redstone torches without breaking the entire circuit.

For the most instant and effective way of turning these off, you have to use a Lever. This requires one Stick and one Cobblestone to craft.

After placing a Lever next to a Redstone Torch and then flipping it once, you can completely stop the flow of power in a circuit. The effect is instant and continuous, and the power will not turn back on unless you decide to flip the Lever once more.

If you require a more timed solution, you can use Buttons instead of Levers. These only momentarily shut off a circuit, allowing for a brief lapse in the flow of power.

How To Turn Off Redstone Torches In Minecraft
Redstone Torch With Button.

The applications of this are more restricted of course, but you never know when it might come in handy.

This has been eXputer’s How To Turn Off Redstone Torches guide. While you’re here, why not also check out one of our Terraria guides. It’s like Minecraft, except in 2D and with lots of Bosses and pets.

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