Terraria Golem Boss Guide, Tips, Boss Fight, And Walkthrough

Enter The Jungle Temple.

The Terraria Golem is one of the many unique Terraria bosses that players can encounter in this game, and summoning and fighting it presents its own specific set of challenges. It is also one of the game’s Hardmode bosses, so you first have to play through a significant chunk of Terraria before you can even encounter it. Fighting is not optional either; it is necessary if you want to beat the game. Killing the Golem allows you to encounter the Lunatic Cultist, which then initiates the late-game Lunar Events that lead to Terraria’s final boss. So this guide will show players how they can find and kill the Golem boss.

Key Highlights

Terraria has a series of 14 bosses to fight and one of those bosses is the Golem which is the 10th boss that can be fought after defeating Plantera Boss.

  • This boss can only be fought in the hardmode part of the game and you can find this boss in the Jungle Temple.
  • The strategy to beat this boss is to completely illuminate the area, seal off any entrances for enemies and build platforms for movement, and also bring good melee weapons with decent armor.

Terraria Golem Boss Guide

Terraria golem
The Jungle Temple.

There are a few tasks that have to be accomplished in order to gain access to the Terraria Golem boss.

First, players have to have defeated the Wall of Flesh boss. This permanently converts your game world into Hardmode while simultaneously unlocking a bunch of new content.

Next, you will have to defeat all three of the mechanical bosses:

  • The Destroyer.
  • Skeletron Prime.
  • The Twins.

Once the last of these is killed, you will receive the message prompt ‘The jungle grows restless…’

This indicates that Plantera’s Bulbs have started spawning in the Underground Jungle biome, and players can go and break them to start yet another boss fight.

Now finally, killing Plantera will give you the Temple Key. This item can then be used to open the door to the Jungle Temple in the Underground Jungle biome.

How to Summon The Golem

Terraria golem
Lihzahrd Altar.

When you enter the Jungle Temple, the area’s layout is relatively straightforward and simplistic, so there is no chance of getting lost. We do however recommend that you bring along a lot of torches or an alternative light source because the temple is extremely dark.

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Your goal is to reach the final chamber deep within the structure. This involves fighting several formidable enemies, as well as avoiding a significant amount of traps. You should also open any chests you find along the way, to find a Lihzahrd Power Cell.

Once you reach the final chamber, there should be a Lihzahrd Altar somewhere near the room’s center. If you have at least one Power Cell in your inventory, interacting with the altar will summon the Golem boss.

Boss Fight

Terraria golem
Preparing The Arena.

In order to prepare for the fight, follow the boss arena preparation methods you should have already used for other encounters like the Queen Bee.

Lay out a number of wooden platforms in layers, and ensure that there are no jutting formations that could impede your movement. Also make sure that you seal off the area to stop enemy mobs from entering the arena and attacking you.

Darkness is another obstacle here, so make sure you thoroughly illuminate the room with torches. And while you’re here, also place Campfires or Heart Lanterns all over the platforms to ensure that the health regeneration buff is always active.

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The Golem boss fight itself is divided into two distinct parts. The first of these involves the Golem Head and the two Golem Fists.

During this phase, the boss jumps around the room shooting fireballs and launching chained fists. Its mobility is limited right now, so players can stay in the space above it and use ranged attacks to damage the body. Once the head drops to half health however, the attacks get faster and the Golem’s eyes also begin to fire lasers.

When the head takes enough damage, the second phase of the boss fight starts.

The head detaches from the rest of the body and starts to float around. It still fires lasers, but now it has also become invincible. The Golem Body also begins to jump around more aggressively.

Terraria Golem
The Boss Fight.

Additionally, If you did not destroy the Fists in the first phase, they carry over to the second phase and make the fight harder. So always make sure to take down the Fists first.

Now simply maintain your distance from the boss and continue to dodge the projectiles to the best of your ability. This fight looks a lot more hectic than it is, and all you have to do is keep calm and continue to target the main body.

It may take a little time, but eventually, you should be able to bring the health bar down to zero. Once the Golem is dead, it has a chance of dropping the following items.

Only one of the following items is guaranteed to drop at a time:

  • Eye of the Golem – 14.29% Chance.
  • Golem Fist – 14.29% Chance.
  • Heat Ray – 14.29% Chance.
  • Picksaw – 14.29% Chance.
  • Possessed Hatchet 14.29% Chance.
  • Staff of Earth – 14.29% Chance.
  • Stynger + Stynger Bolts – 14.29% Chance.
  • Sun Stone – 14.29% Chance.

Some of the following items have a chance to drop, while others are guaranteed:

  • Golem Mask – 14.29% Chance.
  • Golem Trophy – 10% Chance.
  • Greater Healing Potion – 100% Chance.
  • Beetle Husk – 100% Chance.

This has been eXputer’s Golem Boss Guide. We hope that it will help you in taking down this enemy.

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