Terraria Wings Tier List [All Wings Ranked]

I have ranked all 48 wings in Terraria based off of their IDs, and how they compare to other wings!

Terraria is an addictive pixel game that features more than 40 wings that are available to unlock and equip for players to take advantage of. Since it can be quite difficult to figure out which wing might be the best in the Terraria Wings Tier List, I aim to rank all wings from S-Tier to D-Tier based on their appearance and overall prowess! 

Key Takeaways

Terraria features 48 wings.

  • S-Tier: Wings that are only the best of the best and can give the highest coverage. 
  • A-Tier: These wings are extremely viable and should be able to provide players with ample height off of the ground. 
  • B-Tier: Wings that are not the best but are still a good option if you don’t have access to the A or S-Tier wings. 
  • C-Tier: These wings are barely average, and they don’t have a good flight. 
  • D-Tier: Horrible wings. 

Terraria Wings Tier List 

Below listed is a summarized version of the Terraria Wings Tier List: 

Terraria Wings Tier ListRanking Source Item ID
Fledgling WingsDCreation of Journey Mode Character4978
Demon WingsDFeather x10
Soul of Night x15
Soul of Flight x20
Angel Wings DFeather x10
Soul of Light x15
Soul of Flight x20
Harpy Wings DSoul of Flight x20
Giant Harpy Feather
FrozenDSoul of Flight x20
Ice Feather
Fairy WingsDSoul of Flight x20
Ice Feather
Fin WingsDAngler reward2494
Jetpack DSteampunker748
Developer WingsDN/AN/A
Bee WingsCSoul of Flight x20
Tattered Bee Wing
Butterfly WingsCSoul of Flight x20
Butterfly Dust
Leaf WingsCWitch Doctor1162
Flame WingsCSoul of Flight x20
Fire Feather
Mothron WingsCMothron2770
Bone WingsCSoul of Flight x20
Bone Feather
Beetle WingsCSoul of Flight x20
Beetle Husk x8
Spectre WingsCSoul of Flight x20 823
HoverboardCSoul of Flight x20
Shroomite Bar x18
Safeman's Blanket CapeCTreasure Bag4746
Leinfor's Prehensile CloakCTreasure BagN/A
Red's WingsCTreasure Bag665
Lazure's Barrier PlatformCTreasure Bag3228
Jim's WingsCTreasure Bag3582
Will's WingsCTreasure Bag1584
Loki's WingsCTreasure Bag3592
Arkhalis' LightwingsCTreasure Bag3924
Cenx's WingsCTreasure Bag1586
Grox The GreatCTreasure Bag4754
D-TownCTreasure Bag1583
Skiph's PawsCTreasure Bag3588
Yoraizer's SpellCTreasure BagN/A
Ghostar's Infinity EightCTreasure Bag4730
Crowno's WingsCTreasure Bag1585
Festive WingsBEverscream1871
Spooky WingsBSoul of Flight x20
Spooky Twig
Steampunk WingsBSteampunker948
Tattered FairyBSoul of Flight x20
Black Fairy Dust
Empress WingsBEmpress of Light4823
Bat WingsBSoul of Flight x20
Broken Bat Wing
Vortex BoosterAVortex Fragment x143469
FishronADuke Fishron2609
Nebula mantleANebula Fragment x143470
Solar WingsASolar Fragment x143468
Stardust WingsSStardust Fragment x14 3471
Celestial StarboardSMoon Lord4954


S-Tier Rankings Terraria
S-Tier Rankings

Regarding the S-Tier rankings, these wings are probably some of the best available to unlock and cannot be beaten. It features wings allowing players to fly many tiles above ground level with little to no difficulty. 

The main highlights of wings like these include that of the Stardust or the Celestial Starboard, and wings such as Vortex Booster or the Nebula Mantle are close enough but not the best. 


A-Tier Rankings For Wings Terraria
A-Tier Rankings For Wings

As far as the A-Tier is concerned, this tier typically features wings that might not be top quality and, therefore, don’t fit in the S-Tier. However, these best wings are not to be paralleled as these are right there and can allow players to fly several tiles above ground level. 

These wings feature some of the best options, such as Vortex Booster, Fishron, Nebula Mantle, or Solar Wings. 


B-Tier Ranking Terraria
B-Tier Ranking

Moving onto the B-Tier wings, these wings are just average. While these are pretty viable, they can’t be compared to the A-Tier or the S-Tier wings simply because they are better options. Only choose these if you don’t have any other options. 

The B-Tier wings highlight those of the Festive Wings, or the Steampunk wings, as well as that of the Fairy, Betsy’s Wings, or Empress Wings. 


C-Tier Ranking For Wings Terraria
C-Tier Ranking For Wings

When it comes to the C-Tier wings, these are below average and are borderline useless since far better options are available. These wings won’t grant you the freedom to fly many tiles and will disappoint you. 

The highlights of the C-Tier wings include the butterfly wings, flame wings, the mothron, spectrum wings, Leinfor’s prehensile cloak, and the lazure’s barnier platform wings. 


D-Tier Classification Terraria
D-Tier Classification

Last, but not least, the D-Tier is specifically reserved for starter wings or wings that are just downright horrendous. These don’t allow you to fly at all and are horrible. 

Wings that deserve to be in this category alone feature, such as the Fledgling Wings, Demon Wings, Angel Wings, the Jetpack, Frozen Wings, and the Fairy Wings. 

Terraria Wings Tier List 

When it comes to the criteria for ranking the wings in Terraria, they are ranked between tiers, such as the S-Tier, all the way down to a D-Tier ranking, which features some of the worst wings that should be replaced immediately. 

Wings are ranked based on how many tiles they can help players cover from the ground up and how they are sourced. With that, let’s wrap up the Terraria Wings Tier List! 

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