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If you’ve played Terraria for any length of time, then I don’t even have to tell you how utterly annoying knockback can be in the game. It’s fun when it happens to your enemies, but when a random monster manages to push you off a tall ledge and kill you, then tempers start to flare. And while most shields in the game allow you to negate the effects of knockback, wouldn’t it be better to get your hands on one that also happens to provide a plethora of other bonuses in addition to that one simple effect? Well, that’s where the Ankh Shield comes into play. This is a Hardmode shield that imbues the player with knockback immunity and provides them with eleven other additional resistances on top of that. The full description of the item can be seen below:

Key Highlights
  • Terraria has a mechanism of knockbacks where you can get knockback by enemies and you can also knockback them.
  • Players can however counter knockbacks by the use of shields and they also provide protection.
  • One of the shields that you can get is called the “Ankh Shield” and this shield is hardmode exclusive.
  • Crafting this shield also requires a series of unique items such as: 
    • Obsidian Skull
    • Cobalt Shield
    • Armor Bracing
    • Blindfold
    • Medicated Bandage
    • Countercurse Mantra
    • The Plan
  • After acquiring it you need to make the shield accessory by combining an obsidian skull and cobalt shield then combine the rest to make the Ankh’s charm.
  • After that craft, the two in Tinkerer’s workshop and you will have your Ankh Shield.

Ankh Shield

Terraria Ankh Shield
Ankh Shield.
  • Type: Accessory.
  • Defence: 4.
  • Immunities: Knockback, Slow, Darkness, Burning, Chilled, Silenced, Cursed, Broken Armor, Weak, Poisoned, Confused and Bleeding.

This Shield has one of the most complex crafting trees in Terraria, which is only surpassed by two other items in the game.

Crafting this shield also requires you to invest a significant amount of time and resources into your playthrough, but hopefully, this guide can help you accomplish your goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How To Craft The Ankh Shield:

The Ankh Shield might be a single piece of equipment in Terraria, but its creation process involves the combination of multiple other unique items over a few different stages. The bonuses it provides are the result of the union between all of the abilities of these components.

This guide will show you how you can find or craft each of these Materials/Accessories in the game.

Obsidian Skull

Terraria Ankh Shield
Obsidian Skull.

Get a pickaxe with at least 65% power, like the Nightmare Pickaxe or the Deathbringer Pickaxe, and use it to mine some Obsidian Ore from the Cavern layer underground.

Then use 20 of this Obsidian at a Furnace to craft the Obsidian Skull. Now you have the accessory that will give you immunity to the Burning debuff.

Cobalt Shield

Terraria Ankh Shield
Cobalt Shield.

Players cannot craft the Cobalt Shield in the game. It has to be located out in the world.

It can be found inside Gold Chests in the Dungeon, or by opening Golden Lock Boxes using Golden Keys. This is also the component of the Ankh Shield that provides immunity to knockback.


Terraria Ankh Shield

The Blindfold is another item that cannot be crafted by the player. It can only be found on a few specific monsters in the game.

Slimelings, Corrupt Slimes, Shadow Slimes, Crimslimes, Blood Mummies and Dark Mummies each only have a 1% chance of dropping this item upon death. The Blindfold is the part of this entire recipe that gives you immunity to the Darkness debuff.

Armor Bracing

Terraria Ankh Shield
Armor Bracing.

To craft Armor Bracing, you need Vitamins and Armor Polish.

Vitamins are an accessory that cannot be crafted. Getting this item is extremely tough because it only has a 1% chance of dropping from the Floaty Gross enemies in the Underground Crimson biome, or Corruptors in the Corruption and Underground Corruption biomes.

Armor Polish is another monster drop that can only be gotten from the Armored Skeletons or the Blue Armored Bones. These enemies can be found in the Dungeon and the Cavern layer, and they only have a 1% chance to drop this item.

If you have the Vitamins and Armor Polish in your inventory, use a Tinkerer’s Workshop to combine them into the Armor Bracing accessory. It provides the player with immunity from the Weakness and Broken Armor debuffs.

Medicated Bandage

Terraria Ankh Shield
Medicated Bandage.

To craft the Medicated Bandage, players need the Adhesive Bandage and the Bezoar.

Adhesive Bandages have a 1% chance of dropping from Angler Fish, Werewolves that spawn at night and from Rusty Armored Bones in the Dungeon.

Hornets and Moss Hornets in the Underground Jungle biome have a 1% chance of dropping Bezoars. If you can’t find these enemies, this item also has a chance of dropping from Toxic Sludges in the Underground.

Once you manage to acquire both of these items, craft them into the Medicated Bandage at a Tinkerer’s Workshop. With this, you have immunity to the Poison and Bleeding debuffs.

Countercurse Mantra

Terraria Ankh Shield
Countercurse Mantra.

Players need the Nazar and Megaphone accessories to craft the Countercurse Mantra.

There is a 1% chance of a Nazar dropping from the Cursed Skull, Giant Cursed Skull, Cursed Hammer, Enchanted Sword and Crimson Axe enemies in the Dungeon, Underground Corruption, Underground Hallow and Underground Crimson biomes respectively.

Megaphones also have a 1% chance of dropping from Dark and Blood Mummies in the Desert, or Green Jellyfish in the water and Pixies in The Hallow biome.

After you’ve managed to farm a Nazar and Megaphone, go to a Tinkerer’s Workshop to craft yourself a Countercurse Mantra accessory. This one gives players immunity to the Silence and Curse debuffs.

The Plan

Terraria Ankh Shield
The Plan.

Now the final major crafting ingredient you need is The Plan, and it requires a Trifold Map and Fast Clock to craft.

Players have a 1% chance of getting a Trifold Map from Giant Bats in the Cavern layer and Light and Spectral Mummies in the Desert. There is also a chance to get this item from Clowns, but these only spawn during the Blood Moon.

Similarly, fast Clocks only have a 1% chance of dropping from the standard Mummies in the Desert, Wraiths at night and Pixies in The Hallow. Wraiths are the easiest enemies to farm for this since they spawn on the surface of the world.

When you’re finally done farming, bring the Trifold Map and Fast Clock accessories to a Tinkerer’s Workshop to craft The Plan, which provides you with immunity to the Slow and Confusion debuffs.

The Final Process

Terraria Ankh Shield
Tinkerer’s Workshop.

Now that you finally have the Obsidian Skull, Cobalt Shield, Blindfold, Armor Bracing, Medicated Bandage, Countercurse Mantra and The Plan in your possession, it’s time for the last few steps of this entire lengthy process.

First, use the Obsidian Skull and Cobalt Shield to craft the Obsidian Shield accessory. Then, use the Blindfold, Armor Bracing, Medicated Bandage, Countercurse Mantra and The Plan to prepare the Ankh Charm accessory.

And finally, use the Tinkerer’s Workshop one last time to combine the Obsidian Shield and the Ankh Charm into the Ankh Shield.

Congratulations, you now have one of the best pieces of equipment in all of Terraria.

General Tips on Crafting the Ankh Shield

  • As we know that we have to do a lot of farming in order to get the Ankh Charm so, it is advisable to make use of Battle Poisons and Candles so that enemies spawn at a greater rate and you get more rewards in return.
  • The enemy spawn rate significantly increases during Blood Moons so, farming in particular conditions gives you an advantage but, you should also keep that in mind that the enemies will spawn more only on the Surface layer.
  • If you are farming underground, it is better to make a primal farming spot in broad areas such as cave opening as it will gather all the enemies at one spot.

You can also use different types of traps or minions to make farming automated, even while you are away.


This concludes the guide about the best strategy to craft the Ankh Shield in Terraria. While you are here, read our Best Weapons in Terraria guide.

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