Terraria Master Mode: A Primer On The Hardest Difficulty

This Mode Is For Veterans.

When beginning a brand new world, players have the choice of selecting the Terraria Master mode option from the starting menu. This is a one-time choice that cannot be reversed since it changes some prominent aspects of the game. It is an extremely difficult mode that is intended for veteran players.

Key Highlights
  • Terraria has many difficulties for its players; if you’re a newcomer, then easy is your go, and if you’re daring and experienced, Terraria’s “Master Mode” exists.
  • With this difficulty, many changes occur then from the previous difficulties of Terraria, such as “Classic Mode.”
  • Terraria’s “Master Mode” difficulty has these changes:
    • Enemies’ health increased 3 times the amount of their normal health.
    • Enemies have knockback resistance of 20%.
    • Players will drop all their coins upon death.
    • The damage taken cap increases to 75%.

Master Mode 

Terraria Master Mode
Master Mode.

Terraria’s Master Mode is the hardest difficulty in the game, surpassing the likes of Classic and Expert Mode.

  • Enemies possess thrice the amount of health as normal, 20% Knockback resistance and also deal thrice as much damage.
  • Players drop all of their coins upon death.
  • Damage taken is increased by 75%.
  • As with Expert mode, both Bosses and regular enemies possess advanced AI with a higher difficulty of attack patterns.
  • Enemies can also pick up coins dropped by other enemies or players in Master Mode.
  • Killed bosses drop Treasure Bags, which contain items from Expert Mode and those exclusive to Master Mode.

Master Mode Tips And Tricks

Terraria Master Mode
Avoid Caverns.

Jumping into Master mode is nothing to laugh at. Even experienced players are likely to be pushed to their limits when facing off against the hordes on offer here.

So, I’m going to lay down some basic tips and tricks that players should always keep in mind:

  • Prioritize Armor: Craft armor before weapons to increase survivability.
  • Hunt For Life Crystals: Collect Life Crystals underground to increase your health.
  • Use Yoyos: Employ Yoyo weapons for ranged attacks while maintaining control.
  • Avoid Caverns: Steer clear of open caverns to minimize the risk of getting lost or falling.
  • Dig A Hellevator: Create a vertical shaft (Hellevator) for quick access to the Underworld biome.
  • Repeat Boss Fights: Repeatedly fight bosses to increase chances of obtaining valuable items.
  • Potions Are Important: Craft various potions for different effects, such as increased defense or resistances.
Terraria Master Mode
Digging A Hellevator.

Keep all of these tips in mind, and Master mode should be slightly more tolerable for you.

Exclusive Items

Terraria Master Mode
Skeletron Prime Relic.

There are two main categories of items that are dropped by Bosses in Terraria Master Mode.

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The first of these are Relics, which are basically furniture items in the shape of their respective bosses. They are 100% likely to drop, and it might actually be more fitting to label them as trophies.

The full list of these can be seen below:

  • King Slime Relic.
  • Eye of Cthulhu Relic.
  • Eater of Worlds Relic.
  • Brain of Cthulhu Relic.
  • Queen Bee Relic.
  • Skeletron Relic.
  • Wall of Flesh Relic.
  • Queen Slime Relic.
  • Destroyer Relic.
  • Twins Relic.
  • Skeletron Prime Relic.
  • Plantera Relic.
  • Empress of Light Relic.
  • Golem Relic.
  • Duke Fishron Relic.
  • Lunatic Cultist Relic.
  • Moon Lord Relic.
  • Dark Mage Relic.
  • Ogre Relic.
  • Betsy Relic.
  • Mourning Wood Relic.
  • Pumpking Relic.
  • Everscream Relic.
  • Ice Queen Relic.
  • Santa-NK1 Relic.
  • Flying Dutchman Relic.
  • Martian Saucer Relic.

The second category of items exclusive to Terraria’s Master Mode are unique summoning items.

Terraria master mode
Goat Mount.

These can be used to call forth Pets, Light Pets, or Mounts that are modeled after their bosses. They all have a 25% drop rate.

  • Royal Delight: Slime Prince can be summoned. Drops from King Slime.
  • Suspicious Grinning Eye: Suspicious Eye can be summoned. Drops from Eye of Cthulhu.
  • Writhing Remains: Eater of Worms can be summoned. Drops from Eater of Worlds.
  • Brain in a Jar: Spider Brain can be summoned. Drops from Brain of Cthulhu.
  • Sparkling Honey: Honey Bee can be summoned. Drops from Queen Bee.
  • Possessed Skull: Skeletron Jr. can be summoned. Drops from Skeletron.
  • Goat Skull: Goat Mount can be summoned. Drops from Wall of Flesh.
  • Regal Delicacy: Slime Princess can be summoned. Drops from Queen Slime.
  • Pair of Eyeballs: Rez and Spaz can be summoned. Drops from The Twins.
  • Deactivated Probe: Destroyer-Lite can be summoned. Drops from The Destroyer.
  • Robotic Skull: Mini Prime can be summoned. Drops from Skeletron Prime.
  • Plantera Seedling: A pet of the same name can be summoned. Drops from Plantera.
  • Jewel of Light: Fairy Princess can be summoned. Drops from Empress of Light.
  • Guardian Golem: Toy Golem can be summoned. Drops from the Golem.
  • Pork of the Sea: Tiny Fishron can be summoned. Drops from Duke Fishron.
  • Tablet Fragment: Phantasmal Dragon can be summoned. Drops from Lunatic Cultist.
  • Piece of Moon Squid: Moonling can be summoned. Drops from Moon Lord.
  • Pumpkin Scented Candle: Jack ‘O Lantern can be summoned. Drops from
  • Hexxed Branch: Tree Mount can be summoned. Drops from Mourning Wood.
  • Shrub Star: Everscream Sapling can be summoned. Drops from
  • Toy Tank: Santank Mount can be summoned. Drops from Santa-NK1.
  • Frozen Crown: Ice Queen (pet) can be summoned. Drops from Ice Queen (boss).
  • Dark Mage’s Tome: Book Mount can be summoned. Drops from Dark Mage.
  • Ogre’s Club: Baby Ogre can be summoned. Drops from Ogre.
  • Betsy’s Egg: Itsy Betsy can be summoned. Drops from Betsy.
  • The Black Spot: Pirate Ship Mount can be summoned. Drops from Flying Dutchman.
  • Cosmic Skateboard: Alien Skater can be summoned. Drops from Martian Saucer.

You’re not likely to get these items on your first try, but you can attempt the bosses again using the relevant summoning items.

This has been eXputer’s Terraria’s Master Mode guide.

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