How To Craft Jungle Armor In Terraria

This One Is For Magic Users.

Despite its cute art style and light-hearted tone, Terraria can be a challenging experience at times. If you’re not careful, even regular enemies can beat you down and make you lose hours of progress because of a single mistake.

And while it always pays to be prepared, the level of choice offered to you can be extremely overwhelming. There are dozens of weapons, armor, and accessories in the game that provide unique benefits to the players, but choosing what works for you can be daunting.

So if you’re new to the game and your world hasn’t been converted to hardmode yet, we would like to recommend that you consider investing in the Jungle Armor.

What Is Jungle Armor?

Terraria Jungle Armor
Jungle Armor Set.

The Jungle Armor is a set of three different pre-hardmode armor pieces known as the Jungle Hat, Jungle Shirt, and the Jungle Pants.

When combined, they increase your maximum mana by 80 points and provide an 18% increase to your magic critical strike chance. As a set bonus, these pieces also reduce the amount of mana consumed by 16%.

If you’re a player that relies heavily on magic weapons, then it’s recommended that you get the Jungle Armor before taking on the Wall of Flesh Boss. Because on top of the bonuses this set provides for magic users, it also has a fairly decent defense rating of 17.

How Do You Get Jungle Armor In Terraria?

Terraria Jungle Armor
Underground Jungle BIome.

Jungle Armor can be crafted with three materials that are unique to the Underground Jungle Biome:

  1. Jungle Spores: Players can acquire these by attacking the glowing green orbs that can occasionally be found growing on Jungle grass. These aren’t hostile, and they drop 2 to 3 Jungle Spores each.
  2. VInes: This resource has a 50% chance of dropping from the Man-Eater enemy. You can locate them quickly, since they will often reach out to attack the player on their own when in range.
  3. Stinger: You have at least a 50% chance of getting Stingers from Hornets, Dragon Hornets, and Spiked Jungle Slimes. These enemies are abundant in the Underground Jungle.

In total, you need 32 Jungle Spores, 2 Vines, and 10 Stingers to craft all three pieces of the Jungle Armor. Once you have the required amount, go to either an Iron Anvil or a Lead Anvil to make this set for yourself.

And that’s all there is to it. It takes just a little bit of time and effort to craft one of the best pre-hardmode armor sets in the entire game.

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