Best Pre Hardmode Armors In Terraria Ranked

We have ranked best Pre Hardmode Armors in Terraria players should use as they are easy to acquire & offer value from early to late game.

Terraria is a game full of mysteries, adventures, and battles. The possibilities are endless, and there is immense replay value that changes each time you equip a new weapon and armor set in the game. Players begin Terraria with pre hardmode and later transition into hardmode. The weapons and armor players get are different in both modes. Since there are nearly 34 armor sets in pre-hardmode, we have come up with the best pre-hardmode armor in Terraria that you should acquire in the early to mid-game.

Key Highlights
  • Terraria is a game where it progressively gets very hard and so with it comes better weapons and armor to use.
  • Armors in pre-hardmode have a variety of 34 armor sets in total to acquire each differing in stats and rarity.
  • Grade A+ armors sets are considered the best out of all and Grade C is the worst end-game.
  • Some of the best Grade A+ armor are Jungle Armor, Meteor Armor, and Wizard Armor.
  • Some of the best Grade A armors are Molten Armor, Angler Armor, and Obsidian Armor.
  • Most of these armor can be crafted but obtaining the materials for those progressively gets hard as the armors get better.

As mentioned above, the game offers many varieties of weapons and armor, so selecting the best ones can be a difficult task. The stat bonuses, crafting resources, and armor defense in Terraria is different on Nintendo devices from PC, Consoles, and mobile version of the game. However, we have gone with the latter choice only and have ranked the most-used/top-picked armors that players have been going for since the launch of Terraria.

Grade-A+ Armor

All armors that we have ranked under the Grade A+ category are the best ones you should get while playing Terraria in pre hardmode. You get decent resistance and other status effects by equipping set bonuses of the armor under this category to beat enemies and bosses easily.

Best Pre Hardmode Armors In Terraria
All Grade-A+ armors in Terraria Pre hardmode

Jungle Armor 

 Another great pre-hardmode armor set for mages is the jungle armor. It consists of a jungle hat, jungle shirt, and jungle pants. We recommend all the mages in Terraria prioritize getting the jungle armor as it is great for magic builds. You can craft the jungle armor set in Terraria from the items that you get in the underground jungle. The jungle hat is capable of increasing the mana by 40 and it has a defense rate of five. The whole jungle armor set can increase the maximum amount of mana by eight. Furthermore, mana usage will also decrease by 16%. While you will not get the grass particle effect the mana reduction the set offers are pretty good especially if you are a mage. It is to be noted that the armor is the cheapest to craft so you will not have to struggle a lot when obtaining the armor. Despite being so cheap the jungle had sells for the most coins in the game. 

Armor Stats 

  • Type: Armor Set 
  • Total Set Defense: 17 
  • Rarity: Orange  
  • Set Effects: 17 Defense, -16% Mana Usage, increased Magic Critical Strike Chance 
  • Crafted at: Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil 

Meteor Armor

Meteor armor is one of the easiest mage armor in Terraria. It is because equipping the complete Meteor armor set allows you not to consume mana at all while using the Space Gun and Zapinator. Each set piece of this best pre hardmode Terraria armor set also increases the overall magic damage output by 9%.

Meteor Armor set favors magic weapons as it significantly increases the magic damage, and if you use it with Space Gun, then you don’t have to worry about mana consumption.

Armor Stats

  • Type: Mage
  • Total Set Defence rate: 16
  • Set Bonus/Effects: +27% magic damage and Space Gun and Zapinator Costs 0 mana
  • Recipe: 45 Meteorite Bar
  • Crafted/Obtained At: Iron Anvil/Lead Anvil

Wizard Set Or Wizard Armor 

 While it is not particularly armor but the wizard set is best for your magic built in Terraria. The armor set will consist of one of the magic robes in the game and a magic headgear as well. It is important to note that the robe you will be using can be from any of the six gem robes. You can craft the robe using gems and robe or by simply using the Mystic rope. We recommend going for the Mystic wizard set, Topaz wizard set, Amethyst wizard set, Ruby wizard set, or Emerald wizard set. 

A great benefit of the armor is that you can get it early on in the game. The diamond rope can be obtained early on by using an Extractinator and Slit and Slash. Furthermore, the team spawns quite often in the game so you can get the armor from Tim as well. The wizard hat and Mystic robe combination are considered the strongest for magic users that are not interested in defense in the pre-hard mode after area. For an overall upgrade, we recommend replacing the wizard hat with Adamantite headgear. 

Armor Stats 

  • Type: Armor Set 
  • Total Set Defense: depends on the type. 
  • Rarity: depends on the type. 
  • Set Effects: increased Mana, increased Magic Critical Strike Chance 
  • Obtained From: The traveling merchant or Tim. 

Grade-A Armors

These grade-A armors are at par with the Meteor armor, but the latter doesn’t offer the status effects that the former has. Regardless, the armors we have listed below are still equally powerful and useful in Terraria. Since the rating is not just about their stats but also how they are obtained, some can easily rival Grade-A+ armor if we only look at the stats and usefulness.

Best Pre Hardmode Armors In Terraria
All Grade-A armors in Terraria Pre hardmode

Molten Armor

Molten Armor is by far the best pre hardmode armor for maximum defense in Terraria. Acquiring the armor is not an easy task as players will need to have a lot of Hellstone Bars, Hellstones, and Obsidian materials. You can easily craft Molten armor and get 25% defense from incoming enemy attacks if you have the necessary materials.  

Armor Stats

  • Type: Melee
  • Set Bonus/Effects: 17% melee damage, +7 melee speed, +7% melee critical chance, and immune to fire
  • Recipe: 45 Hellstone Bar
  • Crafted/Obtained At: Iron Anvil/Lead Anvil

Angler Armor

Fishing is another important in-game feature in Terraria. Angler armor is by far the best one to have if players want to have maximum rewards from fishing activity. One of the easiest ways to acquire this pre hardmode armor set is from Angler NPC. If you keep completing the fishing quests in Terraria, the said NPC will start rewarding you all three Angler armor set pieces one by one.

You will receive Angler Hat after completing ten fishing quests. The Angler Vest can be acquired from NPC after doing at least 15 fishing quests, and the last armor piece, Angler Pants, will be rewarded by Angler NPC if you complete a total of 20 fishing missions in Terraria.

The Angler armor does not offer a high amount of defense against enemy attacks; however, we have ranked it higher in the list of armors because it offers a great value when it comes to fishing quests. Moreover, equipping the full armor set also does not offer additional stat bonuses that most pre hardmode armors in Terraria come with.

Armor Stats

  • Type: Utility
  • Total Set Defense: 4
  • Rarity: Blue
  • Set Bonus/Effects: 15% fishing power
  • Obtained From: Completing 20 Fishing Quests

Obsidian Armor

As the name implies, Obsidian armor is made up of Obsidian materials in Terraria, and it is one the best summoner armor in the game. One must use this item along with a whip weapon because this best pre hardmode armor offers increased speed and range for whip summon weapons. Other than that, Obsidian armor also increases the minion damage significantly by 15%, allowing you to passively damage enemies by using a minion.

Crafting this pre hardmode armor in Terraria requires obtaining a lot of materials that are not easy to come by in the game. For starters, players will need 60 Obsidian, 30 Silk, and 20 Shadow Scales or Tissue Samples to craft Obsidian armour set at Hellforge and Loom crafting stations.

Armor Stats

  • Type: Summon
  • Total Set Defense: 15
  • Complete Set Effects: +31% summon damage, +35% whip speed and +50% whip range
  • Rarity: White
  • Crafted At: Hellforge and Loom

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Grade-B+ Armors

All armors that we have ranked under Grade B+ fall at the middle grounds between the top tier ones and the average ones. They are not the absolute best in the game, but they are good enough to get the job done by offering valuable status effects and defense and are a tad bit easier to acquire in Terraria.

Best Pre Hardmode Armors In Terraria
All Grade-B+ armors in Terraria Pre hardmode

Shadow Armor

Shadow armor gives buff to movement speed and melee attacks. The easiest way to get your hands on this pre hardmode armor set in Terraria is to craft it by acquiring the required materials we have mentioned below. However, obtaining all of these materials can be a bit challenging. Luckily, there is a workaround that if you get to beat Eater of Worlds worm-boss at least two times, then you will have enough materials in your inventory to craft all three set pieces of Shadow Armor.  

Aesthetically, the Shadow armor lives up to its name as it projects a shadow-like image of the character while making movements. Other than that, there is a lot of particle effects associated with the armor. Stat-wise, it buffs movement speed and melee attacks.

Armor Stats

  • Type: Melee
  • Total Set Defense: 19
  • Set Bonus/Effects: +15% movement speed and +21% melee speed
  • Rarity: Blue
  • Recipe: 60 Demonite Bars and 45 Shadow Scales
  • Crafted/Obtained At: Iron Anvil/Lead Anvil

Crimson Armor

Crimson offer by design comes in red color, but the logic behind it is that this pre hardmode armor is the best one in Terraria if you want to have life regeneration status effects. Equipping all three set pieces will increase the HP regeneration significantly. Besides giving health regen properties, each Crimson armor set piece also offers a 2% buff to weapon damage, and equipping all three set pieces will give a total of 6% buff to weapon damage.

Crimson armor is one of the best pre hardmode armors players should acquire during mid-game in Terraria because it offers health regen and decent weapon damage buff.

Armor Stats

  • Rarity: Blue
  • Total Set Defense: 19
  • Set Bonus/Effects: Increased health regeneration rate and +6% damage
  • Recipe: 60 Crimtane Bar and 45 Tissue Sample
  • Crafted/Obtained At: Iron Anvil/Lead Anvil

Pumpkin Armor

Pumpkin armor has decent damage resistance against enemy attacks and buffs weapon damage. The best part of this pre hardmode armor in Terraria is that it can be crafted easily by gathering 75 Pumpkins. Players can obtain pumpkins quickly during Halloween as this item can be acquired easily at the start of the game. However, another easy way to get more pumpkins in Terraria is to beat a named boss and allow Dryad to move in to harvest pumpkin seeds.

  • Armor Stats
  • Rarity: White
  • Total Set Defense rate: 7
  • Set Bonus/Effects: 10% damage
  • Recipe: 75 Pumpkins
  • Crafted/Obtained At: Work Bench
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Grade-B Armors

All the armors that we have ranked in Grade-B are easy to acquire or craft in Terraria. However, they do not offer defensive stats and set bonuses as other top-tier pre hardmode armors offer in the game. These armors can be better suited for beginners or early to mid-game only. That being said, they will stay relevant throughout your pre hardmode journey.

Best Pre Hardmode Armors In Terraria
All Grade-B armors in Terraria Pre hardmode

Necro Armor

Necro Armor favors the ranged weapons as equipping the complete set increases ranged weapon’s critical chance to strike by 15%. Also, the full set piece gives an additional stat bonus of a 20% chance of not consuming the ammo while firing a ranged weapon in Terraria.

Ranged weapons are great at eliminating threats from a distance. This weapon type is useful in the early game for beginners. So having Necro armor in the early game will not only allow you to complete pre hardmode of Terraria quickly but will give you the advantage of defeating bosses and enemies effortlessly.

Armor Stats

  • Type: Ranged
  • Total Set Defense: 19
  • Set Bonus/Effects: 10% ranged critical hit rate, and 15% ranged damage
  • Rarity: Green
  • Recipe: 135 Cobweb and 150 Bone
  • Crafted/Obtained At: Work Bench

Fossil Armor

Fossil Armor, like Necro armor, also favors ranged weapons instead of other weapon types in Terraria. Equipping the complete set gives players a 20% chance not to consume ammo while firing the ranged weapon in the game. While the chances are not high enough, having at least a 20% chance to save ammo becomes critical while fighting challenging encounters and bosses in Terraria.

Besides that, players also get an additional stat bonus of a 50% chance not to consume a throwable item. Having equipped each set piece increases the overall critical chance by 3%, and having all three Fossil armor pieces will give a total of 9% critical chance.

Armor Stats

  • Type: Ranged
  • Total Set Defense: 13
  • Set Bonus/Effects: +5% ranged damage, and +8% critical ranged chance
  • Rarity: Blue
  • Recipe: 60 Sturdy Fossil
  • Crafted/Obtained At: Iron Anvil/Lead Anvil

Grade-C+ Armors

These armors are best suited for beginners who have got the hang of combat in Terraria. All Grace-C+ armors are easy to obtain or craft in the game and offer decent stat effects and defensive stats in the early hours.

Best Pre Hardmode Armors In Terraria
All Grade-C+ armors in Terraria Pre hardmode

Ninja Armor

The easiest way to acquire Ninja Armor in Terraria is to beat King Slime boss. Normally, he’d drop at least one armor set piece every time you beat this boss in the game. However, if you play the encounter on expert mode, you are likely to receive at least two armor set-pieces after defeating King Slime.

Equipping the complete Ninja armor set grants a total of 9% chance to land a critical strike. Moreover, the increased movement speed also allows you to dodge the incoming enemy projectiles in Terraria, and Ninja armor grants a 20% increase in movement speed.

Armor Stats

  • Rarity: Blue
  • Total Set Defense: 9
  • Set Bonus/Effects: +9% critical chance and 20% movement speed
  • Obtained From: Defeating King Slime drops armor pieces

Cactus Armor

As the name implies, Cactus armor has spiked thorns, allowing you to passively damage an enemy whenever they come in contact with the character. Besides receiving hit damage when an enemy touches your character, the Cactus armor also deals knockback damage to the enemy as a counter-attack.

Acquiring this pre hardmore armor in the early game is also easy as you only need to have 75 Cactus materials.

Armor Stats

  • Rarity: White
  • Total Set Defense: 3
  • Set Bonus/Effects: +15/30/45 thorns damage and knockback
  • Recipe: 75 Cactus
  • Crafted/Obtained At: Work Bench
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Grade C Armor

We have ranked only one armor in Grade-C because it is easy to obtain and is pretty much the basic armor in the early game.

Best Pre Hardmode Armors In Terraria
All Grade-C armors in Terraria Pre hardmode

Wooden Armor

Wooden Armor is mostly the go-to choice for absolute beginners playing at Classic/Normal mode in the early game only. As players progress the pre-hardmode, the application of this armor wears off as it does not offer decent defense and stat bonuses required to beat the enemies and bosses easily.

Armor Stats:

  • Total Set Defense: +3 set defense
  • Rarity: White
  • Recipe:75 Wood
  • Crafted At: Work Bench

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the best pre hardmode armors in Terraria. Which has been your go-to or favorite armor in the game? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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