How To Farm Life Fruit In Terraria

Get Your Health Pool To 500.

If you’ve been playing Terraria for a while, then you’ve probably located quite a few different Life Crystals. These are heart-shaped items that can be found in the Cavern and Underground layers of the world, and they allow you to increase your maximum health by 20 points when used. But there are only a limited number of these that can be utilized. But there is an alternative item that can be used after this point, which can help you give your health pool one final push. These are called Life Fruits.

Key Highlights
  • Terraria has a feature where players can progressively increase their health points which can be done using Life Crystals. 
  • After reaching a point of having 400 health points, Life Crystals can’t be used to further increase the cap of your health.
  • But you can further increase your health points up to 500 points by using the item called “Life Fruit”.
  • You cannot craft or farm this item and it can only be found in the hardmode section of the game and they spawn inside Jungle Temples.
  • Consuming these fruits also has a unique visual effect where your health bar hearts turn from red to gold.

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After players have discovered at least fifteen Life Crystals and increased their health bar to 400 points, these items cease to function as consumables. At this point, they are only useful for crafting or selling.

What Are Life Fruit?

Terraria Life Fruit
Terraria Life Fruit.

Life Fruit are unique hardmode consumables in Terraria that allow you to push your health pool past the default limit of 400 points.

These are far less potent than Life Crystals, and each one of them only increases your health by 5 points. You can also only use a total of twenty of them to increase your health to 500, after which they stop being useful.

They also have the added effect of turning your health icons from red to gold with each used Life Fruit. This doesn’t really serve a gameplay function; it’s merely a cool little visual flair to show that you’ve upgraded your health as far as possible.

Can You Grow Life Fruit In Terraria?

Terraria Life Fruit
Underground Jungle Biome.

Unfortunately, a Life Fruit is not a type of plant that can be grown by the players. It is an extremely rare resource that can only be found while exploring the Underground Jungle biome.

It also doesn’t exist in a game world by default since it is a Hardmode exclusive item. Certain conditions have to be met to encourage Life Fruit to begin spawning.

First, you have to have defeat the Wall of Flesh boss and converted your world into Hardmode.

Then you have to defeat at least one of the three mechanical bosses in the game. This includes Skeletron Prime, The Destroyer, or The Twins. The moment you defeat at least one of these bosses, Life Fruit begins to spawn in your world.

The chances of the plants spawning are also substantially increased as more mechanical bosses are defeated. So for the best odds, we suggest that you defeat all three of these before you go searching for Life Fruit.

What Is The Easiest Way To Get life Fruit In Terraria?

Terraria Life Fruit
Jungle Grass Seeds.

As mentioned above, Life Fruit spawn in the Underground Jungle biome, so you have a chance of encountering them as you normally play through the game and explore below ground. But this also leaves a lot to pure luck.

There is also a way to encourage the plant to spawn, but it takes a bit of work on the players’ part.

First, make your way to the Underground Jungle and find a nice open spot without too many enemies or other obstacles like pools of water or abandoned buildings. Then carve out the area with a pickaxe to create a large rectangular space.

Next, place Mud Blocks to create long platforms that are vertically at least six blocks away from each other. Make these platforms as long as the underground space allows and put many torches all around the walls to make the area as bright as possible.

Finally, use Jungle Grass Seeds to create grass on a few of these mud blocks, which should eventually spread all over the platforms over time.

Terraria Life Fruit
Artificial Jungle.

You have now created your artificial jungle within the Underground Jungle, which will act as a farming spot for Life fruit. Visit the area after every two in-game days, and there’s a small chance that some of these plants will have spawned.

But remember, this is still a rare item in the game, so don’t expect your artificial jungle to yield dozens of Life Fruit instantly. It can take a lot of time until anything happens at all.

This has been our guide on how to farm Life Fruit in Terraria. We hope it will help you learn how to increase your chances of getting this item to spawn for you.

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