Terraria: How To Summon And Defeat The Queen Bee

Don't Underestimate The Queen Bee.

While playing through Terraria, players can encounter and fight well over two dozen bosses in the game. Beating some of these is necessary to progress forward, but others are optional encounters that reward you with a lot of sweet loot for beating them. The Queen Bee is one of these optional bosses, and she drops a bunch of unique items that you cannot get from any other source in the game.

Key Highlights
  • Terraria has 17 bosses in total to fight and some of them are standard and some can be spawned, Queen Bee is one of them.
  • You can find the Queen Bee boss within the Bee Hive biomes which can be found underneath Jungles.
  • Finding these jungles requires a little luck as these are random in each world.
  • After successfully finding the BeeHive biome, you then have to look for a Larva and break it and the boss will spawn.
  • The boss isn’t hard to defeat and you just need to have campfires around for buffs and avoid getting poisoned by it.
  • It is recommended to have a decent melee weapon and also brings healing potions with you.

Also, check out our Terraria Boss Order List. This guide is meant to show you how to both summon and defeat this boss.

How To Summon The Queen Bee

Terraria Queen Bee
Bee Hive.

If you want to find the Queen Bee, you have to look for her within the Bee Hive mini-biomes. These are found inside the Underground Jungle, a massive biome comprised of a large system of interconnected caverns.

Now because each world’s structure and layout in the game is randomly determined by what seed it uses, the Underground Jungle location will not be the same for any two players.

Each world is unique, so each Underground Jungle is going to be in a different area.

Terraria Queen Bee
Underground Jungle.

You might stumble across it randomly while exploring your world, but a more reliable way of finding it is to look for the above-ground Jungle biome. Once you find it, start digging down to reach the Underground Jungle eventually.

At this point, finding a Bee Hive is simply a matter of luck and perseverance. There are always a few of them present in the area, but you have to actively look for them.

Terraria Queen Bee

Once you find one, head inside and locate some Larva. These look like tiny creatures trapped inside a shell of honey, and they are incredibly fragile.

All you need to do now is break this Larva with a weapon or pickaxe, immediately after which the Queen Bee will spawn.

How To Prepare For The Fight

Terraria Queen Bee
Prepare The Arena.

Now that you know how to summon the beast, it’s time to prepare.

The Queen Bee is a relatively easy boss in the game. But if this is your first playthrough, she can be quite a handful.

As with all boss fights in the game, one of the first things you should do is prepare the arena you’re going to fight. Ensure all obstacles in the Bee Hive that could potentially block your path, like random jutting blocks, are removed and that the area is as flat as possible.

Create multiple layers with Wood Platforms that can quickly be jumped between at a moment’s notice, and ensure sufficient torches placed everywhere to illuminate the location.

Place Campfires, or If possible, Heart Lanterns, all over the area to ensure that the health regeneration buff is always ready.

Terraria Queen Bee

Next, players should be aware that this boss can inflict the Poisoned debuff on you, which slowly drains your health.

And since Terraria does not feature any consumable items like antidotes that can get rid of this effect, it’s recommended that you bring along many Healing Potions and an accessory like the Bezoar that can grant immunity to poison.

In terms of weapons, if you can get one that inflicts fire damage, then that works great. But generally, as long as you’re using the highest tier of weapons available to you at this point, you should be fine.

My go-to weapon type is always the Yoyos, so I bought along the Artery for this fight.

The Queen Bee Boss Fight

Terraria Queen Bee
Queen Bee.

Once the Queen Bee encounter starts in Terraria, players need to be on their toes at all times.

The boss starts off the fight with three fast charge attacks from either the screen’s left or right side. Players can easily avoid these by jumping up or down onto the wood platforms they placed while preparing the boss arena. Even if you skipped this step, you could jump over these charges with three perfectly timed jumps.

After this, she will begin to hover in the air and spawn tiny Bee enemies to attack you. These are pretty easy to kill, especially if you have a sword with good range, but either way, you should take this opportunity to inflict as much damage on the Queen Bee as you can.

Terraria Queen Bee
The Queen Bee Boss Fight.

Her third and final attack pattern involves her flying around the arena and shooting ranged poison stingers at you. These are easy enough to dodge, but if you do get hit, remember to use all those health potions you bought along.

The boss will keep switching between these three different patterns, so all the players have to do is learn her movements and adapt accordingly.

Terraria Queen Bee
The Boss Fight Is Over.

Keep healing if you take damage, and always try to stay near Campfires or Heart Lanterns to ensure that you have health regeneration.

Eventually, you should be able to whittle her health bar down to zero.

Queen Bee Drops

Terraria Queen Bee
Queen Bee Mask.

Once the Queen Bee is dead, she has a chance of dropping the following items.

Only one of the following weapons is guaranteed to drop at a time:

  • The Bee’s Knees – 33% Chance.
  • Bee Keeper – 33% Chance.
  • Bee Gun – 33% Chance.

There is a chance that only one of the following vanity items and tool can drop at a time:

  • Hive Wand – 33% Chance.
  • Bee Hat – 11% Chance.
  • Bee Shirt – 11% Chance.
  • Bee Pants – 11% Chance.

Some of the following items have a chance to drop, while others are guaranteed:

  • Bee Wax – 100% Chance.
  • Bottled Honey – 100% Chance.
  • Beenade – 75% Chance.
  • Honey Comb – 33% Chance.
  • Queen Bee Mask – 14.29% Chance.
  • Queen Bee Trophy – 10% Chance.
  • Nectar – 6.7% Chance.
  • Honeyed Goggles – 5% Chance.

This has been our guide on how to summon and defeat the Queen Bee boss in Terraria.

We hope that it will help you take on this enemy in the game.

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