4 Best Enchantments For Elytra In Minecraft

Enhance your gameplay experience by using the best enchantments for elytra to increase its durability and longevity .

Minecraft is a big world with many different adventures. One of the best adventures is flying with Elytra. But to make flying even better, you must give your Elytra special enchantments. In the latest version of Minecraft, players can use 4 different enchantments on Elytra. Each enchantment serves a different purpose. Players must know how to effectively use these enchantments for a better experience. 

Key Takeaways
  • In the latest version of Minecraft, players can enhance their Elytra flying experience by using four different enchantments.
  • Mending, Unbreaking, Curse of Vanishing, and Curse Of Binding are the enchantments that can be used with Elytra in Minecraft.
  • Curse of Vanishing and Curse of Binding are impractical enchantments that only provide disadvantages to the players.
  • Mending and Unbreaking enchantments are very advantageous, as they increase the durability of Elytra.
  • Unbreaking is the best enchantment for Elytra as it increases the lifespan of Elytra for longer flights.

Best Enchantments For Elytra In Minecraft

UnbreakingNoneThreeFiveEnchanting Table
Curse Of BindingNoneOneOneTreasures
Curse Of VanishingNoneOneOneTreasures

1. Unbreaking 

Unbreaking 3 Enchantment
Unbreaking 3 Enchantment For Elytra – [image by eXputer]
Unbreaking is a vital enchantment in Minecraft. It makes items last longer, like Elytra, which won’t break as easily, helping you to fly for extended periods. You can enchant items up to level three using an anvil or enchanted books, improving many tools and equipment in the game.

  • Unbreaking is an important enchantment, extending Elytra’s durability.
  • It notably reduces Elytra durability loss, ensuring longer flights.
  • The max level is three, which can be applied through an anvil or books.
  • Apply Unbreaking on Elytra using Anvil.

2. Mending

Mending Enchantment
Mending Enchantment For Elytra – [Image by Us]
Mending is a treasured enchantment and one of Elytra’s best enchantments, uniquely utilizing a player’s earned XP to mend enchanted items. This enchantment plays a vital role in maintaining the functionality of Elytra, particularly when its durability drops to 1. To repair it, you’ll need either an anvil and phantom membranes or pairs of grindstones. 

  • Mending is a treasure enchantment, harnessing the player’s XP for repairs.
  • It is not available through standard enchantment tables.
  • To completely restore Elytra to 108 points of durability, 4 phantom membranes, and an anvil are required.
  • Mending Enchantment has the highest level of 1, making it a valuable addition to Minecraft gameplay.

3. Curse Of Vanishing

Curse Of Vanishing Enchantment
Curse Of Vanishing Enchantment For Elytra – [Screenshot by Us]
Curse of Vanishing is a rare treasure enchantment in Minecraft, discovered in the open world. Unfortunately, it lives up to its name by making items disappear completely upon a player’s in-game death, regardless of the circumstances. This enchantment has only one level.

  • Curse of Vanishing is not a very useful enchantment in Minecraft as it vanishes Elytra upon the player’s death.
  • It can have limited utility in multiplayer if you want to prevent other players from obtaining elytra upon death.
  • Generally curse of vanishing proves more disadvantageous instead of providing any advantage.

4. Curse Of Binding

Curse Of Binding Enchantment
Curse Of Binding Enchantment For Elytra – [Screenshot by eXputer]
Curse of Binding isn’t a popular enchantment in Minecraft. When you use it, the Elytra gets stuck in your armor slot, and you can’t take it off unless you die or it breaks. It only has one level. Due to its very limited utility and the inconvenience it can pose, this enchantment is rarely favored by players, especially when it comes to valuable gear like the Elytra.

  • Curse of Binding is a highly restrictive and unpopular enchantment in Minecraft.
  • It compels players to keep the Elytra in the armor slot until it breaks or they die.
  • Its singular function is to bind Elytra to the armor slot, rendering it unremovable except through wear and tear or in-game death.

My Thoughts

From the gameplay, we found Unbreaking to be the best enchantment for Elytra. Unbreaking significantly increases the durability of your Elytra, allowing it to withstand more use before breaking. With Unbreaking, your Elytra will lose durability at a slower rate, ensuring you can enjoy longer and more extensive flights in the game.

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