Minecraft: Best Enchantments For Leggings [Top 5]

Enhance Your Leggings in Minecraft with The Best Enchantments for Ultimate Protection and Mobility.

In Minecraft, leggings are important for protecting your lower body during battles. However, only leggings may not provide enough defense against stronger mobs or multiple attackers. Enchantments give your armor special abilities to make you even safer against damage. There are a total of 10 enchantments for leggings in Minecraft 1.20. Players can use some of the best enchantments for leggings in Minecraft to gain maximum protection and durability.

Key Takeaways
  • In Minecraft, leggings protect your lower body during battles and adventures.
  • Enchantments offer unique abilities to enhance your leggings and improve overall protection and durability.
  • The five best enchantments for leggings include Swift Sneak, Fire Protection, Unbreaking, Mending, and Thorns, each catering to different aspects of gameplay.
  • Curse of Binding leggings enchantment makes you wear an item, and Curse of Vanishing makes it disappear when you die, creating an in-game disadvantage.
  • Leggings enchantments in Minecraft provide advantages such as increased protection, durability, and special abilities.
  • Thorns are the best enchantment for leggings, as they provide both the offense and the defense to the player using them.

Best Enchantments For Leggings In Minecraft

NameIncompatible enchantmentsMax LevelEnchantment Weight
Swift SneakNoneThreeOne
Fire ProtectionBlast Protection, Protection, Projectile ProtectionFourFive

1. Swift Sneak

Swift Sneak Leggings Enchantment Minecraft 1.20
The Swift Sneak Enchantment – [image credits eXputer]
Swift Sneak, the latest and one of the best enchantments for leggings in Minecraft 1.20, offers a game-changing advantage. Regular sneaking in Minecraft is sluggish, moving at 30% of normal walking speed. However, Swift Sneak alters the game dynamics significantly.

  • Level one boosts sneaking speed to 45%, level two to 60%, and level three to 75% of normal walking speed.
  • Reduces the detection range of hostile mobs while sneaking, minimizing the chances of detection and attack.
  • Players can obtain Swift Sneak by looting chests in ancient cities.
  • Ideal for swift and silent exploration in the Nether, the End, or the mysterious Deep Dark.

2. Fire Protection

Fire protection Leggings Enchantment Minecraft 1.20
The Fire Protection Enchantment – [Screenshot grabbed by eXputer]
In Minecraft, Fire Protection is a critical enchantment that protects against fire damage. Players can use protection enchantments with leggings by using the anvil.

  • Fire Protection defends against fire and lava damage, leveling up to 4 for increased protection.
  • Level 1 begins with an 8% damage reduction, rising by 8% per level, reaching a maximum of 64% fire damage reduction at level 4.
  • It ensures safety in hazardous environments like the Nether and during mining.

3. Unbreaking

Unbreaking Leggings Enchantment Minecraft 1.20
Unbreaking Enchantment – [Screenshot by eXputer]
The enchantment “Unbreaking” is a versatile enchantment that the players can use on a wide range of items, including weapons, armor, and tools, making it a valuable choice for prolonging the lifespan of these items. Specifically crucial for leggings, Unbreaking greatly enhances their durability by significantly reducing the frequency at which they wear out.

  • It effectively pairs with Mending enchantment, enabling gear repair with collected experience points.
  • Achieve Unbreaking 3 enchantment using enchanting tables or by combining two leggings with Unbreaking 2 at an anvil.
  • Unbreaking substantially boosts gear durability, which is ideal for extended use during battles and challenging adventures.
  • Choose Unbreaking enchantment for armor and equipment that requires exceptional longevity in Minecraft.

4. Mending

Mending Leggings Enchantment Minecraft 1.20
Mending Enchantment – [Screenshot credits eXputer]
The Mending enchantment is undoubtedly one of the most useful enchantments in Minecraft, offering a unique and powerful advantage to a wide array of items. With a maximum level 1, it may not be the absolute best choice for every item, but it certainly ranks among the best enchantments for leggings.

  • Mending allocates half of the earned experience points (XP) to repair items in hand.
  • Each experience point repairs one point of durability on leggings, preventing them from breaking.
  • Apply Mending to leggings through treasure enchantments in chests or trades with villagers.
  • Combine Mending and Unbreaking to enhance overall durability and reliability of your leggings.

5. Thorns

Thorns Leggings Enchantment Minecraft 1.20
Thorns Enchantment – [image grabbed by eXputer]
The enchantment “Thorns” is a unique defensive enchantment in Minecraft that not only shields you but also harms attacking mobs. Combine any leggings with a ‘Thorns’ enchanted book in an anvil to apply Thorns. Thorns is an offensive enchantment that deals 15% damage to attackers during the melee, arrow, or projectile attacks. It’s a valuable addition to your armor, especially in dire situations, with a maximum level of 3

  • Armor with Thorns damages any attacker upon impact.
  • Damage inflicted varies with Thorns’ level and attack type, with higher levels dealing more harm.
  • Thorns excel against melee attackers like zombies and spiders due to their close-range attacks.
  • Players can obtain Thorns 3 by combining two Thorns 2 enchantments using an anvil or trading with villagers.
Important: Thorns can consume armor durability faster due to its damage-dealing nature.

What I Think Is The Best Legging Enchantment

Thorns 3 is the best enchantment, in our opinion. It damages attackers effectively, especially in close combat. Whether you’re up against zombies or spiders, Thorns 3 can help protect you and your gear. 

Here are some of the best launchers you should try to play Minecraft. For those of you who are confused about the uses of efficiency, here is what efficiency does. Check out this guide if you are facing server outdated errors.

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