Best Fishing Rod Enchantments In Minecraft [1.18]

This guide ranks all five of the Enchantments that are applicable to the fishing rod in minecraft, along with how get them.

Minecraft creates an immersively fun experience for the players with the variety of things it offers. Among those things is fishing, and you need the Fishing Rod to do that. Then to get the best out of Fishing Rod in Minecraft, you need to implant the Enchantments on it. In today’s guide, we will be looking at the best Enchantments for the Fishing Rod and how to add Enchantments.

Key Highlights
  • Fishing rods are a loot-based tool in Minecraft designed to catch items from bodies of water.
  • As such, their enchantments are mainly focused on increasing the rod’s durability and luck.
  • Enchantments that increase a rod’s luck give you a bigger chance of catching extremely rare items in the game.
  • Another thing to note is that they remain active on your fishing rod until it breaks. 
  • However, you always have the option to remove the enchantment using a grindstone if you want to use it on another weapon or fishing rod instead.
  • The most common ways to get fishing rod enchantments are from enchantment books and looting chests in various dungeons.

Ranking All Fishing Enchantments In Minecraft

Up until the latest update for Minecraft 1.18, there are only five Enchantments available for the Fishing Rod. We have listed them all and have ranked them based on their application in the game.

  1. The Luck of the Sea III: Increases your Chances of getting Valuable items when Fishing.
  2. Lure III: Decreases the time for fishes to take the bait. 
  3. Mending I: Converts the XP gained into durability.
  4. Unbreaking III: Increases the Durability of the Fishing Rod
  5. Curse of Vanishing I: The Fishing Rod will vanish after death and not drop.

Among these five available, Curse of Vanishing I is entirely useless. But the other four have their usefulness and purposes, making fishing much more manageable. We will be listing only the first four below since the last one doesn’t serve any purpose.

Our list will rank them according to how useful they are. It’s also worth noting that none of the four Enchantments mentioned below are useless.

Luck of the Sea III Enchantment

Fishing Rod Enchantments
Minecraft: Luck Of The Sea III

Luck of the Sea III is hands down the best Fishing Rod Enchantment in Minecraft. Because when you are fishing in Minecraft, you either catch valuable items, such as treasure chests, enchantment books, or valuable items. This enchantment increases the chances of your catching valuable item. We heavily recommended Luck of the Sea III Enchantment for the Fishing Rod in Minecraft.

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How To Get Luck of the Sea III

The following methods easily acquire the Luck of the Sea III Enchantment for the Fishing Rod. 

  1. The simplest way to get the Luck of the Sea III in Minecraft is from the enchantment table. 
  2. You can always get Luck Of The Sea Enchantment from fishing.
  3. Luck of the Sea III is also obtained by looting chests. The chests in dungeons will be the best place to look for it.

Lure III Enchantment

Lure III Enchantment
Minecraft: Lure III

Lure III is the second-best Fishing Rod Enchantment in Minecraft. As the name ‘Lure’ suggests, it increases the rate at which fishes bite the hook. With Luck of the Sea III, you need to have this enchantment for fishing. They both make fishing in Minecraft much more efficient and help with AFK fishing. In the end, we recommend you to have Lure III at all costs.

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How To Get Lure III 

To get Lure III quickly, you must follow the two best options. 

  1. The best way to get the Lure III Enchantment Book for the Fishing Rod in Minecraft is from a Villager vendor. Simply get lecterns and exchange them with the Book.
  2. The second most efficient way to get the Lure III Enchantment Book is fishing; if you keep fishing, your bond will get it sooner or later.

Mending I Enchantment

Fishing Rod Enchantments
Minecraft: Mending I

Mending I enchantment in Minecraft is pretty straightforward for Fishing Rod and other items. It takes your XP points and throws them into your durability. You get XP points when you use the Fishing Rod to catch fish. Mending I takes those points and adds them to the Fishing Rod’s durability.

This is one of the many examples where the Mending I Enchantment comes in handy for the Fishing Rod. During the late game in Minecraft, Mending I is a must-have Enchantment for the Fishing Rod because AFK fishing becomes a big part of the game.

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How To Get The Mending I

There are a total of three ways to acquire the Mending I Enchantment book in Minecraft. 

  1. The first and the simplest way to get a Mending I Enchantment book is by fishing with Fishing Rod.
  2. The easiest way to get the Mending I Enchantment Book in Minecraft is by trading it with a villager librarian. If you can not find a Librarian villager, you can always make one. 
  3. You can also loot the Mending I Enchantment Book from looting chests. However, we don’t recommend it because it depends on luck.

Unbreaking III Enchantment

Unbreaking III Enchantment
Minecraft: Unbreaking III

Unbreaking III Enchantment increases the durability of almost all the items in Minecraft and not just the Fishing Rod. For the Fishing Rod, Unbreaking III will increase its durability from 64 to 256 on average. This increased rate will help have the Fishing Rod last a lot longer than what it is initially capable of. All in all, it is an excellent Enchantment in Minecraft for the Fishing Rod.

How To Get The Unbreaking III

Follow these three ways to get the Unbreaking III for Fishing Rod or any other items. 

  1. The simplest way to get the Unbreaking III Enchantment  Book is from the Enchantment Table. This is the best way to get your hands on this Enchantment Book.
  2. The second way to get the Unbreaking III Enchantment  Book is by fishing with a Fishing Rod.
  3. Lastly, you can acquire the Unbreaking III Enchantment  Book from dungeons. 

How To Add Enchantments In Minecraft 

To add enchantments to any item in Minecraft, you need Avil. On Avil, the player needs to place any item on the first slot and the Enchantment Book on the second slot. Then mix them, and it will add the Enchantment to the item placed there. For some Enchantments, you can also use Enchantment Table instead of Avil.

Note: It is crucial to remember that you will need the required level to implant the Enchantment Book. 

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So far, these are the only Enchantments available in Minecraft for the Fishing Rod. There have been hopes for more Enchantments in the coming 1.19 upgrade, but only these fives are available for now. That does it for today’s guide; make sure to check out our how-to get sponges in Minecraft.

Fishing Rod Enchantments - FAQs

What Enchantments can be put on a Fishing Rod?

Four Enchantments can be put on a Fishing Rod: The Luck of the Sea III, Lure III, Mending I, and Unbreaking III.

How many Enchantments can a Fishing Rod have?

A Fishing Rod can have up to five Enchantments, including the Curse of Vanishing I.

What are the Best Enchantments for a Fishing Rod?

The Luck of the Sea III & Lure III are the two best Enchantments for the Fishing Rod in Minecraft.

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