Minecraft: BEST Enchantments For Trident [Top 6]

The Minecraft Best Trident Enchantments guide showcases the top 6 best enchantments for the trident weapon for the optimal loadout!

Minecraft has a plethora of enchantments that players are able to come across that are able to provide them with tons of benefits, whether it is to provide them with speed boosts, ultra durability, higher damage, or all in all increased survivability, there are enchantments for everything. The trident also has a few solid enchantments, and players might want to know the Minecraft Best Trident Enchantments that are available, how to obtain them, and what they can do! 

Important: Players won’t be able to use the Channeling, Loyalty, and Riptide Enchantments together on the Trident. 
Key Takeaways
  • Trident enchantment in Minecraft is able to enhance the abilities of the Trident weapon. 
  • There are enchantments that are specifically tailor-made for Trident, and then there are a few that are universal. 
  • The six best enchantments include Mending I, Unbreaking III, Impaling V, Loyalty III, Channeling I, and Riptide III. 
  • Tridents themselves are dropped by enemies such as Drowned mobs, which are zombies that are present in oceans or rivers. 
  • There is a 15% or 6.25% chance that these enemies spawn with Tridents and an 8.5% chance that they drop the trident. 

Here are all the best Minecraft Trident Enchantments and their effects:

Minecraft Best Trident EnchantmentsEffects
MendingDurability can be restored using XP.
ImpalingExtra damage against aquatic mobs.
LoyaltyMakes the trident return to you after throwing it.
ChannelingSummon lightning when the trident gets launched towards a mob.
UnbreakingUseful to not get durability reduction.
RiptideThe trident can be thrown out and players can be launched out with it.

Mending I

Now, one of the first Minecraft Best Trident Enchantments that players are able to use for their trident is known as Mending

  • Not only is mending incredibly useful for trident alone, but it can also come in handy for usage with other items or armor pieces pretty well. 
    Mending I Enchantment
    Mending I Enchantment (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Mending is typically an enchantment that is able to grant your trident the ability to have its overall durability restored using XP

The way that it works is basically that if the trident is not already at its max durability, then there will be experience orbs that are also EXP that can be obtained by either grinding mobs, fishing, breeding animals, or more. 

  • These XP orbs are then used as a measure of durability based on the experience points that are present in the orb. For each experience point that is used from the experience orb, two durability points for the trident end up as a repair

How To Obtain It 

Now, in order to actually obtain the Mending Enchantment, it will basically be a treasure enchantment that simply cannot be obtained with the help of an enchantment table. 

  • Therefore, players will need to get the enchantment from other sources such as a stronghold, fishing or even trading. 

Unbreaking III

Moving on, the next of the enchantments that players might want to use on their trident is known as Unbreaking.

  • Unbreaking is essentially really useful if you don’t want your trident to get durability reduction anytime it is used, through which it will end up automatically increasing its overall durability. 
    Unbreaking III
    Unbreaking III (Image Credits Exputer)

The way that it works is basically that there is a set percentage chance that actually using the trident will decrease its overall durability; therefore, with the enchantment in hand, you will be able to get a 50% or more chance of not using its durability upon use. 

How To Obtain It 

To obtain the Unbreaking Minecraft Trident Enchantment, you will be able to simply get it by using an enchantment table, which makes it all very easy.

  • Other than that, you will also be able to obtain it using fishing by finding the actual enchanting book or trading. 

Impaling V 

Next up, yet another enchantment that you should really consider getting is Impaling V, which is actually a specific enchantment that is curated specifically for a trident. 

  • Whenever you are dealing with enemies such as Aquatic mobs, the Impaling enchantment will allow your trident to unleash extra damage against them or against any opponents that are present in water bodies. 
    Impaling V
    Impaling V (Image Credits Exputer)

The way that it works is simply that if you are playing the Java version of Minecraft, then mobs such as the dolphins, squids, turtles, or any aquatic mobs will receive the increased damage from the Impaling V enchantment. 

The enchantment has five levels, and players are recommended to use Impaling V for the highest efficiency and the highest damage output since it will add 12.5 damage from base damage in both melee as well as ranged damage for the Trident. 

Loyalty III 

As far as the next of the Minecraft Best Trident Enchantments are concerned, one of them is exclusive to the Trident, which is the Loyalty Enchantment. 

Loyalty III
Loyalty III (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Loyalty enchantment is basically one that grants the trident the ability to throw it out as you usually would, and then you can make it return to you and come back to you. 

The main way that it will operate smoothly is that there needs to be a block or some sort of obstacle for the trident to hit, after which it can return back to you, otherwise it simply won’t. When you launch out the trident, it will come into contact with the block, and then after some time passes (based on the enchantment level), it will return back to you. 

Using Loyalty III
Using Loyalty III (Image Credits Exputer)
  • If you cast the trident into an area such as the void, especially in Java, then the trident gets destroyed. The trident also ends up returning straight back to you. 

Channeling I 

Moving on, an overpowered Minecraft Trident Enchantment that you might want to get your hands on is the Channeling

Channeling I
Channeling I (Image Credits Exputer)
  • With the Channeling enchantment being used on the trident, you will be able to essentially use it in order to summon lightning anytime the trident is thrown toward a mob. 

If there is already a thunderstorm that is going on, and you end up throwing out your Trident towards any mob, then it will cast down a deadly lightning bolt that can electrocute the mob and render it useless. 

  • One interesting thing to note is that even if you don’t directly summon lightning with the enchantment active, there will still be a certain radius in which mobs will get affected, and enemies such as creepers will get charged. 

How To Obtain It 

When it comes to actually getting the Channeling enchantment, you will be able to obtain it by using the enchantment if you already don’t have it. 

  • Apart from that, you can also get it through raids and if there are enchantment books that you can find through fishing, or even through dungeons

Riptide III

Last but not least, the Minecraft Riptide Trident Enchantment is yet another one that is tailor-made specifically for tridents. One thing to note is that loyalty and Riptide cannot be combined together and are completely incompatible, and the same can be said for channeling. 

  • Using Riptide allows players to throw out their trident whenever they are present in a water body, and then it also causes the player to be hurled out with it. 
    Riptide III
    Riptide III (Image Credits Exputer)

Essentially, anytime you use the trident, which has the Riptide enchantment on it, you will only be able to use it if there is rain occurring which makes you wet, or you are standing in water, and if you launch out the trident then it will also allow you to travel with it. 

  • The best use for the Riptide enchantment here would be to aim the trident straight up, which allows you to head straight up to heights. 
  • However, Riptide will not be usable in areas where there is no sign of any rainfall

If you happen to hit a mob while you are traveling with the Minecraft Riptide Trident Enchantment, then the trident will end up dealing damage. 

How To Get A Trident In Minecraft?

Last but not least, when it comes to actually obtaining a Trident in Minecraft, you will not be able to craft the Trident in any way. Rather you will need to get it through a Drowned mob. 

  • These Drowned mobs are basically different versions of zombies that are able to spawn in areas such as rivers or oceans and they can attack you with melee attacks or ranged attacks where they throw a trident at you. 
    Trident (Image Credits Exputer)

These drowned mobs will have a 15% or 6.25% in Java Edition to be spawned in water bodies with a trident and there will only be an 8% or slightly higher chance that they will actually drop the trident that they have been spawned in with. 

Enchanting Trident
Enchanting Trident (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The best way to increase the chances of the trident percentage dropping is by using the Looting enchantment. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Minecraft Best Trident Enchantments and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, why not read up on the How To Turn Off Redstone Torch guide in order to get to know about the Redstone torches? Alongside that, the How To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft guide will showcase all that you need to know about to tame a parrot!

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