Guide: How To Make A Composter In Minecraft (2023)

Make Your Own Bone Meal

Learning How To Make A Composter In Minecraft is essential if you’re a player who enjoys a lot of farming and gardening. Because while plants usually take a long time to fully grow and produce yield, exactly like in real life, a certain item in the game can help shorten this time significantly. I’m talking about Bone Meal, of course. It which is a type of fertilizer that could, until recently, only be crafted from Bones that dropped from Skeletons.

Key Highlights
  • In Minecraft, having farms is necessary from mid-game till end-game, and you can increase the production of the crops by Bonemeal.
  • The composter is a new and convenient way to acquire Bonemeal faster, as beforehand, getting Bonemeal was only possible through killing skeletons.
  • To make a composter, you need 6 wooden slabs (Any wooden kind, but when crafting, the wood kind has been the same)
  • You can add useless items such as Leaves, Kelps, Grass, and Vines to be converted into Bonemeal.

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So with this Minecraft Composer guide, we’ll show you how to make this item yourself. We’ll also show you an effective way of automating the production of Bone Meal so that you can walk away from the situation and have the game do the work for you.

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft

Here’s a video on how to make a composter in Minecraft:

Here’s out guide on making a composter in Minecraft:

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft
A Composter.

To start with, let me briefly explain what exactly a Composter is in Minecraft. This wooden barrel can be loaded up with raw materials, which then convert into Bone Meal for the player to use on their plants. Unlike real Composters that can take weeks or even months to create compost however, the ones in the game can create Bone Meal as soon as they are filled up to their limit.

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This makes them a lot more easy to use than players might initially assume, and they can produce Bone Meal at an astoundingly fast rate. They’re also extremely easy to use, but first let’s start with how to build them in the game.

In order to make a Composter In Minecraft, you only require wood of any kind as a starting material. Then follow the steps seen below.

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft
Crafting Table Recipe.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Cut down any type of tree and gather some Wood.
2. Turn the Wood blocks into Planks in your inventory.
3. Place three of these Planks horizontally on a Crafting Table to craft Wood Slabs.
4. Now finally place seven of these Slabs in a ‘U’ shape on the Crafting Table again to make a single Composter.

Follow these steps exactly as outlined in the table above, and you should have yourself a Composter in no time.

How To Use The Composter

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft
Feeding Materials Into A Composter.

The Composter works by taking in food and other plant based items and converting them into Bone Meal. The player actually has to have these items in their hand, at which point they can walk up to their placed Composter and right-click on it to deposit the selected material.

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If you successfully feed the container items that it can accept, then a green sparkling effect will signal that your actions are working. If you see nothing at all, then that means the item in your hand is not acceptable fodder for the Composter.

As you keep depositing items into the container, you will visually see the compost level inside it rise over time. The goal here is to get the Composter to fill up to the top, so that the raw materials can then be transformed into Bone Meal. 

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How To Make A Composter In Minecraft
Bone Meal.

It should also be noted that different materials have a different percentage chance of adding a level to the container. The higher the percentage of a particular item, the more effective it will be at filling up the Composter.

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You can find a complete list of all acceptable items, as well as their percentages in the table below:

30% Chance

50% Chance

65% Chance

80% Chance

100% Chance

Beetroot Seeds

CactusAppleBaked PotatoCake
Dried KelpDried Kelp BlockAzaleaBread

Pumpkin Pie

Glow Berries

Flowering Azalea Leaves





Glow Lichen

Big Dripleaf

Flowering Azalea


Grass Block‌

Melon Slice


Hay Bale


Hanging Roots

Nether Sprouts

Cocoa Beans

Mushroom Blocks



Sugar Cane


Nether Wart Block



Tall Grass


Warped Wart Block






Melon Seeds

Weeping Vines

Lily Pad


Moss Carpet

Twisting Vines



Pumpkin Seeds


Moss Block


Small Dripleaf


Mushroom Stem






Sweet Berries


Nether Wart


Wheat Seeds










Sea Pickle




Spore Blossom




Once again, the composting process happens instantly as soon as the container is full. The only noticeable change that occurs is that the layer of dirt at the top of the Composter slightly changes color to signal that it is ready to be extracted.

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft
The Composter Is Full.

And that’s basically all the information you require to start making Bone Meal.

How To Automate The Composter

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft
Automating Composting.

Now that you’ve learned How To Make A Composter in Minecraft, it’s time to move onto the process of automation. Because not everyone has the time to stand around and repeatedly push materials into the bin to make Bone Meal. So why not leave it up to the game to do the whole thing by itself? And no, you do not have to know How To Use Redstone Torches In Minecraft for it.

This is actually an extremely simple assembly line that you can set up to automate most of the composting process. It still requires you to provide raw materials and collect the finished product, but other items handle everything else. 

This setup is also extremely fast, and we’ll show you the proper layout in a step-by-step guide below. But before we start. you should have the following items in your inventory: 

  • 2x Chests.
  • 2x Hoppers.
  • 1x Composter.

Now, let’s move on to the actual assembly. We’ll also include pictures so that you always understand what step we’re on.

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Step 1: Place a regular Chest onto the ground. This will serve as the endpoint of the assembly line, and the container that will hold the finished Bone Meal.

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft
1st Chest.

Step 2: Now crouch down and connect a Hopper to the back of the Chest by right clicking it. If you do not crouch, the game does not allow you to connect the blocks together.

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft
1st Hopper.

Step 3: Crouch down once more and place a Composter directly on top of the Hopper you placed in the previous step.

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft
The Composter.

Step 4: Take your other Hopper and place it directly on top of the Composter. Once again, you have to crouch for the game to let you connect the two blocks.

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft
2nd Hopper.

Step 5: Finally place the second chest on top of the second Hopper. Your Bone Meal machine is now complete.

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft
2nd Chest.

Now, whenever you place any of the raw materials mentioned above into the chest at the top of the assembly line, the Hopper will automatically push them into the Composter. Once it is full, the finished Bone Meal will then be pushed by the second Hopper into the first Chest on the ground.

Wrapping Up

With the introduction of the relatively new Composter, players were granted another avenue of acquiring Bone Meal. Establishing a decent supply of this item has now become an absolute cakewalk. It still takes a bit of time and effort to gather the new raw materials, obviously, but compared to the previous hassle of going out hunting for Skeletons at night, this is monumentally more convenient and appealing.

And that’s about it for our Composter In Minecraft guide. While you’re here, why not also check out our How to Make an XP Farm in Minecraft article?

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