Minecraft: Best Shovel Enchantments [2023]

Dig deeper and smarter with the Minecraft best shovel enchantments in 2023 and enhance your mining experience.

In Minecraft, digging and excavation play a big role in your adventures. Players need shovel enchantments to make it more powerful and efficient to uncover treasures and create amazing landscapes. The latest Minecraft update provides a total of 6 enchantments for shovels. With the right knowledge of Minecraft’s best shovel enchantments, players can make their shovels overpowered for a better mining experience.

Key Takeaways
  • Minecraft offers six enchantments tailored for shovels.
  • Mending, Unbreaking, Fortune, Efficiency, and Silk Touch are some of the best enchantments for shovels.
  • Mending and Unbreaking provide durability to the shovel, whereas fortune provides advantages in the form of materials.
  • The sixth enchantment is Curse Of Vanishing, which provides only disadvantages in the game.
  • The best Enchantment to use is Efficiency, which provides faster mining speed and increases resource collection.

Best Enchantments For Shovel

UnbreakingNoneThreeFiveEnchanting Table
EfficiencyNoneFiveTenEnchanting Table
Silk TouchFortuneOneOneEnchanting Table
FortuneSilk TouchThreeTwoEnchanting Table

1. Unbreaking 

Best Enchantments For Shovel In Minecraft
The Unbreaking 3 Enchantment – [Screenshot by eXputer]
Unbreaking is a vital enchantment for your Minecraft shovel, ensuring it withstands the test of time by significantly minimizing damage to the shovel while digging. It’s a top-tier choice for those looking to maximize their shovel’s durability and longevity throughout their Minecraft adventures.

  • Unbreaking greatly enhances your shovel’s durability.
  • It comes in three levels, each better than the last.
  • It’s also among the best enchantments for preserving your shovel’s durability.

2. Mending

Best Enchantments For Shovel In Minecraft
 The Mending Enchantment – [image grabbed by eXputer]
Mending, much like Unbreaking, is an indispensable enchantment for all your Minecraft gear, spanning from tools and weapons to armor. In the game’s early stages, the most common unpleasant experience is the constant wear and tear leading to tool breakage. When a tool’s durability depletes, it breaks, necessitating the crafting of a replacement. Mending enchantment provides an ingenious solution. 

  • A must for those investing experience in long-lasting gear.
  • Single-level enchantment restores item durability with acquired experience.
  • Shovels need strategic XP actions to maintain durability.
  • Mending keeps tools ready for action even after extended use.

3. Efficiency

Best Enchantments For Shovel In Minecraft
The Efficiency 5 Enchantment – [image credits eXputer]
Efficiency is one of the best Minecraft shovel enchantments reserved for tools, including Shovels. It significantly boosts your mining speed, allowing for faster block collection. This enchantment maxes out at level five, where shovels equipped with Efficiency V effortlessly clear sand, grass, gravel, and more within seconds, notably aiding resource collection.

  • Efficiency has 5 levels; higher levels mean even faster shoveling.
  • It improves tool performance, requiring experience points and lapis lazuli for enchantment.
  • This enchantment expedites block-breaking, saving valuable time in the game.

4. Silk Touch

Best Enchantments For Shovel In Minecraft
The Silk Touch Enchantment – [Screenshot credits eXputer]
Silk Touch in Minecraft is a unique enchantment for shovels that’s handy for specific tasks. It lets you collect blocks like grass and glass in their original form, which is essential for certain needs.

  • Silk Touch preserves the original state of blocks.
  • It’s an enchantment that conflicts with Fortune, so you must choose between them.
  • Many Minecraft players appreciate Silk Touch because it allows you to collect blocks that are usually tricky to obtain in their natural state, such as grass blocks. 

5. Fortune

Best Enchantments For Shovel In Minecraft
The Fortune 3 Enchantment – [image by eXputer]
Fortune, a valuable Minecraft enchantment, is often used on pickaxes but can also be applied to shovels. It increases the yield of certain resources obtained through mining, such as ores and crops. The Fortune enchantment boosts the output of specific items when mining, either increasing the amount of loot or raising the odds of rare items.

  • Fortune is great for shovels when players aim to collect flint from gravel efficiently, ensuring a drop every time with Fortune III.
  • It’s incompatible with Silk Touch; you must choose one or the other.
  • It’s useful for gathering more resources from various blocks, including ores and crops, enhancing efficiency.
  • Blocks that usually yield one item can provide 3-4 items with this enchantment.

Best Enchantment For Shovel In My Opinion

During the gameplay, we found Efficiency to be one of the Minecraft best shovel enchantments. It significantly accelerates digging, making resource collection and landscape modification a breeze. While Silk Touch and Fortune have their merits, Efficiency’s universal utility stands out, enhancing the overall gameplay experience by saving time and effort in various tasks.

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