Minecraft: Fastest Ways To Get Emeralds [Tips & Tricks]

Become the Richest Man in all of Minecraft with these Tricks.

One of the rarest materials in Minecraft is emeralds. It’s rarer than Diamonds if you go mining for it and is pretty useful in the early game. We have the Fastest way to mine Emeralds in Minecraft 1.19 for you so you don’t have to waste time searching for them.

Key Takeaways
  • You can get Emeralds fast in a number of ways in Minecraft.
  • The fastest way will be to trade with villagers.
  • You can start your own village and give jobs according to what is easiest for you to trade. 
  • You can get discounts by completing Raids and curing zombie villagers.
  • You can also find emeralds in chests and by mining.
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Fastest Ways To Get Emeralds

Minecraft Fastest Way To Get Emeralds
How To Get Emeralds Fast – Image Captured by us

There are tons of ways to get your hands on some emeralds but some are fastest and easier than others. In Minecraft 1.19, emeralds are among the most prized items. Knowing where they come from is crucial because they are used as currency and in beacons. One of the easiest ways to get emeralds in Minecraft is by trading with villagers. Now trading with villagers is simple enough.

  • You go to a village and see what kind of traders they have.
  • Then collect the items those villagers want to trade.
  • Finally, you can travel back to the village and trade it with them. 

Infinite Emerald Farm 

Emerald Farm
Minecraft Infinite Emerald Farm – Image by eXputer

Now that we have established the fastest ways to get emeralds is going to be trading. Here is what you can do to have an infinite supply of emeralds. You can make the emerald farm next to your base or in it if you have a big enough base. There are many benefits to making an emerald farm.

  • Have an infinite supply of Emeralds.
  • No need to travel long distances trying to gather material and travel to the village back and forth. 
  • You don’t have to wait for the traders to restock their supply. 
  • Earn huge amounts of Xp from just trading.
  • Get any type of Villagers you need. 

Not having a farm will cost you a lot of time and also will not give you an endless supply of emeralds that you can turn into blocks and decorate your house with or make a temple. You will have to keep going back and forth between the village and the place where you gather your resources. Also after a few trades villagers run out of things to trade so, you have to wait for them to re-stock. 

Collecting Villagers

Gathering Villagers
Minecraft Collecting Villagers – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

The first step in stepping up your farm is going to be finding villagers. You will have to locate the nearest village in your area. If you already have one you are good to go. However, if you don’t know where a village near you is you can use websites such as Mineatlas to locate Villages near you.

Once you have found a village you need a few Resources.

  • Boats 
  • Fences or Places to keep villagers

Before heading to the village you need to make a small hut and put a few beds in it. Now, grab your Boats and head to the Village. There is no easy way to put this but you will have to Kidnap some villagers. All you have to do is place the boats in front of the villager and they should get in it. It might take a few tries and a bit of pushing, but it is quite quick and simple. 

The tough part is going to be bringing them home. The boats don’t go uphill so you need to make a level path to your base. Once you have that just kidnap two villagers and bring them back. Only one villager can fit on the boat with you so you need to make two trips. However, compared to the countless trips you would have made these are nothing.

Making More Villagers

Fast Way to Get Emeralds By Making Villagers
Minecraft Making More Villagers – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Villagers are simple-minded folk and don’t mind being kidnapped if you give them a house, some beds, and food.

So a few things you will need are

  • A big warehouse location
  • Beds, depending on how many villagers you want.
  • Vegetables.

Now you can give the vegetables to the villagers and leave them alone. When you come back the next day you should see a small little baby villager. Now you can keep doing this till you have 8 villagers and then keep removing the other villagers. Once you have enough villagers you can start giving them jobs. 

Deciding What You Want To Trade

Trade Things You Want
Minecraft Deciding What To Trade – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

So now that you have villagers, you have a few choices from which you can decide what you want to trade. Or you can trade all of them as well.

The Top Three Picks will be 

  • Farmer (Composter)
  • Cartographer (Cartography Table)
  • Celtic (Brewing Stand)


Trading With Farmers
Minecraft Farmers – [Image credit: eXputer]
Depending on which route you want to go you can craft the Job Block accordingly. The easiest one is going to be a farmer cause the not only trade vegetables that you will be growing anyway. They replant your farms for you. You can attach a water harvest system and then connect it to some hoppers and a chest. Now you never have to enter your farm again and you can trade the farmers the resources they are growing for you.

If you want to speed up the process just make a manual farm on the side. Plant a lot of vegetables that the farmers are trading and harvest them in a few days. That way you can get Emeralds easily and instantly in Minecraft. You will need to have multiple farmers and a bed and Composter for each farmer. Also, you can make separate sections for each farmer. 


Trading With Cartographer To Get Emeralds Fast In Minecraft
Minecraft Cartographer – Image Captured by us

The Cartographer is another great choice you can go for. However, you will need to build a little smelting Factory to get all the resources to trade. Unlike the Farmers, the Cartographers just stand around so you can get them separate workstations.

Then you will need 

  • TNT or a Shovel.
  • A bunch of Furnaces. ( at least 8)
  • Sand 
  • Lava Bucket or a block of coal.

Now you will need to head to a desert area or beach, generally an area with a lot of sand. You can collect all the sand with the shovel or light a TNT and blow up some sand. Since sand is pretty weak and easily breaks you can get about a stack per TNT. Now head home and set up all your furnaces next to the Cartographers.

Now put in the Sand and the Lava bucket inside the Furnance. You can use any resource to smelt the sand but a lava bucket exactly smelts one block of an empty and gives you back the bucket so you can use it to gather more lava. Once you have all the glass collect and transform them into glass panes and trade them with the Cartographers. It is a Fast way to get Emeralds in Minecraft.


 Trading with Celtic
Minecraft Celtic – Image by eXputer

Trading with Celtics is a bit of a controversial one but if you are in the Mid game it shouldn’t be too hard. Since you need a brewing stand to turn a villager into a Celtic it’s not really for players just starting out. However, If you already have brewing stands and a Mob Exp Farm you will love this. 

The biggest problem with Mob Exp Farm is you don’t know what to do with all the rotten flesh and other drops that you get. But, with Celtics, you can give all your rotten flesh to them, and they will give you emeralds in return. All you have to do is kill mobs and level up and then give the rotten flesh to a Celtic and get fast Emeralds in Minecraft. 

Getting Discounts

Getting Discounts In Minecraft
Minecraft Discount – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

If you don’t like the trades you are getting and feel like the villagers are being a bit too you can even get Discounts. There are two ways to get these great deals in the game. 

  • Curing a Zombie Villager and turning them back to Villagers
  • Defending the Village in a Raid. 

Converting Zombie Villagers Back

Getting Emeralds Fast In Minecraft
Minecraft Converting Zombie Villagers – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Now you might come across a zombie villager in your adventures, but they are quite rare. Moreover, they already have a profession so you can’t really get exactly what you need from them. However, there is a way to exploit this mechanic in the game. You can do the following process repeatedly until you get the desired prices.

Every time you convert a zombie villager he will give you a lower price. You have two throw a potion of weakening on the zombie villager and then use a golden apple on him. Once he eats that, he will be cured.

There are a few things to make this process fast and simple

  • First wall off a 1 x 3 space and place two doors on the opposite side. Use metal doors with a button because the villager can open wooden doors. 
  • Separate the space into two by placing a piston and activating it. 
  • With the space separated, put a villager of your choice on one side and a zombie on the other side. 
  • Once you are ready turn off the piston so the Zombie can attack the villager. 
  • Now the Villager will be a Zombie Villager.
  • Activate the Piston again and separate them again. 
  • Now throw a position of Weakening on the Villager and use a golden apple on him.
  • Repeat the process till the prices reach the desired amount. 

This is going to be the easiest way to get emeralds in Minecraft and get the best prices. With these prices, you don’t have to worry about gathering a lot of resources. You can even get one emerald per vegetable you trade. 


Defending Raids Minecraft
Raids Minecraft – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Another thing in Minecraft related to villagers is raids. There are many enemy outposts located all over the map where you can Find Raiders. When you kill a Raider with a large banner on his head, you are cursed. Now you can break the curse quite easily by simply drinking a bucket of milk. Doing so will get rid of the curse however you can use the curse to your advantage. 

If you are cursed and enter a village or an area where there are villagers you will start a Raid. Now Raids are quite simple, but they get tougher as they go on. The Raider’s one objective is to kill all villagers in the area and destroy anyone who stands in their way. 

Now there are two things you can do to make the raids easier and get Emeralds fast in Minecraft. First of all, you need to seal all the villagers, so they don’t die, and you don’t have to worry about them. The second thing you need to do is get a safe spot above ground where the enemy can’t reach you, and you can easily snipe them. 

They aren’t really focused on you so you might have to get down and fight them. The Raiders come in waves and have a bar at the top of the screen showing how much of a raid is left. Once you finished the raid you are regarded as a hero in the village and get discounts on all the trades you make in that village. 

Other Ways To Get Emeralds

Mining For Emeralds
Emerald Ore Minecraft – [Image credit: eXputer]
Other than that, there are a few other ways that you can acquire these precious emeralds in Minecraft fast. These ways are a bit more complicated. However, if you are casually playing the game and don’t want to set up much of a system this is the way you should go. 

You can find emeralds in a few ways in Minecraft bedrock on your many adventures. The first time you might have come across emeralds would probably be mining. If you are a player who loves mining in the game and collecting those precious resources in the game you will come across a bit of emerald. Although mining isn’t going to get you a lot, it might get you that one good trade you really need. 

Chest With Emeralds

Fast Way To Get Emeralds From Chests
Chest With Emeralds – Image Captured by us

If you are more of an adventurous player you have a higher chance of finding a good amount of emeralds. Three locations where you can find a few emeralds each time are going to be in the chests. These chests are located in Desert Temples, Abandoned Mineshafts, and Raider Outposts. 

It would help if you were a bit more careful around Desert Temple because they are trapped with TNT. One wrong set and they will blow you up. However, the most high-value loot is located at this location. Raider Outpost has a lot of enemies, so you will need to battle your way through them.

Once inside you can loot them and retreat. If you don’t want more Raiders spawning you can burn it up however it is not recommended. You can kill them and gain exp and start Raids whenever you want with them. 

Usage Of Emeralds

Uses Of Emeralds
Minecraft Using Emeralds – Image by eXputer

Emeralds are the rarest resource in Minecraft bedrock since they are used as currency. The best way to get them is by trading them for supplies as you would do with any other money. In the early game getting Emeralds fast in Minecraft bedrock is really important since it allows you to get your hands on some great weapons and tool to start off. 

In the late game emeralds can be turned into emerald blocks and made into temples and even used in a Beacon to get different buffs in the game. You can buy very rare resources from the Wandering Trader without having to leave the base and look for them, such as the Nautilus Shell. So emeralds are going to be an essential part of your gameplay. They are also used in beacons to get powerful boost in the game, so you have a easier time.

Final Words

Now that you have learned the importance and fastest way to get Emeralds in Minecraft 1.19, you are ready to start your new Minecraft journey. One of the most important parts of Minecraft is starting on a good seed. Check out our Best Seeds guide to find the best seed for you. If you want ideas to decorate your base consider reading our Best Minecraft Decoration Ideas.

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