Minecraft Village Ideas: Top 20 Designs to Try

Read on and draw inspiration from this in-depth guide which consists some great Village Ideas for Minecraft.

Players from around the world go on to make unbelievable builds in Minecraft and truly don’t hesitate to put in the work. You could do the same, given that you’re already aware of the best Minecraft village ideas around. We’ve put together this guide to help you draw inspiration from the inventiveness of fellow Minecraft players, so you can implement your own ideas down the road. We’ve got some genuinely exciting village ideas to share with you that both look and feel no less than terrific.

Best Minecraft Village Ideas 

If you do not consider yourself a veteran of the game, we recommend practicing your skills in the Creative Mode of the game before setting out in Survival Mode.

Minecraft Survival Game Mode
Minecraft Survival Game Mode

The latter amounts to the core experience where you’re pitted against mobs of all sorts and have to venture out and gather resources yourself. Some of the best village projects can get quite complex, so do assess your skill level to avoid getting gassed out. 

Let’s dive into the entries right away without any further chit-chat now. 

1. Starter Minecraft Village

minecraft village house ideas
Source: fWhip

As far as the most top-rated Minecraft village building ideas go, this design is going to give you the least amount of trouble. Your first step for getting started with the Starter Minecraft Village is to find decent terrain.

The creator of the design advises that the ideal environment for this design is a Dark Oak Forest with a Spruce Forest nearby and swamps as well. In addition, the perimeter of the village is covered by mountains, so that should set up quite the surroundings for your creation.

Since this is a simple, starter village that we’re talking about, you can erect some uncomplicated houses in the beginning and then gradually work your way up from there. Creating a small-scale storage room with a separate area for your bed should work out nicely.

2. Awesome Minecraft Village

Source: fWhip
Source: fWhip

The Awesome Minecraft Village looks like a circularly bordered design when looked at from above and has some genuinely interesting features going for it. It comprises a collection of different houses, a dedicated pen to keep your animals in, and a large fortified structure in the middle acting as a monumental figure.

The infrastructure of the village itself is teeming with decorations and boasts a wide variety of resources that beautify it as a whole. You’ll need to invest a fair amount of time and effort into this build, even if you’re considering constructing it in Creative Mode. 

Be sure that you have a fair number of starter houses set up before you start hoarding in villagers. Apart from houses, the Awesome Minecraft Village also has a windmill inside that serves no more than an aesthetic purpose but does an exceedingly great job at it. 

3. Japanese Farming Village

minecraft village building ideas
Source: Cortezerino

Japan has a rich culture and incredibly magisterial beauty, so it’s no wonder that many ideas are inspired by this Northeast Asian kingdom. The Japanese Farming Village is synonymous with high-yield crops, houses, and exceptional Sakura trees that strike a top-tier resemblance with the land of the rising sun.

You will be needing a water source to develop your crops. At times when you wrongfully create a water source, don’t forget to use sponges to soak all the liquid up and restore normalcy.

4. Custom Minecraft Village

Custom Minecraft Village
Source: ItsMarloe

The Custom Minecraft Village is one that caters to all the villagers in Minecraft. It features a house for every single villager profession and this automatically makes it one of the best Minecraft village ideas. It does require you to have the needed houses built up beforehand, so all that’s needed is a simple copy and paste. However, if you haven’t built a house yet, you can easily get started right away with that too. 

Once you’ve got the initial layout right, the next step is to design pathways leading to one village house after the next. In addition, the pathway has to be built in a certain manner, so it goes all around and returns back to its point of origination.

It’s aesthetically fitting to develop a crop farm near the farmer’s house, which is essentially a sizable house with the signature of the windmill. 

5. Simple Minecraft Village 

minecraft village house ideas
Source: Peachester

An aerial view of a Minecraft village might come off as eerie, but it’s something that best describes the village in question. This is a build that majorly comprises houses made out of Wood, which is quite possibly the easiest material to haul early on in the game.

All you have to do is punch some trees and you’ll get wood out of them like crazy. You can then put together a Crafting Table using some Planks and then get yourself an axe. 

Doing so will make it even easier to get wood and create the Simple Minecraft Village. Another requirement of the build in question is Cobblestone. Making a village just out of Wood would be quite bland, so you have to implement some type of variation for some much-needed flair.

You can also create some chicken pens alongside your houses, and even cow pens too for setting up a source of food and leather.

6. Compact Minecraft Village 

minecraft medieval village ideas
Source: TheMythicalSausage

The Compact Minecraft Village is well-deserved to have a spot on this list with regard to some exceedingly cool Minecraft village ideas. It features more of a medieval design than a modern one, but we’re willing to welcome it nonetheless simply because of its formidable looks and low-resource requirement. As you can comprehend from the image above, Cobblestones are the blocks that you will mostly need for this design. 

The front entrance can be created with some Fence Gates so you can go in and out of the village effortlessly. You can also build a well in the middle of the village and enhance its appearance with a bell on its wooden ceiling. There’s also space for a small farm in the Compact Minecraft Village that can produce a fair amount of yield, depending on what type of farm you’re setting up.

7. Desert Minecraft Village 

minecraft desert village ideas

The Desert Minecraft Village is a clean and sleek idea that’s best manifested in a desert biome that mainly consists of sand. You can place cactuses all over the area strategically to make your village look authentic and presentable. Other than that, take your time designing like-minded houses amidst the sand of the desert biomes for a versatile experience. 

You can also build watchtowers to fortify your village profoundly and make it look cool side-by-side. Don’t forget to add wheat crops or any other crop that you would like to yield resources from.  Within the Desert Village, there is virtually no limit to the number of houses you can create, given that you expand the perimeter of the village accordingly. 

8. Underground Mountain Village 


The Underground Mountain Village is a monument of how there are almost infinite possibilities in the game when it boils down to the things you can make and how you can make them. If making a plain, simple village gets too mundane for your liking, how about digging an entrance into a full-blown mountain and carving your village in there from scratch?

The best Minecraft village building ideas all boast idiosyncratic features, and the Underground Mountain Village glowing underneath the confines of a rocky structure is no less than spectacular. It’s got multiple houses to accommodate villagers and a steady food supply with the inclusion of different crops. There’s simply no skipping past this village design if you’re all about buildings things underground in Minecraft. 

9. Plain Minecraft Village 

Plain Minecraft Village 
Source: TheMythicalSausage

If you’ve ever thought about setting up your homeland next to the refreshing panorama of the waterside, make the possibility come true with the Plain Minecraft Village. This build comprises no complex features but sports separate sections for crops, tons of houses, and lots of greenery—all of which come together to deliver a highly presentable finishing look. 

The Plain Minecraft Village has animal pens to set up a resting place for mobs like cows and chickens. It’s definitely one of the best Minecraft village house ideas if you’re after the ease of building and simplicity above every other trait.

10. Minecraft Survival Village

village house ideas minecraft
Source Endavar

The Minecraft Survival Village is one for the game’s enthusiasts. This is a highly detailed build that lets players create no less than an empire for their Minecraft world. Farms, barns, houses—you name it, this village has already got it.

It’s definitely one for the experts that live and breathe Minecraft, but if you’re a beginner who has just started out with this game, fire up Creative Mode and get to practicing right away. You’ll eventually get there with some time and effort. Once you are aware of a rough estimate of the resources that this build requires, you can start creating it in Survival Mode. 

It’s recommended to encapsulate the area with a border first to prevent any interruptions from enemies. You can do that by implementing the usage of Oak Wood blocks and Cobblestone to secure the perimeter. 

11. Isolated Minecraft Village

cool minecraft village ideas
Source: TheMythicalSausage

The Isolated Minecraft Village idea is a prospect worth manifesting. This substantial build can take you several days to build completely as it houses a multitude of complex features, farms, barns, and animal pens. There are houses for the many types of villagers too as well, should you decide to keep and breed them. The design also has a large-sized ship with intricate details and is made mostly out of wood-based blocks. 

The same goes for the Isolated Minecraft Village itself as well. It’s a fairly early-game build that makes short work of mind-boggling complications. If you’ve got the time and are willing to put in the work, this is going to be one of the best Minecraft village designs you’ll ever come across and have the privilege of building in your Minecraft world.

Creating a formidable homestead directly on the waterside is a great way to flaunt your skills so do consider trying out this design.

12. Minimal Minecraft Village 

minecraft village building ideas
Source: TheMythicalSausage

The Minimal Minecraft Village is a design idea that can be used to set up a fairly commendable homestead in the game’s Survival Mode. It comprises a total of 8 houses of which some are mercantile builds whereas the rest of them are for outright starters.

If you’re looking for a build that can get you going in the right direction with the game, this is one of the best Minecraft village building ideas that balances simplicity and elegance like no other that you can turn to. 

Resources like Oak and Spruce Wood along with a bunch of Cobblestone and regular Stone blocks are going to be needed to craft this village. You will also need to clear out pathways for each house and put the villagers in to breed them successfully and grow the village.

Even if you start out small, don’t forget to expand and transform the Minimal Minecraft Village into something more intricate and in-depth.

13. Mountain Minecraft Village 

Source: TheMythicalSausage
Source: TheMythicalSausage

The Minecraft Mountain Village idea comes from an exceedingly creative mind that explores the possibility of making a cavernous village out of a staggering mountain. You will have to find the right biome for this design idea but if you’re already in such an area in your Minecraft world, the time is nigh to get to constructing. You can fill it with starter houses, farms, barns, and animal pens to make the most out of the village and get yourself a full-fledged homestead.

You can implement all of the Minecraft village house ideas that you’ve had in this build⁠—it’s that much of a spacious affair. From the 1.17 release of the game to the relatively latest 1.18, the design in question can be utilized for all editions of the game.

The Minecraft Mountain Village boasts a beautifully crafted hanging house that screams expertise and decency in equal measure. Other than that, you’ll find tons of praiseworthy features that can be transitioned over to your Minecraft world.

14. Fantasy Minecraft Village 

Source: TheMythicalSausage
Source: TheMythicalSausage

The Fantasy Minecraft Village is straight out of a fiction novel. It houses a beautiful design with three plus-size circular-shaped crops and multiple other houses that each boast a touch of novelty. You definitely want a build glaring in your Minecraft world as smooth as this one. That said, it is, by no means, something to take lightly. You’ll be needing a hefty amount of resources if you’re thinking of building this village in the Survival Mode of the game. 

Therefore, it’s suitable that you cater to your cravings in the Creative Mode with a build as inclusive as this one.  That said, you will need to invest a considerable amount of time decorating the whole place to make it genuinely stand out from the rest of the Minecraft worlds. It even features a sizable Japanese Minka somewhere along the middle of the central area, which is a traditional Japanese house. 

15. Fortified Desert Village 

minecraft village ideas survival
Source: TheMythicalSausage

The Fortified Desert Village is an intimidating building that consists of a wide variety of different sections. It’s got watchtowers in each corner that look out far into the desert for any danger headed toward your homestead. Even the dangers that arise in the dead of the night are harmless to this impenetrable fortress. As for what lies within this hefty domain, you can create multiple different houses, including the various type of villagers ones. 

You’ve also got horse barns and other animal pens in this village that can be bred and kept for an ultimate lifelike experience. There’s zero lack of depth in the Fortified Desert Village as there’s just an insane level of detail that you can replicate for your own game world. In addition, it’s also got one of the best Minecraft village layout ideas that use a blend of different resources.

16. Savanna Minecraft Village

Savanna Minecraft Village
Source: TheMythicalSausage

The Savanna Minecraft Village spans a large area in the Minecraft world and comprises simple houses, undemanding barns, and facile decorations. This is one of those Minecraft village-building ideas that don’t ask for a bevy of hard-to-get resources.

If you’re willing to either punch down or cut some trees and get yourself lots of wood, you’ll be getting to grips with the Savanna Minecraft Village painlessly. The recommended area for building this design is any forest biome that you can come across during your playthrough.

In addition, there are custom ponds within the village where you can fish or simply bask in the glow of the fresh breeze. Different houses for villagers like the Leatherworker and the Weaponsmiths are also prevalent.

You can take things up a notch by using blocks such as Smooth Quartz, Sandstone, Cobblestone, and Stone to beautify the village. Make sure that you start out in Creative Mode before attempting such a massive build in the original mode of the game.

17. Small Minecraft Village 

cool minecraft village ideas
Source: fWhip

The Small Minecraft Village is recommended for players who are just starting out with the Survival Mode of the game. Once you gather enough inventory, you can simply pick any biome—preferably one that has a sizable water source nearby—and get going with the crafting.

You can specify different sections for crops, animal pens, and even a barn to get the most out of this village. In addition, it’s worth carving out pathways so you don’t get lost and are always aware of what direction to proceed.

One of the major highlights of the Small Minecraft Village is the ship that it flaunts. Although it serves a mere cosmetic purpose, the unit enhances the overall look of the village and makes it stand out from the rest of the competition.

It employs a futuristic structure with the help of blocks like White Concrete and Grey Concrete. A solid combination of these two resources almost always leads to the best results, so we’re surely looking at one of the best Minecraft village ideas by a mile. 

18. Medieval Minecraft Village 

Medieval Minecraft Village 
Source: BlueNerdMinecraft

The Medieval Minecraft Village boasts a striking resemblance to the Middle Ages with respect to its primitive design. It’s an ode to some of the most classic ideas of creating a lifelike village, and if you’re into constructing paradigmatic designs such as these, fire away with the village at hand. There are different types of houses that all use their own unique color scheme. You can see how that works out to be quite definitive in the image above. 

In addition to that, there is quite a blend of different resources that have been used in this village. From different types of wood-based blocks to Cobblestone, Stone, and even Redstone-oriented mechanisms.

What heightens the overall look of the village and possibly makes it one of the best Minecraft medieval village ideas is its location by the waterside. Having a biome that fits the description can never wrong you, especially if you’re out and about to develop a village from the old yet gold times. We genuinely recommend shooting for this build in Creative Mode and up your game like never before.

19. Small Desert Minecraft Village 

Small Desert Minecraft Village 
Source: GeminiTay

The Small Desert Minecraft Village is for all those who can’t keep away from the desert biome in the game. Talk about a relatively less number of resources required for building this village from top to bottom. You can even start constructing the design at hand in Survival Mode of the game if you can keep out from the dangers that lurk at nighttime.

There are distinct houses in this village that are built using a variety of different Sand Blocks. Some of the different variants of Sand Blocks include Red Sandstone, Soul Sand, and Smooth Sandstone. 

You can always add more color and versatility to your village by crafting some gardens along the back of the houses. It would also do you good to create your own water source in the area where you’re building the Small Desert Minecraft Village.

Then again, one of the hallmarks of a desert is the inclusion of cacti, so do place those around strategically to yield the best results. Speaking of which, Decoration Blocks can be exceedingly useful in the game.

20. Easy Villager House

Easy Villager House 
Source: ItzMarloe

The last entry on this list isn’t technically a village idea, but it’s one of the best villager house ideas that you’ll implement sooner or later in your Minecraft village. It’s minimal and doesn’t require a hefty load of resources, so you can easily build this structure in the Survival Mode of the game as well.

It mostly comprises wood-based blocks like Spruce and Oak, but you’ll be needing some Cobblestone here and there to truly put this house in its element. You can also use Stone blocks to add some extra flair to the overall design of this house.

If you’ve got a ton of villagers in your village, consider building a bunch of these Easy Villager Houses. A 12 by 11 area is needed for one house, but considering that you’ve set up a sizable village, the base layout of this structure isn’t going to cause your trouble. Items used for cosmetic purposes include Grass Blocks, Item Frames, and Flowers inside Flower Pots.

You can use Stone Bricks to form the initial build of the house then work your way up using different blocks as specified in the image above.


Minecraft isn’t playing around with the level of freedom it gives you in its Creative and Survival Mode both. The sky is the limit when constructing the most amazing builds in the game is in question. You’re never going to run out of things to do in the sandbox title—the time-killing potential is certainly huge with this one and there’s no doubt about that. 

Villages in Minecraft are a subtle way of expanding the depth of your Minecraft world but not all of the designs you see on the internet are worth the extra effort. That is why we’ve gone through the work of rounding up the best Minecraft village ideas, so you don’t have to. We’d love to hear your feedback on this write-up if any of the listed designs inspired you or made you work on your own idea. As always, eXputer wishes you happy gaming!

Minecraft Village Ideas FAQ

Ideas For What to Build in My Minecraft Village?

You can build a ton of interesting things in your Minecraft village, such as villager houses, giant ships, bell-donning wells, and hanging houses that exude high quality.

What Should Be in a Minecraft Village?

Villager houses, a water source, decorative items, barns, animal pens, grass blocks, and trees should be in a Minecraft village, not to mention the seemingly cute and innocent villagers as well.

How Do I Make My Village Better in Minecraft?

You can make your village better in Minecraft by changing its layout, expanding it and building more houses, and adding more villagers.

How Do You Layout a Village in Minecraft?

You can lay out a village in Minecraft by thinking up an initial format to lay down your fundamental blocks on. You can also outline the village layout with items like dirt to have an easier time constructing the whole thing

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