Microsoft Seemingly Created AI That Plays Minecraft For You

If implemented, this could add a whole new dimension to the alluring experience.

Story Highlights

  • Microsoft has reportedly built an AI that can play Minecraft in your place. The title can be played by issuing commands instead of manually moving the character.
  • The AI is able to recognize the natural human language, which has automated the process to play Minecraft. It was internally tested by Microsoft.
  • The AI can do a wide variety of tasks, including building holes to erecting homes without any player intervention in the game. 
  • Unfortunately, AI is not planned to be added to any of the public versions of Minecraft yet, and we may never see it integrated into the game.

The rise of AI has fastened immensely with the arrival of ChatGPT and other increasingly smart artificial intelligence models. These AIs are able to replace a lot of the tedious labor required to achieve good results by automating time-consuming tasks. However, innovative tech has now even started playing Minecraft in our place.

As recently reported by Semafor, Microsoft is reportedly internally testing a build of Minecraft which features the ability to play the game by just providing commands to the AI. The players do not have to manually move, and the AI is able to complete many advanced tasks to automate gameplay without human intervention.

In other words, everything varying from digging up giant trenches to creating wooden tools or creating a little hut to a skyscraper is not out of reach by using the wonders of AI in Minecraft. Using natural language to play the game will become possible, and we could observe AI survive through the hurdles in the pixelated open world.

Unfortunately, Microsoft appears to have no plans to release the AI-integrated build to the public yet, and we may never see it used in the accessible versions of Minecraft. However, testing and improving the tech may increase the odds of it becoming a public update in the future.

Microsoft’s recent artificial intelligence project has reportedly not been built using the Prometheus AI, which was used by Bing’s recent integration of chat service. Regardless, it is somewhat similar to ChatGPT as it features the ability to interpret the natural human language to complete a wide array of tasks in Minecraft.

There is a lot of potential in the new AI implemented in Minecraft, as it could aid a plethora of players. Disabled users could wholly benefit from giving commands to play instead of manually controlling the character, for instance.

Another perk of AI also includes its unorthodox execution of tasks. It may build a vehicle in a way we never expected, and it may struggle to finish some commands due to many complications, thus resorting to abnormal means. We could see our commands being realized in unimaginative ways. 

Despite the success, the AI used in Minecraft is also limited due to the unprecedented number of options to do similar tasks. So, the AI may not be able to meet the players’ standards despite still achieving results of some kind. Regardless, AI could only improve with more time and research.

It is worth noting that AI has also been added in the past in Minecraft. For instance, OpenAI issued a paper in June of last year that discussed integrating an AI that watched 70,000 hours of content based on the game. The training was then tested, and the AI was able to do at least basic tasks, such as crafting some items.

We can only expect AI to grow in all sectors of life as it expands its innate potential by training and growing on neural networks. We will see its integration into our daily life, including video games, and all the major utility applications that are currently used. Minecraft could just be the beginning of AI’s relationship with games.

What are your thoughts regarding Microsoft testing artificial intelligence in Minecraft to make it play in your place? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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