Minecraft Loyalty Enchantment: The Definitive Guide

Learn what Minecraft Loyalty Enchantment does for your Trident in the game, including how you can obtain it in Survival Mode.

Enchantments are specific boosts present in the game to increase the base properties of tools, armors, and weapons. These are a way of improving the regular game experience by adding in a mix of special bonuses. We can better explain the whole phenomenon of Minecraft enchantments by taking a look at how Aqua Affinity operates as an example. The latter is an enchant that can only be applied to Helmets to make the player mine underwater faster.

Key Takeaways
  • Introduced in Minecraft v1.13, Loyalty is a Trident-focused enchantment that lets your trident automatically return to you after throwing it instead of going to retrieve it yourself.
  • Tridents are an extremely rare weapon usually found being wielded by the Drowned mob underwater.
  • One of the more common ways of enchanting your Trident with Loyalty is by getting its enchantment book from chests or using an enchantment table with some Lapis Lazuli.
  • However, you cannot apply this enchantment to a Trident that already has the Riptide enchantment or vice versa.
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What is the Loyalty Enchantment in Minecraft?

The Minecraft Loyalty enchantment is a particular perk that can only be exerted on a Trident within the game. Whenever you throw a Trident, you have to go to the place where it settles to pick it up. However, if you have the Loyalty enchant equipped, the Trident will come to you on its own. This paves the way for a brief yet special animation too, where the character grabs the Trident hurtled their way. 

Returning the weapon to the thrower automatically is basically all that the Loyalty enchantment is made for in the game. It came out in Minecraft 1.13, which also went by the name of The Aquatic Update. This new content made landfall sometime in 2018, and Loyalty has been rocking it ever since. 

What is a Trident in Minecraft?

minecraft enchantment loyalty
Trident in Minecraft

Trident is a versatile weapon inspired by classical mythology, often associated with Poseidon, the God of the Sea. It serves for both melee and ranged attacks against mobs, dealing significant damage.

Tridents cannot be crafted; they are exclusively obtained by defeating Drowned, zombie-like creatures found in aquatic environments.

The Loyalty enchantment, which affects the return speed of the Trident, has three power levels. Higher levels result in faster returns, with Loyalty III being the maximum level. Upgrading Loyalty enchantments involves using an Enchanting Table or combining enchanted Tridents at an Anvil.

How to Obtain the Loyalty Enchantment

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Getting a Trident to come forth with its loyalty for you can be a tempting task. Players who have just started out in the Survival Mode will often be left confused on how actually to obtain the Loyalty enchantment in Minecraft. However, there’s no need to get fretful. There’s a wide variety of methods that can be availed of for the purpose of obtaining Loyalty. We are going to break this section down into multiple subheadings so that you can be flexible with your options. Let’s delve right into the first one without any further ado. 

Using the Enchanting Table 

minecraft enchantments loyalty
Enchanting for the Loyalty Enchantment

Utilizing the Enchanting Table in Minecraft is a reliable method for obtaining enchantments. Its user-friendly interface allows players to combine items with Lapis Lazuli to receive random enchantments, although there’s no guarantee of obtaining the desired one due to chance factors.

The process is straightforward: select the item for enchantment and combine it with Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli, a rare material in Minecraft, plays a crucial role in the enchanting process.

Using The Enchanting Table for the Loyalty Enchantment

  1. Obtain Lapis Lazuli: Mine Lapis Lazuli Ore with a Stone-level or higher Pickaxe, or search Shipwreck Treasure chests (61.5% chance) or Temple chests in villages (25.4% chance) to find Lapis Lazuli.
  2. Prepare the Enchanting Table: Surround the Enchanting Table with 15 Bookshelves placed one block away to enhance its enchanting capabilities.
  3. Acquire Experience (XP): Gather XP by killing mobs, mining, smelting, trading, or fishing. Accumulate enough XP orbs before enchanting.
  4. Enchant with Loyalty: Place the Trident on the Enchanting Table, use 3 Lapis Lazuli, and initiate the enchanting process. Be patient, as Loyalty is a rare enchantment and may take multiple attempts to obtain.
minecraft enchanting loyalty
Enchanting Table Surrounded By Bookshelves

Fishing for Loyalty

loyalty minecraft enchant
Fishing for Loyalty

Another way that you can get your hands on the Loyalty enchantment in Minecraft is by fishing.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Crafting a Fishing Rod: Create a Fishing Rod using three Sticks and two Strings. Sticks are made from Wood Planks, while Strings are obtained by killing Spiders.
  2. Fishing: Head to a body of water, equip the Fishing Rod, and cast your line. Wait patiently for a bite.
  3. Other Benefits: Fishing not only provides a chance to obtain the Loyalty enchantment but also allows players to catch raw fish for food and relaxation.

Trading With a Librarian Villager

Trading for Loyalty With a Librarian
Trading for Loyalty With a Librarian

Trade with Librarians in Minecraft villages to get Loyalty. Here’s how:

  1. Locate Librarian Villagers: Explore villages to find Librarian villagers. They often offer enchantments, including Loyalty.
  2. Gather Emeralds: Emeralds serve as the currency for trades with villagers. Obtain Emeralds by trading with other villagers, mining Emerald Ores in extreme hills biomes, or looting chests in structures like Desert temples, Jungle temples, Shipwrecks, Igloos, and Villages. Using a pickaxe with the Fortune enchantment increases Emerald drops from ores.
  3. Trade for Loyalty: Once you have enough Emeralds, interact with Librarian villagers and check their trades. Look for one offering the Loyalty enchantment and complete the trade to obtain it.

Obtaining Through Loot Chests 

Obtaining Loyalty Through a Loot Chest
Obtaining Loyalty Through a Loot Chest

Minecraft’s world is filled with Loot Chests, large boxes containing diverse resources. The game’s Survival Mode spans various biomes, each with unique features. For example, Taiga biome often hosts excellent Minecraft houses. Explore the vast Minecraft world, as many players discover the Loyalty enchantment by exploring caves, dungeons, and the landscape.

Chests, essentially blocks, naturally appear in locations like Temples, Shipwrecks, Nether Fortresses, and End Cities. These Loot Chests offer valuable items, tools, weapons, and enchantments.

Exploration is key, and with luck, you might find the Loyalty enchantment in your initial attempts. Persistence is crucial; don’t give up if you don’t find it immediately. Chests in Desert temples are rumored to provide the best chances of discovering Loyalty in the form of an Enchanted Book.

What to Know About Loyalty

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Knowing everything about the Loyalty enchantment in Minecraft may seem complete, but differences exist between the Bedrock and Java editions. Java, exclusive to PC, features Anvil format for world-building, while Bedrock, available on various platforms, uses LevelDB. Java offers mods and diverse skins, while Bedrock accommodates controllers for convenient gameplay.

Now, focusing on the Loyalty enchantment, both editions share a unique aspect—the Void biome. In both, reaching the Void in The End or using Creative Mode commands is possible. Here’s where Loyalty behaves distinctly: in Bedrock, throwing a Loyalty-equipped Trident into the Void retrieves it, while in Java, the Trident is lost. In Bedrock, the Trident typically returns after traveling about 15 blocks, but Java lacks this feature.

Be cautious in the Void in Minecraft Java Edition, as losing a hard-earned, well-equipped weapon is a real risk. The Loyalty enchantment’s differing behavior between Minecraft versions is only part of the story.

Loyalty or Riptide – Which One to Choose? 

Consider your playstyle and in-game circumstances.

Loyalty swiftly returns the Trident to the player, ideal for consistent combat and retrieval.

Riptide, on the other hand, propels both the Trident and the player into the air when thrown, enabling distant travel and damage, but necessitating a water source.

Having two Tridents, one with Loyalty and one with Riptide, offers versatility. Assess the situation and use the appropriate Trident for optimal results.


Minecraft is exceptional when it comes to specific player buffs. This allows them to revamp their core gameplay and simply do more within the depths of the game. Different enchantments help you achieve a unique experience and serve a particular purpose in your play-throughs. We’ve picked up the Loyalty Minecraft enchantment in this guide and have penned down all things Loyalty subsequently. 

This is a fairly convenient enchant that can help you streamline your combat bouts and allow you to play more flexibly. If you’re someone who loves using the Trident, do not miss out on sporting the Loyalty perk whenever you whip out your three-pronged spear.  

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Minecraft Loyalty Enchantment - FAQs

What does Loyalty do in Minecraft?

Loyalty in Minecraft makes the Trident weapon return to you automatically once thrown.

How to get Loyalty in Minecraft?

Loyalty in Minecraft can be obtained in multiple ways, including fishing, loot chests, trading with a Librarian, and through the Enchanting Table.

What is the Loyalty enchantment in Minecraft?

The Loyalty enchantment in Minecraft is a weapon-specific perk that makes the Trident return to the thrower automatically.

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