Sonic Generations Mod Allows You To Play As Super Mario 64

"I've put Mario 64 in Generations"

Creating and downloading mods is probably one of the finest aspects of PC gaming. If you are inventive enough, you can mold games into whatever way you like, making the experience even more enjoyable. Most of these modders make such new creations available for everyone to download and appreciate. No matter how old or new, no game is safe from this practice. Even decade-old games get brand new mods for players to enjoy. One of these old games to get a new mod is Sonic Generations, and it’s definitely interesting because of the lovable Super Mario 64.

A new mod from the popular Sonic modder, Skyth, allows you to play Sonic Generations with a famous Nintendo character, Mario from Super Mario 64. This isn’t a joke or some trick; you can actually play the classic game with Super Mario 64 now on your PC. Skyth has made this mod available for download, so you can have some fun playing Sonic Generations as Super Mario 64.

Initially, some thought that this was an April Fool’s Day joke from the modder. He did reveal this new feature on April 1st and it’s not hard to see how something this unique would be taken as a prank. However, Skyth then gave everyone the download link for this mod proving that it was real. You can actually play with Super Mario 64 in Sonic Generations now.

This is probably the best mod that Skyth has created up until now. There is a huge generation gap between Sonic Generations and Super Mario 64. The former came out 15 years after Super Mario 64, so modding their engines is no easy task. Skyth tweaked these different generations and made a very successful port of this amazing mod. It only exists due to their ingenious effort, making this mod a truly marvelous creation.

It does have a small barrier for the players to cross, though. You must have a valid copy of the NTSC-U to play this Super Mario 64 mod, according to the GameBanana website, where this mod was uploaded. A ROM must also be selected to run this on your PC. Nintendo is very stern in the use of its properties, so this step from Skyth makes sense. This protects him from any legal actions and players can also transverse this with a bit of effort.

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