Minecraft Stan Goes Ahead And Builds The Whole Universe In Minecraft

You're going to need star bucks for this one.

If there are perks to being the most successful video game franchise in history, then what we have here is definitely the zenith of potential creativity Minecraft is offering to its players. From mesmerizing ancient dragon towers to the recreation of real-life locations like Snake Island, the sky is the limit with this game in question.

The sandbox-based building IP is celebrated across the world for the level of player freedom it comprises and apparently, one enthusiast out there has utilized that to the full. We’re pretty sure this build alone is going down in the history books from the looks of it.

A YouTuber going by the name of ChrisDaCow has achieved no ordinary feat of building a house or a skyscraping tower in Minecraft. Instead, the talented individual has given us a look at what the universe would look like if it were to be incorporated into Minecraft. We’re certain no one had seen this coming—not even the devs.

The Rundown:

  • A Minecraft player has developed a universe world for Minecraft for others to experience to get into. It took the individual 1 and a half months to manifest the idea.
  • You will need to be a Patreon subscriber of ChrisDaCow’s YouTube channel to be actually able to download the universe world and similar other maps for the game. 
  •  The 6 “Universe” maps are part of the “Paradoxical Builder” subscription of ChrisDaCow’s Patreon that costs about $5 per month.

It’s actually pretty surreal, considering what ChrisDaCow had to go through to make his idea of creating a universe in Minecraft come to life. The guy even had to re-learn the Pythagoras Theorem on a whiteboard to get the measurements of the planets right. Take a look at this work of sheer brilliance yourself below.

YouTube video

Further into his journey, ChrisDaCow eventually began to realize that his initial ambition is going to require a lot more work than what he primarily had in mind. Space-centric entities such as the Pillars of Creation sized almost 1,175 times larger than the solar system itself are some of the inclusions of the “Universe” map.

Pillars of Creation in the Universe Minecraft Map
Pillars of Creation in the Universe Minecraft Map

If that doesn’t raise the hair above your skin, we’re not sure what to tell you next. But wait, there is one more thing that might yet pique your interest. Within the map you’ll find another marvel—a literal black hole.

ChrisDaCow says at one point in the video, “I had no idea that this would end up being the hardest thing I’ve ever built in my 9 years of playing this game.” To shed some light on a little perspective here, the now-popular YouTuber had had his fair share of rodeos in the past. 

A Black Hole In Minecraft
A Black Hole in Minecraft

Sure, his earlier projects still don’t scale quite like the Universe map, but they’re still powerful enough to drop your jaw. Know about The Starry Night painting by Vincent Can Gogh? Chris has seemingly formulated that in Minecraft too, not to mention the bevy of other phenomenons you can find on his YouTube channel.

Next came the trouble of forming true-to-life stars. For someone who has had zero prior experience of developing a project on this scale, ChrisDaCow needed inspiration to steer his further developments in the right way. He took a hiking trip with an acquaintance ad hoc to go stargazing and draw motivation. 

The level of dedication is honestly through the roof here, and there’s just no doubting that. Chris eventually moved forward with the build and created the entire project. It took him approximately 2 months to sort everything straight and get the map out on his Patreon page. 

Speaking of which, if you’d like to test the “Universe” build yourself, you will need to head over to ChrisDaCow’s Patreon. All that hard work isn’t supposed to let you off for free.

It’s actually required to become a Tier 2 — Paradoxical Builder — member in order to download Chris’ high-profile worlds such as the one in question and The Starry Night. The membership costs $5 per month. 

Do let us know in the comments section ahead what you think of this Minecraft world. Excuse us while we get ourselves a subscription and hop onto the cosmos ourselves. 

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