BEST Minecraft YouTubers [Top 35]

In the competitive field of YouTube, here are the best of the best Minecraft Youtubers!

For the most part, Minecraft has been dominating the world of gaming since it was first released in 2011. Over the years, Minecraft Youtubers have been excellent at providing creative content. Some are hilarious, and some are creative in the most extreme ways. Thousands of channels have been explicitly made for Minecraft gaming, but your intent would be the best of Minecraft YouTubers in 2024.  

Best Minecraft YouTubers
  • Here are some of the Best Minecraft YouTubers you can watch in 2024:
    • Zaypixel: Relaxing Minecraft videos.
    • Dream: Fastest-growing gaming-related YouTube channel. Highly entertaining Minecraft content.
    • LDShadowLady: Created the Pixel Pact. Group of the best female Minecraft YouTubers.
    • Vegetta777: Second most subscribed channel in Spain (33.6 million subscribers).
    • PewDiePie: Not a Minecraft YouTuber but has one of the most popular Minecraft series on YT.
    • GeorgeNotFound: Part of Dream’s team. Known for hilarious Minecraft content for kids.
    • Bajan Canadian: Created Minecraft Hunger Games series.
    • Captain Sparklez: Makes hilarious Minecraft song parodies.
    • TheAtlanticCraft: Best Minecraft story maker on YouTube. 
    • AntVenom: Won about 3 Minecraft Survival challenges. Gained subscribers through challenges.
    • PrestonPlayz: Arguably the best at Minecraft trolling videos.
    • ExplodingTNT: Funny textual quips mixed with Minecraft content.
    • Mumbo Jumbo: Most consistent Minecraft YouTuber. Posts twice a day.
    • Popular MMOs: Started the Minecraft mods video trend.
    • Keralis: Amazing at Minecraft Manhunt challenges. Consistently beats the Ender Dragon.

1. Zaypixel

Zaypixel is One Of the Best Minecraft Youtubers

Minecraft has been known to have creativity in the game with an ASMR-type feel. Well, Zaypixel is a YouTuber who has aced this aspect of Minecraft. She has been making content for quite a while now and has received appreciation for her work. Her main craft has been just to create beautiful and relaxing videos of her building Minecraft houses.

  • The Minecraft Youtuber even made a world for you to download.
  • As of now, she has about 2.08 Million Subscribers on YouTube.
  • Zaypixel is said to be from America but her native language isn’t English. 
  • The majority of Reddit users have claimed to have her as their favorite Minecraft Youtuber and the best one. 
  • Her most viewed video (28 Million views) is about how to make an underwater mountain house

2. George Not Found 

George Not Found Is One Of the Best Minecraft Youtubers
George Not Found

George is one of the more recent bloomers of the YouTube industry. Most of his viewers collectively come from his fellow YouTuber named Dream. Most of George’s videos are basically Minecraft challenges. George is one of those Minecraft Youtubers who has gained popularity among kids through his humorous content. 

  • The Minecraft Youtuber had about 10.3 Million Subscribers.
  • His most popular video is “Minecraft, But I’m Not Colorblind Anymore…” which has about 46 Million Views. 
  • George is part of the popular Youtuber team known as the “Dream Team”. This team comprises YouTubers like Sapnap, BadBoyHalo, and of course Dream.

3. Dream 

Dream Is One Of the Best Minecraft Youtubers

Every Minecraft player must have come across Dream at one point. He is the epitome of a Minecraft Youtuber as he became best known for his “Speedrunner vs. Hunters” videos. Dream has been one of the fastest-growing Minecraft YouTube channels. His influence has crossed multiple platforms around social media. He is known for doing multiple YouTube collaborations.  

  • He was first discovered through Pewdiepie’s World Seeds discovery video.
  • Dream has been uploading since 2019. In the Midst of COVID-19, his channel gained a substantial amount of viewers and subscribers. 
  • The Minecraft Youtuber has gained about 31.9 million subscribers.
  • The Minecraft Youtuber has many worlds for you to download and play in.
  • The main hype around Dream was his smiley mask which he always wore, hiding his true identity. That has been his whole schtick up, however, he later did a face-reveal video on YT.

4. The Bajan Canadian 

The Bajan Canadian Is One Of the Best Minecraft Youtubers
The Bajan Canadian

Now, whenever we talk about the OGs of Minecraft we must address the name Mitch or Bajan Canadian.  Although he has an odd name he describes it as a part of his identity as he was born in Canada. Mitch has been around since the beginning of Minecraft on the YouTube scene.

Mitch had a different take on playing Minecraft as he brought his own liked projects into the game. This sincerity in content is what made the Canadian so popular in recent years. The Majority of the videos consisted of these entertaining Minecraft challenges.

  • His videos had a Drastic downfall after the fall of 2014 when he got 60 million per month down to a million in 2016.
  • He even addressed this point in a YouTube video but after 2016, his channel had a major decline.
  • Bajan Canadian has been inactive on YT since February 2022.
  • He had been posting Minecraft videos for about 9 years prior to that.
  • He has 5.66 Million Subscribers.
  • His videos will always remain in the hearts of his OG followers. The Minecraft Youtuber created many Minecraft worlds for his followers to download

5. AntVenom 

AntVenom Is One Of the Best Minecraft Youtubers

AntVenom‘s real name is Taylor Harris and he is known to make various series about survival and treasure hunting. He found true fame when he won the first three Minecraft Survival Games. Taylor celebrates his Milestones happily and with sheer gratitude. His popular series included Golden Apple in a Dungeon and Aether Mod Adventure both of which were successful. The main reason for people to watch him was his Mod Reviews.

  • His Reviews were special because he covered the unpopular Mods that nobody would cover.
  • Taylor promotes many fun unpopular Mods.
  • The Minecraft Youtuber has about 3.24 Million Subscribers on YouTube.
  • His most-watched video titled “Through The Night- A Minecraft Original Song” gained about 44 million views on YouTube.
  • Apart from that the Minecraft Youtuber even created plenty of Minecraft worlds to download

6. Captain Sparklez 

Captain Sparklez Is One Of the Best Minecraft Youtubers
Captain Sparklez

We head towards the one who basically can be stated as the original Minecraft Parody maker. Captain Sparklez is a famous Minecraft Youtuber who has been posting Minecraft videos since its dawn. He can be credited as one of the first gamers to be popularised due to Minecraft. Although some of the content is not for kids, he still is a pretty watchable PG 13 Minecraft Youtuber. Captain Sparklez AKA Jordan is famous for his parody songs.

  • He made a series of Minecraft parody songs which got pretty famous and has allowed him to reach 11+ Million Subs on YouTube.
  • His most famous and watched parody song of all time is “Revenge” which got a whopping 285 Million views on making him one of the few Minecraft Youtubers that topped the charts.
  • Jordan even got a “King Of The Web” award because of it.
  • There is plenty of other parody he has made which has gotten millions of views like “Fallen Kingdom” and “Take Back The Night”.
  • Not only does he make parodies but he also has a series related to Modded Blocks in Minecraft.
  • From Reddit, you can download the best Worlds the Minecraft Youtuber created. 

7. SkyDoesEverything

SkyDoesEverythingIs One Of the Best Minecraft Youtubers

Sky also known as Adam has been making such videos since 2011. Yes from way back then he was one of the first ones to play and promote Minecraft. However, SkyDoesEverything’s content is not suited for kids. Despite Adam’s old Minecraft gaming account known as SkyDoesMinecraft was closed in 2018. He still continues to upload Minecraft content on his newer channel.

  • He stopped posting Minecraft videos after 2021. However, he has now returned to the scene once again!
  • The Minecraft Youtuber has about 11 Million Subscribers and he even has his World Download links up. 

8. DanTDM

DanTDM – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

If it isn’t The Diamond Minecraft. Yes, we know his original name up till now as it is as Nostalgic as ever. If you were a kid who grew up watching Minecraft videos then you must surely know Dan. DanTDM or Daniel Robert is a British Minecraft Youtuber and was once considered to be the best. 7 years ago Dan dominated the gaming industry and continued for years.

From Creating Dangerously trapped barns to having the best building ideas, Dan did it all.  He was the complete package and everybody loved him for it.

  • Daniel has set Guinness World Records in Minecraft. 
  • He has amassed 18.5 Billion views over the course of 8 years.
  • In 2017 Dan even became the richest Youtuber to ever exist.
  • As of now, he has 28.2 million subscribers.
  • All of the Minecraft YouTuber’s fans are waiting for him to return and make those worlds for them to download

9. PopularMMOs 

PopularMMOs Is One Of the Best Minecraft Youtubers

Now we will be talking about Patrick Thomas or Pat which most of you might know as PopularMMOs. Back in the day Pat and Jen (his wife) were literally the sweethearts of the Minecraft community. When I say back in the day, I mean 9 years ago. Pat made the channel rise from nothing and set the fundamentals of the Minecraft Gaming videos we see today. Not much credit is given to Pat as people seem to forget about epic mods and old Minecraft Worlds

  • The Minecraft Youtuber has about 17.2 million subscribers.
  • Over the course of 8 years, he got about a total of 14 billion views on his channel.

10. StampyLongHead 

StampyLongHead Is One Of the Best Minecraft Youtubers

Most of you old-timers know Stampy as one of the Nostalgic Minecraft Kings. This is no group whatsoever, but it does mean that he was part of the Youtubers that made the lives of millions of teenagers want to play Minecraft. The Kings are the trio of StampyLongHead, DanTDM, and PopularMMOs whom we already discussed.

  • StampLongHead’s channel has been up and running since 2011.
  • Stampy made Minecraft worlds known as Stampy’s Lovely World for people to download and play in. 
  • As of now Stampy still posts weekly and has about 10.7 million subscribers which is what he truly deserves. 

11. SSundee

SSundee Is One Of the Best Minecraft Youtubers

Ian, also known as Ssundee,  has had success over the years with being a Minecraft Youtuber and that is because of his amazing consistency. Ian started his Youtube journey in 2010 with Call Of Duty and Minecraft Videos. He was always the Minecraft Youtuber who brought something new to the table each time. In his videos, the most unique thing that he brought was his famous alter ego, known as Derp Ssundee.

  • Ssundee has about 21.7 million Subscribers on his main YouTube channel. 
  • The Minecraft Youtuber even made Worlds for you to download from Reddit. 

12. JeromeASF

JeromeAS Is One Of the Best Minecraft Youtubers

In all of Minecraft Youtubers, Jerome has to be the most underrated. For 9 years he has been making YouTube videos and has his own little audience behind the scenes. Jerome never really asked for a bunch of subscribers. Jerome was in the Team Crafted in the mid-2012s along with his friend Bajan Canadian.

Jerome has done everything from reacting to the best boots or axe enchantments. He has shown the Prime of humor in his videos even in times like Covid.

  • Jerome has about 5.46 million subscribers on YouTube.
    • His most viewed video (9.8 million views) is titled “How To Build A House With Jerome Minecraft Cops and Robbers w/ SkyDoesMinecraft and Friends!”.

13. iBallisticSquid 

iBallisticSquid Is One Of the Best Minecraft Youtubers

David Spencer aka iBallisticSquid has been the funniest of Minecraft Youtubers and his best skit was with his friend Stampy. Yes, StampyLongHead and iBallisticSquid have been collaborating from the start as they are real-life friends. They both started out on this Minecraft Journey together and have been in each other’s videos most of the time. Spencer is known for doing Minecraft challenges and different series for each challenge. 

  • The Minecraft YouTuber has created many worlds for you to try and download.
  • The Minecraft Youtuber has about 4.21 million subscribers.

14. Exploding TNT 

Exploding TNT On Youtube
Exploding TNT

Sam definitely shows the creative side of YouTube and Minecraft, his ability to portray stories through Minecraft is incredible. The ExplodingTNT brings that twist into his work that nobody Youtuber dares to bring. His funny textual quips in the videos are what makes the videos so entertaining. The thought he puts into the whole storyline of the video shows his dedication to this line of work. 

  • Exploding uses a comedy form known as Dumb comedy, He mixes stupid-sounding concepts and plays with those concepts throughout the videos.
  • ExplodingTNT has 5.46 million subscribers.

15. TheAtlanticCraft 

TheAtlanticCraft On Youtube

Cody is A Minecraft YouTuber who joined Youtube in late 2012 and ever since then has been posting a vast amount of series for his fans. Cody came up with the name TheAtlanticCraft for his Youtube channel to most each and every type of Minecraft Series. He is best known for creating the Crazy Craft series which got 100s of millions of views. His whole purpose for the channel was to promote the mods and mods packages he created for the audience.

  • His Pixelmon challenges and the Manhunt series are the most exciting parts of his channel. 
  • The Minecraft Youtuber has 6 million Subscribers.
  • If you don’t really know that much about the Minecraft YouTuber, check out his own personal Reddit page.

16. BadBoyHalo 

BadBoyHalo On Youtube

Onto the new generation of Minecraft YouTubers, we have our BadBoyHalo. Most of you Minecraft gaming video viewers might know him from Dream’s video since he is part of the Dream SMP. In his videos, he is seen either pranking or challenging his fellow club members. In most videos, Skeppy gets to be his target whom he either pranks or challenges.

  • Sometimes he can go overboard in his YouTube live streams but that is what he’s known for guys he is the Bad Boy!
  • The Minecraft Youtuber has about 3.61 million subscribers.

17. Moose 

Moose On Youtube

In 2015, Moose aka George made his YouTube channel which was originally called Moosecraft. He is primarily known for making Minecraft YouTube videos, he makes Roblox videos as well. Moose is basically the Survival guy of the Minecraft gaming industry. We can say that because he specializes in that sort of thing and is incredibly funny while doing so. 

  • Moose has around 5.17 million subscribers on YouTube.

18. Mumbo Jumbo 

Mumbo Jumbo On Youtube
Mumbo Jumbo

Oliver is the name of the man behind the account of Mumbo Jumbo. He is incredibly talented and creative as seen in most of his Minecraft Videos. Oliver first started out with his Server Craft series. Later on, he became popular through his Redstone videos.

  • Oliver also used to challenge himself by making those “60-second” challenges.
  • The Youtuber has about 8.58 million subscribers.

19. Skeppy 

Skeppy On Youtube

Skeppy‘s real name is Zak and he is a Minecraft Youtuber who joined Youtube in 2015. Zak is known for his infamous collaborations with other Minecraft Youtubers and for doing challenges with them. Skeppy is an amazing prankster. Most of his trolling videos were targeted at BadBoyHalo and they both made amazing videos together.

Skeppy has recently started equipping Mr. Beast-type videos on his channel. However, these challenges are based on Minecraft.

  • His most popular video is “So I Trapped 100 Kids, but the Winner Gets 1$”. 
  • As of now, the video has 17 million views. His channel has about 6.18 million subscribers.

20. Grian 

Grian On Youtube

The OGs of Youtube might recognize Grian from the earlier days when he started making Minecraft videos. His real name is Charles and he has been making Minecraft Tutorials for people since he started the channel.

From Enchanted Boots to creating Bow Enchantments, he has helped viewers with all sorts of tutorials on Minecraft. Not only that but he has been invited to host and attend several Minecraft conventions. 

  • Grian has gained about 8.05 million subscribers.

21. TommyInnit

TommyInnit On Youtube

Most of you who are just recently into Minecraft Videos might already know TommyInnit. He has made himself pretty famous over the last couple of years. Tommy has been known to be destructive and absolutely mirthful in his videos.

Tommy can be considered one of the best Minecraft Youtubers as he had that potential from the beginning. His content is always unique and entertaining to watch which is why you eventually subscribe to his channel. Tommy is part of the Dream SMP as he joined it in late 2020. 

  • Currently, TommyInnit has about 11.7 million subscribers on YouTube. 

22. Preston Playz

Preston Playz On Youtube
Preston Playz

Preston Playz is an American Youtuber and he not only plays Minecraft but games like Fortnite as well. Most of his major collaborations were with the members of his team and the YouTube club “The Pack” The group consists of famous Youtubers including Vikkstar123, MrWoofless, Lachlan, JeromeASF, and Bajan Canadian.

  • Preston has about 14 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • The Youtuber has made plenty of Minecraft Worlds for you to download from Reddit. 

23. LDShadowLady 

LDShadowLady On Youtube

Back to the OGs of the Minecraft Youtubing world, we have the infamous LDShadowLady. She took Minecraft gaming to a whole new level, especially at that time when there were no such popular female gamers. 

One of her most popular series is “Crazy Craft”, a modded SMP server, which was created in 2015 along with her friends and it was. Lizzie originally created the Pixel Pact which is a group of the best female Minecraft Youtubers. 

  • Minecraft X Life is among the popular series she has created throughout the years.
  • The Minecraft Youtuber has 7.07 million subscribers.

24. Jelly 

Jelly On Youtube

Jelly not only plays Minecraft but other games as well. Alongside Minecraft, the YouTuber also makes GTA V videos. The popularity he gained through making these Minecraft videos has been no less of an achievement. 

  • Jelly has about 23.3 million subscribers.

25. Xisumavoid 

Xisumavoid On Youtube

Xisuma is definitely the most underrated Minecraft Youtuber that you can find in 2024. He started his journey in 2015. From Swords to Crossbows to Axes, Xisuma can help you find the best enchantments. If you are especially new to Minecraft then you should watch his videos. 

Xisuma has been in the HermitCraft server from the beginning and has made a wonderful series over it as well.  The series was amazingly made and he the Minecraft Youtuber has made up to 9 seasons worth of content.

  • The Xisumavoid has around 1.81 million subs.

26. Purpled 

Purpled On Youtube

For yet another mildly underrated and lesser-known Youtuber, we have Purpled. His real name is Grayson Wood, and he gets a little unique with Minecraft in comparison to most Minecraft Youtubers. Grayson’s competitiveness is what’s so entertaining to see as he tries to be the best and win every Minecraft challenge. He mostly competes in the MC Championships and actually won in the 22nd one.

The Main competitive play he does is in the “Bed Wars” and you can see how good he is just by looking at the statistics. 

  • Grayson hasn’t posted on his YouTube channel ever since he started to go to championships.
  • Nonetheless, Grayson is still considered to be one of the best YouTubers.
  • The Minecraft Youtuber had around 1.3 million subscribers.

27. EthosLab 

EthosLab On Youtube

In 2010, EthosLab was part of one of the most popular gaming groups on YouTube, known as MindCrack. He first came up with the idea of doing simplistic tutorials but then he continued with different types of challenges. Most of his work is primarily of him playing Minecraft, discovering random aspects of the game, and discussing it with his viewers. 

  • The Minecraft Youtuber has around 2.42 million subscribers.

28. LittleKellyPlayz

LittleKellyPlayz On Youtube

Little Kelly videos are to dumb it down, simple storylines of her day-to-day life that she expresses into the world of Minecraft. Because of this creative process, Kelly has become quite famous among YouTubers. Kelly and her friend, Carly, together make Minecraft Worlds that are modded and go on their respective adventures.

  • The Minecraft Youtuber has officially crossed the 3 million subscribers mark.

29. SmallishBeans 

SmallishBeans On Youtube

If somehow you guys know SmallishBeans, it’ll be because of the fact that he constantly changed groups when he first started out. His real name is Joel and he first joined in 2011 ever since he has been enjoying his life as a Minecraft Youtuber. Joel is married to a fellow YouTuber you guys might know, LDShadowLady. Yes, He is married to Lizzie and he has been playing Minecraft on YouTube with his wife for years now

  • SmallishBeans has about 3.5 million subscribers.

30. Keralis 

Keralis On Youtube

Now he is a man of many talents as he has discovered each side of Minecraft Youtubing. Keralis’ attention to detail, whenever he builds in Minecraft, is what you should be looking at. It is almost artistic the way he makes things in Minecraft. Keralis was also invited to the family of the HermitCrafts. The server sought his true potential as a survivor expert.

  • Keralis has around 2.4 million subscribers.

31. Vikkstar123HD

Vikkstar123HD On Youtube

Finally, one of the Sidemen on the list! Vikkstar123HD is the gaming Minecraft account for Vikkstar himself. Vikkstar is part of The Pack. As we have discussed earlier, The Pack comprises a bunch of popular Minecraft Youtubers. Vikkstar tends to post videos series-wise. If he is working on a series particularly then, he just extends the series until he wants to end it.

He did it with the Pixelmon series, which continued for quite a while and got pretty good views. Still, it wasn’t the best product that Vikk created off of this YouTube channel. The most successful series that he made is definitely The Hunger Games series.

  • Vikkstar123HD has about 3.5 million subs.

32. Vegetta777 

Vegetta777 On Youtube

Apart from being Kakarot’s rival, Vegeta also plays Minecraft as his training regiment. Okay, now, actually Vegetta777 is a Spanish Minecraft Youtuber whose name is Samuel. The majority of his content is him playing Minecraft, but he does play and make videos of other games like Call Of Duty. Most of the work he has done is greatly loved by the Spanish and Latin-American community.

  • Vegetta777 has about 33.9 million subscribers.
  • He has plenty of popularly viewed series like the Planetta Vegeta.
  • In May of 2021, it was recorded that his channel got a total of 14 billion views.

33. MagmaMusen 

MagmaMusen On Youtube

In the beginning, they were named just Magma but later changed it to MagmaMusen. They, without a doubt, deserve a spot on this list. If you are familiar with their content, you may know about their tutorial videos for Minecraft. This channel was created solely for beginners of the game who are not familiar with the mechanics of the game.

  • MagmaMusen has around 5 million subscribers.

34. TheWillyRex 

TheWillyRex On Youtube

We have yet another Spanish Minecraft Youtuber with similar attributes to Vegetta777’s channel. There is no such entertainer specifically relating to Minecraft like TheWillyRex.

Vegetta777’s popularity has a lot to do with TheWillyRex because of the wittiness Guillermo brought to Vegetta’s content. Therefore TheWillyRex deserves the same amount of credit as Vegetta for being the best Minecraft Youtubers from the Hispanic community. 

Pewdiepie (Honorable Mention)

Pewdiepie On Youtube

Aah, yes, the leader of the floor gang. This honorable mention needed to be here because he is not exactly a Minecraft Youtuber. But Felix had revived Minecraft at a time when it was on the verge of dying. He can even be considered the best YouTuber of this entire generation if you ask me. But my job is not to give biased opinions.

On the other hand, Pewds had given Minecraft the platform again that it so desperately needed. He created a rather basic Minecraft Survival Series which skyrocketed and was an instant hit. He later on returned to make another Survival Series, however, this one was based on Hardcore difficulty.

  • Pewdiepie has 111 million subscribers on YouTube. 

35. Kewebbelkop 

Kewebbelkop On Youtube

Jordi is the last Minecraft YouTuber on our list of the best Minecraft YouTubers. Jordi has been playing Minecraft since it was first just a beta test. Jordi or Kewebbelkop has been posting entertainment gaming videos since 2008. He is a really popular Minecraft Youtuber and has quite the following in all of America. Jordi was part of the popular trio group known as the Robust. He was in it with his Minecraft friends Jelly and Josh. 

  • Kewebbelkop has 15+ million subscribers.

So these were the Best Minecraft Youtubers you can find on YouTube in 2024. Comment down below about the Minecraft Youtuber you like watching the most.

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