Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error [FIXED]

The errox fix guide for the Internal Server Error in Minecraft Realms will detail the causes & best 8 ways to solve the error.

Minecraft Realms is the latest addition to the evolving franchise from Mojang Studios. It is essentially an expansion to the Original Minecraft but based on a subscription service. It allows players to create and manage their custom private Minecraft servers.

There are tons of pre-made worlds to choose from, adventure to experience maps. The creators of these maps always amaze the community with their awe-inspiring creations. The only major drawback might be how to properly find a fix to the Internal server error in Minecraft Realms.

Key Highlights
  • The Internal Server Error appears when there’s a connection problem with the online server or realm.
  • The servers being unstable, your network connection, or unnecessary plugins & mods are usually the cause of Internal Server Error.
  • Check if the servers are down or undergoing scheduled maintenance.
  • Try disabling Steam and Discord overlays, as they sometimes cause game issues. 
  • Occasionally, you may have some mods or plugins that are incompatible with the server or need to be better optimized, causing the error.
  • The game creates UUID files for every player. You should carefully see if removing these files resolves the issue if they no longer play the game.
  • Giving Minecraft Realms full access to your networks through Windows Firewall can also solve the error.
  • Sometimes your ISP may block the servers’ traffic, causing the error. Try using a VPN to bypass the blockage and create a secure route to the servers.
  • If nothing works, we suggest you upgrade your connection, so it’s more stable and has enough bandwidth to transmit data to the servers properly.
  • If you’re not using an ethernet cable already, we’d recommend investing in one for an optimal connection.

What is the Internal Server Error in Minecraft Realms?

internal server error minecraft realms
The internal server error issue in Minecraft Realms

Although the servers of Minecraft realms tend to be smooth and steady for most players of the game. One of the most common problems you might face is the Internal server error. The game requires a constant network connection to be able to maintain its infrastructure and update server data.

It is a connection problem that disrupts your attempts at joining an online server or realm. In extreme cases, this issue can be unresolvable unless you can pinpoint the exact ways to solve it. Most players tend to brush these errors off at first glance as one of the player-created realms being insecure.

In most multiplayer games, network instability or various bugs and glitches are the probable causes for these kinds of errors. The errors can arise from the lackluster aspects of the game or simply due to unstable servers.

Most of the time that can be true, but if the error persists, then the reasons may just be from your side. As we mentioned before, the issue is more common than you would think.

So there are a variety of ways where players can easily learn how to fix and handle the internal server error in Minecraft Realms. Also, consider reading the Best Minecraft Launchers guide.

Common Reasons for the Internal Server Error

Before we discuss the eight different fixes for the server error, it’s important to know the reasons behind the server error. You will experience various issues with the realms not operating on their correct basis in the game. Over the years spent on the game, various solutions to the error have been discovered.

Minecraft can produce a few errors here and there in some ways. Besides that, the Minecraft community has pinpointed the exact causes of the Internal Server Error codes, which are straightforward enough:

  • Realms Server Instability: There is a sprawling network of different and unique realms to be found throughout the list of creations in the game. The servers play a major role in stable connections for the game. Knowing the server status and how much vital they are are the first reasons behind the internal server error.
  • Network Connection: There are 140+ million players across the world of Minecraft and its Realms. Among these will also be users that won’t have the suitable bandwidth allocation for the game. The internet speeds will be one of the few reasons you may encounter an internal server error during the realm joining attempts.
  • Unnecessary Plugins & Mods: The world of Minecraft can be modified to your liking and preferences with various game plugin assets & mods to create something extraordinary. But overdoing them might cost you a little extra as far as prompting with the internal server error, breaking your connection to Minecraft Realms.

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How to Fix Internal Server Error in Minecraft Realms

We have gone ahead and researched heavily into matters regarding the error in the game. Although the error is fairly common to occur for players throughout the game. It also carries different potential solutions to it, which are pretty easy to understand and do all by yourself.

The Official Minecraft Realms Forums were kind enough to provide helpful information alongside the multiple friendly communities of the game over on Discord and Reddit.

We urge you to follow all of these methods as each one can clear the issue for you in the game. You will run into more errors like the Internal server error, so you should also be able to learn how to fix other errors in Minecraft Realms. So let’s briefly discuss the eight methods to solve the following error in the game.

Checking the Server Status of the Game

First and foremost, players must be aware of ongoing issues that may occur on the servers of Minecraft Realms. They are a significant part of the game for the entire population of players. They are the bridge between the various realms of the game to access and enter with ease.

The game’s servers may undergo maintenance or downtime depending on whether the game is facing some sort of major issues or requires fine-tuning by the developers. Most of the time, you will be notified of the servers going under these procedures for a short time.

You can also simply follow the Offical Status Page of Mojang on Twitter as they update any sort of issues or ongoing server maintenance on the game via the dedicated game status account.

Update the Game to the Latest Version

Minecraft realms latest version
How to update Minecraft Realms to the latest version

The developers at Mojang, as well as the popular community of the game, constantly strive to provide every bit of attention and update to the game. These updates improve the overall ecosystem of the game.

Installing the latest version of Minecraft Realms is one of the few best ways to reduce the chances of any sort of error occurring, even the Internal server error. You can install these patches or the latest versions with ease.

In this era of online gaming, keeping your games up-to-date is pretty much consequential.

You can easily update to the latest version of the game via the main menu of the Minecraft Realms Launcher since the “Realms” are essentially just the multiplayer expansions on top of the base game.

You will only need to patch the base game, and after doing so, it will automatically update your Realms servers to the latest version.

The easiest way to play the latest version is by clicking the small arrow on the right side of the play button at the main menu of the launcher. It will then install or load the newest version for you to play.

Disabling Background Applications & Overlays

Background applications Minecraft
How to disable background overlay apps like Discord and Steam

While it may seem odd, applications running in the background can cause some minor interferences while you are in the Realms of Minecraft. These can either be the apps or even the overlays which auto-toggled by default.

These things can add a toll on your total RAM usage, which is a vital PC component so that your operating system can function smoothly. It is highly suggested that you immediately remove or toggle these apps off. Software like these will randomly generate huge RAM usage spikes on your system.

By all means, Minecraft Realms is not a powerhouse of a game to run on your PC. However, overlays such as Steam and Discord tend to create interruptions like an internal server error in Minecraft Realms.

We even suggest permanently turning off useless background apps such as Windows Game Bar and OBS.

Removing Incompatible Mods & Plugins

Main files Minecraft Realms
Location of the main directory folder of Minecraft

It is a well-known fact that modding the games can truly revitalize your experience in them. These are features solely developed by the fanbase of each game with intense appreciation and special properties.

The plugins, on the other hand, can enhance the quality of life aspects of games and improve their engine qualities too.

However, it is worth pointing out that on rare occasions, these mods and plugins can mess your game up. They are specifically the mods or plugins which are not mechanically optimized to run with the game.

Your main course of action should precisely check which mods are causing the issue. You can then safely uninstall them by going into the main options menu and then Resource Packs.

Here the packs will contain all the various mod packs or plugins you have downloaded, which can be instantly uninstalled.

Alternatively, you can try the following manual method by accessing the main game files:

  • Locate and open the main Minecraft folder directory by typing %appdata% in the Windows Command Box.
  • Open the folder titled “.minecraft”.
  • Find the “resource packs” folder and delete the packs you think are useless or causing problems.
  • Of course, If you have shaders for the game installed, you can remove them from the shader packs” folder.
  • Check back into Minecraft Realms if the internal server error has been resolved.

Deleting the “UUID” Files in Minecraft Folder

World files uuid minecraft
How to delete UUID files to reset your data in Minecraft Realms

The UUID is described as a Universally Unique Identifier. These files are essentially a set of codes that are individually assigned to players in your realm. They work similarly to online Gamertags for players.

Preferably, you should delete the UUID data of players who don’t play anymore from your save folders. It will ensure no remaining cache data gets left behind. If it does, it will cause errors like the internal server error.

Although we must warn you to carefully delete the files as they also contain your save data of the different worlds you might have created in the game. You can delete the files with the step-by-step guide:

  • Locate the main directory of the Minecraft game and head into the “.minecraft” folder.
  • Click on the saves folder and then the world folder to locate its overall data.
  • Now click on the Players folder to locate the UUID data.
  • You should delete them if there are there.
  • Head back into the game and the realm servers and in the world setting.
  • If you spot any UUID or usernames of the player, you can erase them from here too.
  • Now run the game as normal and check if the internal server error still exists in Minecraft Realms.

Enabling Firewall Network Permission to the Game

You can also try bypassing the game to gain access to the Windows Defender Firewall. It allows Minecraft Realms full access to your networks so let’s see how you can fix the internal server error through it:

Minecraft Realms error
How to open the Control panel Windows 10
  • First of all, open up the Windows Command function by typing the Windows+R key.
  • Search for the Control Panel in the box
Firewall defender Minecraft Realms
The Windows Defender Firewall menu option
  • While in the control panel, change the “View By” option in the top right to “small icons”.
  • The Windows defender firewall menu should now be easily visible. As shown in the above image.
  • On the next menu, click on the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall Defender” option.
  • Browse through the list of Allowed apps to see if Minecraft is checked here in both Private & Public options. If not, click Change Settings, and click “Allow another app…”. Proceed to locate the “.Exe” file of Minecraft in your folders and add it to the allowed apps list.
  • Make sure to double-check if you check-marked the options we told you about, after which you are to go and check if the server error continues to exist in the game.

Use a VPN Connection

The Internal Server error 500 isn’t just related to Minecraft Realms but more so to servers in general, so players are always on the hunt for how to fix the issue. So the servers are conjoined together by several different backend connections around the world. The realms and worlds of the game are accessed via these connections.

However, your network connection may have sometimes been programmed by the ISP to block certain server trafficking, thus causing all sorts of issues like the internal server problem. You can simply use a VPN connection to secure a route to the blocked data you need for the realms.

Most importantly, using a VPN will not only bypass the network blockage but also help you maintain a stable and healthy connection to the Minecraft servers. So players may encounter fewer errors and latency problems.

Setting up a custom VPN may be a headache task, and we recommend consulting your ISP about it. If you are looking for an easier alternative, we highly suggest using NordVPN since it is the top VPN in the market.

Improving your Internet Connection

If all else fails, we strongly advise you to improve your network connection for the game further. Minecraft Realms is an open-ended and server-based expansion to the entire experience of the franchise. It will consistently require a proper and stable bandwidth transmission to register data with its backend servers.

Without solid and steady internet access, you will be plagued with errors such as Internal server errors. You will certainly face other annoying issues, such as being unable to host or establish a secure connection to players.

We urge you to invest in an ethernet cable connection. It will help boost your bandwidth transmission a lot and also provide the optimal connection without any sort of network error or the game crashing without warning.


The main priority should be to use all the mentioned fixes, which involve directly tinkering with the game files. It is reported throughout the forums and Reddit threads about the issue reoccurring due to a weak internet connection or a glitch in the game files.

Updating the game as well as restarting may also help you out as temporary quick fixes. You should also recheck the game settings in case there is anything causing issues through it. Remain cautious of when the servers may go under downtime by being up-to-date with the status website.

Minecraft Realms is not a heavy load game in data but more so just involves the user to avoid any incompatible mods or assets to use as plugins. Of course, using a VPN may also reduce further chances of errors.

This concludes our Internal Server error fix guide in Minecraft Realms and the eight unique ways users can follow with ease on how to fix it so they can get back to playing with their friends.

If you have any further helpful ideas to add or questions related to these solutions, let us know down in the comments box!

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