Horizon Forbidden West: How To Get Regalla’s Wrath

Horizon Forbidden West Regalla's Wrath is a missable weapon due to a story mission choice. We have listed choices to get the weapon.

Horizon Forbidden West has a wide array of weapons. With many of them at your disposal, you can easily wreak havoc. From common to best weapons, like the Wings of the Ten, the variety is unreal. But today, we’ll be discussing a weapon in particular that can sometimes be easily missed. The weapon in question is Regalla’s Wrath. Therefore, let’s dive deep into Horizon Forbidden West Regalla’s Wrath.

Key Highlights
  • Regallas Wraith is one of the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West.
  • It is depended on the choice of whether to kill Regalla or to save her. If the player chooses to kill Regalla that’s when you have access to the weapon. 
  • The Weapon itself is great for long-range shots. It can be upgraded to have a better rate of fire. 

How To Get Regalla’s Wrath in Horizon Forbidden West 

Regalla’s Wrath is one of the best Horizon Forbidden West bows. The weapon, Regalla’s Wrath, is based on a decision that you get to make in the story. It is one of the few game choices that are present in Horizon Forbidden West. The choice is whether to kill Regalla or save her. Despite her acting as one of the game’s major villains, fans do feel quite emotional after learning the deeper intricacies of the story. To acquire Regalla’s Wrath bow, you will need to kill Regalla when given a choice. The choice is precisely why many players often miss the weapon.

In case you’re confused as to who Regalla is, without giving any spoilers, here’s what she’s about. She is one of the major antagonists in Horizon Forbidden West. As the ruler of the Tenakth rebels, she has an army of machines at her disposal. Regalla’s Wrath is her supposed signature weapon, making it appropriate for the player to get it after killing her.

Near the end of the game, you will encounter a mission named Wings of the Ten. The mission will consist of you getting an air-mount, Sunwing mount, and then eventually facing off with Regalla. Upon defeating her, you will be given three different options to dictate her fate. These options are as follows:

  • First option: Kill her
  • Brain option: Think about it first
  • Heart option: Save her

In reality, there are only two options, as the brain option makes you eventually pick one of the other two.

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Saving Regalla

The more heartful and popular choice among players is choosing to save Regalla. Once you do that, you will ask her to join you in the battle against the Zeniths. Your decision alarms Kotallo and others as they’re suspicious of Regalla’s intentions. However, Hekarro goes to vouch for Regalla by saying she’s always on to stay true to her word.

Regalla takes up your offer and aids you in the attack against the Zeniths. She says that attacking the Zeniths would be a more satisfying warrior’s death than being put out of her misery in the Arena. She keeps her end of the bargain by assisting us in the final mission, Singularity, dying in the final battle. Her death was by the hands of sentinels, and she certainly got the warrior’s death she longed for.

Choosing to save Regalla does award the player with a new outfit. But that’s pretty much it.

Killing Regalla (and eventually getting Regalla’s Wrath)

If for some reason, you’re heartless or just trying to collect the Horizon Forbidden West Regalla’s Wrath, you can choose to kill Regalla. It ends her story right there and then, with Kotallo piercing her with his spear. She dies mid-sentence, not giving you a chance even to react. Clearly, this means that she won’t be there to aid you in the final battle now. And you could assume that perhaps the sacrifice she made in her battle would be our problem now. But actually, the Sentinels she was facing don’t even appear in the ending without her.

But you do get rewarded with her bow, Regalla’s Wrath. If you look at the bigger picture, the most beneficial choice in the game is actually to let her die even though cold-blooded murder feels quite unlike something that Aloy would do.

So, in short, the difference between the choices is whether she accompanies us in the final battle or not. Considering her absence creates no effect in the final mission, the choice does feel useless from a tactical standpoint. But from a good emotional story standpoint, saving her is a pleasant option.

Regalla’s Wrath Weapon Stats

Horizon Forbidden West Regalla's wrath
Regalla’s Wrath in-game stats

The weapon is great, especially for long-range shots. It is almost a sniper-like weapon, with one-shotting smaller machines. The weapon, like many others, is upgradeable and allows you to inflict significant damage.

Rarity Type

  • Very Rare (Purple)

Item Description

  • Regalla’s prized possession because the bow lands bonus damage to its targets if they are 30m or more away from Aloy. You can upgrade Regalla’s Wrath to improve its rate of fire.

Ammo Types

  • Impact Damage: 150 (Ranged Damage)
  • Tear Damage: 124 (Required to tear off components and armor)

Weapon Perks

  • +15% Long-Range Damage
  • +25% Overdraw Damage
  • +10% Reload Speed

Weapon Coil Slots

  • Three slots, 2 to be unlocked
  • The bow can still be upgraded as the item description says itself.

Overall, that’s most of what there is to say about the bow. It certainly comes with a moral choice, but it may just well be worth the choice. That is pretty much all that you should know about Horizon Forbidden West Regalla’s wrath. Did you get the weapon in your first attempt? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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