Horizon Forbidden West: How to Fast Travel – All Methods

There is more than one way you can fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West. We have listed all methods so read our guide and find out.

Fast travel is one of those game mechanics which are a must-have for modern games. Horizon Forbidden West’s map is 5 miles long. Meaning it can take quite some time to get from one end to the other.

To put that into retrospect, it takes 30 minutes on a land mount and 12 minutes on a flying mount. Thankfully, Horizon Forbidden West’s fast travel is well thought-out and makes moving around much easier. This is especially useful when trying to collect items for secret weapons like Regalla’s Wrath or the Wings of the Ten.

Let’s dive into Horizon Forbidden West’s fast travel mechanics without further ado!

Key Takeaways
  • Horizon Forbidden West has a Fast Travel System, a cool way to fast travel using “Campfires” spread all over the game map.
  • You can fast travel in two ways: easily between campfires or using resources to use Fast Travel Packs.
  • You’ll get the fast travel ability early in the game by playing the story, starting with the mission “To the Brink.”
  • When you’re close (within 20 meters) to an unlocked campfire, you can use it for fast travel. A white icon shows you’ve unlocked it.
  • You can also use Fast Travel Packs to go from anywhere to a campfire. These packs help even during fights.
  • You can buy Fast Travel Packs for 25 metal shards or craft them using 3 Wild Meat and 10 Ridge Wood.
  • You can have up to 50 Fast Travel Packs at once.
  • There’s a spot called The Base that lets you fast-travel without using Fast Travel Packs. It’s like a hub for quick travel.

Horizon Forbidden Dawn Fast Travel

In a similar fashion to the sequel, fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West is done with the aid of “Campfires”. These campfires are spread throughout the map, and you can travel from one to the other free of cost. However, there is also a method of traveling that requires resources, fast travel packs but can be done from anywhere.

How to Unlock Fast Travel

Fast Travel is unlocked early on in the game by simply progressing through the story. Within the game’s opening sequences, specifically in the mission “To the Brink”, players will encounter their first campfire.

After the opening credits, Aloy will get escorted down a cable car by Karhn. During this venture, Aloy will get two Fast Travel Packs and can interact with a campfire, setting her up for the Fast Travel mechanics. The campfires also allow players to manually save the game, making it useful for risky adventures.

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Horizon Forbidden West First Campfire
Horizon Forbidden West – First Campfire of the Game

How to Fast Travel for free

As mentioned, there are two methods of traveling, free and resource exhausting. The free method allows you to travel from one campfire to another. However, the limitation is that the travel can only be initiated at a campfire, not from anywhere on the map.

Additionally, you can only travel to the campfires (or settlements that have campfires), which you have already visited before. Although it seems inconvenient at first, it’s quite a clever feature that makes players explore the map at least once.  

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To make a campfire available for Fast Travel, you have to be within 20m of it. This will distinguish the unlocked campfire from the locked by making the icon white instead of grey. Once unlocked, you can approach it and hold down the circle button to bring up the Fast Travel menu. Then choose a campfire near your desired location, and you’re good to go.  

Campfires in shelters also have another use, changing the time of the day. You get to pick between the four options:

  • Morning (4 Hours)
  • Afternoon (9 Hours)
  • Evening (15 Hours)
  • Night (19 Hours)

Though do keep in mind this feature comes a little later in the game and not as immediately as Fast Travel.

How to Fast Travel with Fast Travel Packs

Fast traveling only from a campfire can be restricting, especially if you’re in a pickle and there’s no campfire nearby. In that case, you can utilize items known as Fast Travel Packs to go from anywhere on the map to a specified campfire.

Returning players may remember that in the first game, there was the Golden Fast Travel Pack. This item essentially allowed unlimited Fast Travel from any location without the need for more resources. With relatively cheap materials, the item was not hard to craft and made travel a whole lot easier. But it appears that the item is not available in Horizon Forbidden West, and instead, we’re left with just regular Fast Travel Packs.

Upon each travel, a Fast Travel Pack gets utilized, but often it is worth the price. Unlike campfires, Fast Travel Packs allow you to travel even in the midst of battle, making them handy for an escape. Do note this does not apply to when you’re falling or in a story sequence.

To use Fast Travel Packs, simply open your map and hover over a campfire of choice. Once you press R2, you will be asked if you want to use up a Fast Travel Pack to warp to the location. You can either confirm or change your mind.

Travel Packs to save time
Horizon Forbidden West – Using the Fast Travel Pack

The Fast Travel Packs also allow you to travel to other discovered locations such as Ruins, Tallnecks, and Melee Pits.

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How to acquire Fast Travel Packs

You will most likely want to keep some Fast Travel Packs on you for emergency purposes. To acquire them, you can either craft or purchase them.

Merchants in the wild and in settlements sell these Fast Travel Packs for 25 metal shards. Although at a low price, shards also have a more important use case in upgrading weapons and buying the best armors. So, your next best bet is to craft them yourself.

Fast Travel Pack From Merchant
Horizon Forbidden West – Fast Travel Pack From Merchant

Crafting a Fast Travel Pack simply costs 3 Wild Meat and 10 Ridge Wood. With both the resources being vastly available throughout the map, crafting seems like the better option. Wild Meat can be harvested from boars, whereas Ridge Wood is literally everywhere. Ridge Wood is the same item used for crafting arrows for regular or best bows and looks like small dead trees.

Fast Travel Pack Crafting
Horizon Forbidden West – Crafting the Fast Travel Pack

Regardless of whether you buy the item or craft it, you can hold up to 50 Fast Travel Packs. If you’re not in the middle of a treasure hunt, 50 is an ample amount for regular playthroughs.

Useful Fast Travelling tips

  • In your hunt for Campfires to travel to, you will encounter Settlements and Shelters. Make sure to scout around as you can find rare and valuable items throughout these places.
  • An early game location, The Base, allows you to Fast Travel to it from anywhere. The upside to this is that it does not require a Fast Travel Pack, making it a hub for further Travel points. Simply Fast Travel to the Base and then Fast Travel to any other desired campfire location.
  • Using a Fast Travel Pack in sticky situations in the wilderness is a great way to save your life. One practical use is if you’re about to drown underwater, use the Fast Travel Pack to get to safety. Combining this with the Fast Travel to The Base, you’ll never feel endangered! Of course, you can also just avoid drowning by getting the diving mask.


With that, we wrap up all there is to know about Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel. Make sure to utilize the campfires as much as you can to zip around the map freely. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

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