Horizon Forbidden West: How To Get Diving Mask

Horizon Forbidden West features stunning visuals and allows the player to experience the amazing vast open world. The game has a much larger map than its prequel, and like its predecessor, you can explore mountains, deserts, forests. However, the sequel takes exploration up a notch by adding underwater exploration, which is packed with tons of unseen and unexpected encounters, items, and much more. To explore the underwater world, You would need a diving mask because Aloy can’t hold her breath for a long time which is a bummer when it comes to underwater exploration. That is why we have curated how to get the diving mask in Horizon Forbidden West so that you can visit the beautiful vistas that await you underwater.

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Diving mask in Horizon Forbidden West

Why get the diving mask
Exploring the underworld

At the start of the game, you would only be able to dive for a limited time underwater. This would limit your exploring potential in the game severely. The exploration itself might also seem tedious leaving the player unsatisfied. You will be unable to complete the “The sea of the sands” quest without getting the diving mask.

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Once you get the diving mask, you can explore the underwater world without any strings attached. You will be able to explore it efficiently with no time limits. You can explore various seas, lakes, and rivers, further enjoying the experience of the vast underwater world that Horizon Forbidden West has to offer.

Getting Diving Mask in Horizon Forbidden West

How to get the diving mask in horizon forbidden west
Diving Mask story quest

To get the Diving Mask, you must first start the story quest “The sea of the sands.” This quest requires you to find Poseidon. To get to Poseidon, you must dive down underground. Without the diving mask, you will drown if you attempt to dive to reach Poseidon. The diving mask would allow you to breathe underwater without running out of oxygen, so you must craft it before diving underground. Also, from the aesthetic standpoint, the face mask looks cool, and you can also use face paints to give your Aloy a new look.  

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how to craft the diving mask horizon forbidden west
Crafting table

To craft it, Go to your crafting table and select special gear. You will then be shown the materials required to craft the diving mask. First, you must gather all the materials before you craft them. You would need to find a compressed air capsule, a machine kneecap, and a synthetic membrane. A player would be required to make special efforts to gather all these materials as they are special and can only be found during the quest. You would be required to go hunting and killing some machines to gather all of them. Once you have collected materials, You will have everything you need to get the diving mask in Horizon Forbidden West.

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Gathering Materials

Gathering materials is a part of the quest “The sea of the sands.” Once, you get prompted to gather materials. The locations of those materials will be marked on the map. So, all you must do is collect those materials to craft your diving mask for easy swimming.

Synthetic Membrane

For the synthetic membrane, you would be required to hunt down a Bellowback. Their location would be marked on your map with the quest marker, and they will be found near the desert ruins area. You can use Aloy’s focus to track the monster because you can easily see purple footprints via focus. Once you see a Bellowback, you must decimate it and salvage the synthetic membrane part. Other dangerous machines are roaming nearby. You might want to steer clear or kill them so they won’t hinder your task.

Materials for diving mask In horizon forbidden west
Defeating the Bellowback

Machine Kneecap

To get the kneecap, you would be required to track and kill a Leapslasher. You can track it with the help of Aloy’s focus and following the footprints. Killing them can be challenging, so make sure you are well-prepared before facing this machine. You might want to use frost bombs to kill it. Once you have destroyed the Leapslasher, salvage it to gather the kneecap. You are now close to getting your diving mask.

Kneecap diving mask
Defeating Leapslasher

Compressed Air Capsule

Now all that is left is getting the compressed air capsule. You are not required to hunt to get this material, and it can be found easily. Follow the quest marker and dive down into the flooded elevator shaft. Keep swimming down until you see it. Once you find it, You can collect the last material required to craft the diving mask. Return to the crafting table to craft it and enjoy the vast underwater world Horizon Forbidden West has to offer. Happy swimming!

Air capsule Diving mask horizon forbidden west
Compressed air capsule location


We have thoroughly explained the step-by-step procedure to get the diving mask in Horizon Forbidden West. The diving mask will allow you to explore the stunning underwater world the game has to offer. Without the diving mask, your oxygen while underwater will run out very soon, so crafting the mask must be done. The mask will provide you with an unlimited oxygen supply, allowing you to explore easily. To get it, you must complete the “The sea of the sands” quest by gathering all the materials and using your crafting table to have the diving mask in your inventory.

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