FF7 Rebirth: How To Use Chocobo Scent [Quick Guide]

Learn how to utilize your Chocobo's abilities to sniff out hidden treasures!

While you are exploring the world on your Chocobo, you might have noticed a peculiar question mark pop up on the screen. This blue question mark indicates that there is some hidden treasure nearby. You can excavate this treasure with the help of your trusty Chocobo in FF7 Rebirth using their scent-sniffing abilities. Doing so is incredibly easy, and I will guide you through every step.

Key Takeaways
  • FF7 Rebirth features a plethora of hidden treasures that you can obtain with the help of your Chocobo’s Scent. 
  • Press and hold the up on the d-pad to sniff out the trail for the buried treasure whenever you see a question mark on your screen while riding a Chocobo. 
  • Follow the visual trail that proceeds; it will lead you to the treasure. 
  • Once you have reached the spot, press down on the d-pad to excavate the treasure. 

Be sure to check out eXputer’s video on learning more about the Chocobo Scent:

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How To Sniff Out Treasure Using The Chocobo Scent

Ff7 rebirth Chocobo scent
The Chocobo can sense some hidden treasure buried close by. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Here are all the steps that you need to follow to uncover the valuable loot:

  1. Exploration: Mount your Chocobo and start exploring the world since you can only find buried items with their help.
  2. Question Mark: Whenever you see the question mark pop up while exploring, it indicates that you are close to a buried treasure. 
  3. On-Screen Alert: This will also be signaled with a notification on your screen, telling you that your Chocobo senses something nearby.
    Ff7 rebirth Chocobo scent
    Follow the trail while riding your Chocobo. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  4. Find The Trail: Move your camera with the right analog stick and determine where the trail leads.
  5. Follow The Trail: Once you have located the correct path to the buried treasure by sniffing out its scent, you will see a trail leading you to the treasure; make sure you follow it exactly where it leads.
  6. Reposition: In case some landmarks or assets cut off the trail, reposition it with your Chocobo and find the trail again using the steps that I have listed above. 
    Ff7 rebirth Chocobo scent
    The Chocobo has located the spot where the treasure is buried. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  7. Indicator For The Treasure: You will know when you have reached the buried treasure as it will be indicated by a blue glowing effect.
  8. Digging Up The Treasure: Position your Chocobo directly on top of this spot and press down on the d-pad to excavate your loot. 

Another indication as to where the treasure is usually buried is by the nearby rabbits! More often than not, the treasure is buried near a colony of rabbits. You will learn to spot them as you excavate more hidden treasures. The items you dig up will range from Play Arts Figures to equipment upgrade items. Plenty of side quests will have you running around on your Chocobo digging up these buried items 

This concludes my guide on FF7 Rebirth Chocobo Scent. I hope it helps you acquire a lot of upgrade materials and collectibles to get all the trophies. Before you move on, I highly recommend checking out one of the biggest JRPG fans and my favorite streamer, Usama Mehmood’s detailed guide on getting the Beast Bone in FF7 Rebirth.

If you are having fun playing the game, consider checking out our FF7 Rebirth review by Hamid Shah.  

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