FF7 Rebirth: How To Change Party Members & Leader

Here is how you change your party members and your party leader in FF7 Rebirth with complete and utter ease!

In the newest addition to the FF franchise, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has a system of setting up a party for combat. Now, you may roam around the world of FF7 Rebirth as a group of five, but only three of them can actually fight during a battle. I have seen that there is confusion among players about how to change party members in FF7 Rebirth, which I have the answer to!

Key Takeaways
  • FF7 Rebirth gives you the option to change party members at any time.
  • In order to change your party members, you must select Combat settings from the Main Menu.
  • You can appoint your party leader from the same place by 
  • Three party structure options are available to change your party structure completely.
  • Changing party members becomes important when you want a combination and synergy to defeat an enemy. 

If you’d like a video explanation on changing party members, we also have a YouTube video to help you out:

YouTube video

How Do You Change Party Members?

Party Change Instruction In FF7
The First Party Change Instruction That People Ignore – (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

You can change party members by going to the combat settings in the main menu.

  1. Leaving Kalm: At the end of Chapter 2, you will leave the town of Kalm and be given instructions about changing your party members.
  2. The Confusion: Most players like myself ignored the instruction and later on searched for the option by going through the Main Menu or roaming in the “Party” section.
    Combat Settings In Main Menu FF7 Rebirth
    Combat Settings In The Main Menu – (Image Captured by Us
  3. Combat Settings: To change party members, you must select the “Combat Settings” in the Main Menu.
  4. Editing Party: To change your party members, you must simply hit Square to edit the party. 
  5. Party Members: From there, you can just simply choose three characters for the frontline and the rest as the backline.
  6. Selecting Characters: Just click on and replace or add the character that fits the playstyle you want your party to go.
  7. Mid-Battle Change: You can change your party at any time, even during battle, by pausing the game and going to the Combat Settings.
  8. Three Presets: You can set up three different types of party structures to change to during battle.
  9. Party Leader: The party leader is the character you will control at the start of battle by default, that is, Cloud.
  10. Change Party Leader: You can appoint the Leader a different character by pressing Triangle, like Aerith or Barret, and as soon as a fight starts to begin, you will get to control of that character initially.

Importance Of Changing Party Members

Selecting Leader In FF7 Rebirth
Selecting The Leader In The Combat Settings – (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Strategic Flexibility: Changing party members allowed me to adapt to different combat scenarios, taking advantage of each character’s unique abilities.
  • Character Roles: By rotating party members, players can ensure they have the right combination of skills to overcome different challenges.
  • Optimizing Synergy: Certain combinations of party members have synergistic abilities that can deal more damage or provide better support in battles.
  • Resource Management: Switching party members also enables players to manage resources such as MP and HP more efficiently.
  • Tactical Advantage: Changing party members can provide a tactical advantage by exploiting enemy weaknesses or countering their strengths.

This is how you change your party members and leader in FF7 Rebirth with complete ease. Check out our recently published review of FF7 by Syed Hamid Ali Shah. If you want to know the best builds for characters like Tifa and Yuffie, we have guides that will get you covered!


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