FF7 Rebirth: Location of Dried Driftwood [All Parts]

Here are the locations of all Dried Driftwood pieces required to build Gabe's Ranch.

After interacting with Gabe and getting a rundown of his situation, you’ll be tasked with repairing his carriage with the help of a mountain dweller, Wainwright. After taming Belle and meeting with Wainwright, you’ll be tasked with finding the Dried Driftwood pieces, which are scattered around Gabe’s ranch in FF7 Rebirth and finding their exact locations is what I’ll be helping you with.

Key Takeaways
  • Locating Dried Driftwood Pieces is necessary for building Gabe’s carriage in FF7 Rebirth. 
  • The carriage aids in traveling between regions.
  • The pieces can be found in the nearby hill, abandoned house, and power station.
Important: You’ll have to ride on Belle at all times to retrieve the pieces of Dried Driftwood.

First Piece

FF7 Rebirth Dried Driftwood
Location of Dried Driftwood first piece
  1. Fast Travel to the Activation Tower near Gabe’s Ranch.
  2. From there, follow the path shown in the image above until you reach a descending path near a giant rock. 
  3. Now, use Chobo’s scent to pick up the first piece of Driftwood.
    FF7 Rebirth Chocobo
    Picking up the scent of Dried Driftwood near the hill

Second Piece

FF7 Rebirth Dried Driftwood
Location of Dried Driftwood second piece
  1. For the second Dried Driftwood piece in FF7 Rebirth, make your way to the abandoned broken houses/shacks on the main road.
  2. The second piece is between the first two houses, as visible in the image above. 
  3. Once near, pick up the scent, and you’ll find the second piece on top of a small rubble.

Third Piece

FF7 Rebirth Dried Driftwood
Location of Dried Driftwood third piece
  1. The third piece is located outside the nearby power station. 
  2. Once near, you’ll be engaged with a couple of flying enemies. 
  3. Take them down and use the Chcobo’s scent.
  4. Once it picks up the scent, follow the guided path and pick up the piece.


FF7 Rebirth Chocobo Carriage
Gabe’s Carriage fully repaired

After retrieving the parts, fast-travel to Wainwright and ask him to make the required parts. Once done, return to Gabe and give him the required materials to make the carriage wheel.

Important: Completing this quest unlocks the Chocobo Carriage, which is useful for traveling between different regions, such as Under Junon, Costa Del Sol, and Grasslands.

This concludes my guide on the location of Dried Driftwood Pieces in FF7 Rebirth. Personally, finding the third piece was the hardest as the location marked on paper was way too obscure, and there was very little indication of where the third part would be. Before you exit, I recommend reading my review of FF7 Rebirth.


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