FF7 Rebirth: Yuffie Build [Abilities, Playstyle, Gear & More]

After spending 75+ hours on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, here is my build recommendation for Yuffie Kisaragi.

Yuffie was my favorite character in FF7 Remake, and I am glad see her repertoire expanded even more in the Rebirth. In addition to her base kit, Yuffie can now use Doppelgangers and Synergy Skills in harmony with the rest of the team members, all of which I aim to discuss in my FF7 Rebirth build guide.

Key Takeaways
  • There are seven characters in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
  • Yuffie is a highly skilled combatant who holds mastery over both ranged and melee attacks.
  • Her main advantage is exploiting enemy weakness and dealing with airborne enemies.
  • Her main drawback is her incredibly high skill ceiling.

Best Yuffie Build In FF7 Rebirth

Below is my recommended Yuffie build for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth:

BEST ABILITIESDoppelganger, Elemental Ninjutsu, Banishment, Windstorm, Art of War, Brumal Form
BEST MATERIAElemental Materia, Lightning and Wind Materia, ATB Boost, Steadfast Block
Birds of Prey/Fuma Shuriken, Vavados Bracelet/Snailshell Bracelet, Chockoking's Cape/Speed Demon's Chain
BEST SYNERGY SKILLS AND ABILITIES Ninja Bazooka, Foxflame, Halcyon Descent, United Refocus

Best Abilities

FF7 Rebirth Yuffie Build
Yuffie’s abilities in her quick ATB slots [Image by eXputer]
Yuffie’s list of abilities has expanded and is now better than ever. However, to make the most out of her kit, you’ll have to max out each weapon’s proficiency to use all of her abilities.

Following is a list of abilities that I consider the best in Yuffie’s kit:

Doppelganger Bird of Prey Conjure a clone of yourself that temporarily mimics your action. It can be used while airborne. Everything that Yuffie does is mimicked by her shadow clone at no additional cost. Her damage is basically multiplied by x2, making this my favorite ability in FF7 Rebirth.
Elemental Ninjutsu 4 – Point Shuriken Set an element to enhance and use for ninjutsu attacks Ninjutsu is Yuffie’s most important build ability in the FF7 Rebirth, as it allows her to deal damage to any element at no additional MP. 
Banishment Crystalline Cross ATB spent on other commands increases the damage dealt. Affinity Changes with ninjutsu. It can be used while airborne. Banishment works similarly to how it worked in the Remake. To make the most out of Banishment, I recommend chaining it with the correct Ninjutsu and maxing it to level 3 to make the most of this ability.
Windstorm Twin Viper Create a gust of wind that damages nearby enemies and launches them towards. In order to deal the highest damage from Windstorm, throw your Shuriken at the enemy, activate Windstorm, and see the enemy’s health bar melt.
Art of War Default Ability Unleash a barrage of blows on the enemy. All subsequent attacks deal with increased damage and can be used while airborne. Art of War is Yuffie’s standard physical damage attack that remains viable till the endgame. The main reason is its upgrade to Supreme Ash of War after releasing it once, scaling its damage to new heights. 
Brumal Form Default Ability Momentarily vanish to evade attack. ATB increases on successful delivery. It can be used airborne  Brumal Form not only helps in dodging devastating attacks but fills up the ATB bar on successful dodge. I highly recommend setting it to the quick slot of abilities for precise timing.

Best Materia Setup

FF7 Rebirth Yuffie Build
I selected Lightning and Wind Materia to pair with Elemental Materia [Image by eXputer]
Yuffie is a character that specializes in both ranged and close-quarter combat. Topping it off with mastery over every element, Yuffie doesn’t have many weaknesses outside of her low health and defense. So, for her materia setup, try to prioritize abilities that enhance her defense and further enhance the damage to her current kit.

  • Elemental Materia: This materia grants the linked materia status effect to the user. I recommend pairing it with the following materia to make the most out of her
  • Lightning & Wind Materia: This materia is best used with Elemental materia to give her physical attacks an elemental buff.
  • ATB Boost: While Yuffie is an excellent fighter, she does have to rely on her abilities. So, having quick ATB charge-ups can help her end most battles in a mere minute.
  • Steadfast Block: A good alternative for Brumal Form, in case you can execute it on time. Grants ATB Boost on guarding, giving her the opportunity to counterattack.
  • Skill Master Materia: Yuffie’s combat style enables her to quickly fill ATB gauges and unleash devastating attacks and what better materia to equip her with than the one that boosts ATB gauges for consecutively using ATB abilities?
  • ATB Stagger: Her Windstorm ability, especially when executed on enemies that are weak to wind, deals a ton of stagger damage, and with this materia, you can quickly fill your ATB gauge.

Recommended Gear

FF7 Rebirth Yuffie Build
Yuffie’s armor and accessories [Image By eXputer]
Bird of Prey [Mid-Game]


Fuma Shuriken [End-Game]

  • +87 Attack
  • +71 Magic Attack
  • 5 Materia Slots (4 linked)


  • +77 Attack
  • +97 Magic Attack
  • 6 Materia Slots (6 linked)
Doppelganger:  Yuffie conjures a clone of herself that mimics every action she performs, including ATB attacks.


Purification: ATB spent on other commands increases the amount of HP and MP absorbed. It can be used while airborne.

Varvados Bracelet [End-Game]


 Snailshell Bracelet [Mid-Game]

  • +28 Defense
  • +59 Magic Defense
  • 5 Materia Slots (2 Linked)


  • +25 Defence
  • +53 Magic Defence
  • 4 Materia Slots (2 Linked)
Chockoking’s Cape


Speed Demon Keychain

Accessory N/A Fills one ATB Charge at the start of the battle. I highly recommend using it for Doppelganger.


Slightly replenishes the ATB gauge when using a weapon ability.


  • Why I Chose Birds of Prey and Fuma Shuriken: I recommend Birds of Prey for initial playthrough and Mid-Game content because of its decent physical and magic damage. While Fuma Shuriken is definitely the better weapon, regrettably, it is unlocked in the final act, making it a good weapon for hard mode or Platinum Run and, of course, the final battle only.

Synergy Skills & Abilities

FF7 Rebirth Yuffie Build
Yuffie Synergy skills and Abilities [Image by eXputer]
Synergy Skills was one of the greatest additions to the Remake, and it has been expanded even further in Rebirth. Synergy Skills can be executed by holding RT and Synergy Abilities from the command menu.

Following are the best Yuffie Synergy Skills and Abilities for her FF7 Rebirth build:

  • Ninja Bazooka: Ninja Bazooka allows Yuffie to counterstrike enemy attacks if executed at the right moment. I admit the timing can be a little tricky, but it’s incredibly rewarding.
  • Foxflame: Foxflame is great for launching and unleashing ranged-charged attacks, especially if you combine them with elemental ninjutsu. The charge time can put you at a disadvantage, but the damage is worth it.
  • Halcyon Descent: Her Synergy ability with Cloud is incredibly powerful and extends the foe’s staggered time while giving her the power boost. 
  • United Refocus: As I have iterated many times, Yuffie’s full potential is locked behind her continuous use of ATB abilities, so having three gauges instead of two can make a huge difference in crucial moments.

Yuffie’s Role And Playstyle In FF7 Rebirth

FF7 Rebirth Yuffie Build
Yuffie’s playstyle and role in FF7 Rebirth [Image by eXputer]
Best Ranged And Melee Character.

Yuffie is a skilled combatant who holds mastery over both ranged and melee attacks.

Her airborne prowess and command over Elemental Ninjutsu make her able to counter pretty much any type of foe. To make the most out of her, try to exploit enemy weaknesses first with your Elemental ninjutsu and Foxflame, and then follow in with a barrage of physical attacks along with your Doppelganger.

Yuffie is such a versatile character in FF7 Rebirth that you can use any playstyle with her and it would work, but I’d recommend utilizing both her melee and ranged abilities in harmony.

  • Mastery over both ranged and melee attacks
  • Command over all four elements.
  • Doppelganger summon for 2x damage.
  • Airborne melee attacks.
  • Insane damage potential.
  • Excellent Agility
  • Health is not high enough.
  • Tough to master.

My Opinion On Yuffie

Yuffie was easily my favorite character in the Remake, and the quality of life changes she brought to the gameplay was even implemented in Rebirth. So naturally, she is even more polished and makes the most out of her toolset with expanded ranged and melee tools. She is just incredibly fun to play, and mastering her abilities is just as rewarding as it is satisfying.

This concludes my guide on Yuffie Build in FF7 Rebirth. Before exiting, consider reading my Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth review to know how I felt about the game after 75+ hours of playtime.

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