FF7 Rebirth: The Best Accessories [My Picks]

After 40+ hours, these are the accessories that gave my characters the much needed buffs for their end-game builds.

There are many useful accessories in FF7 Rebirth, and the best ones are necessary to create strong builds for certain characters. There are accessories for offense, defense, magic, and other buffs. There is an accessory for almost every type of play style in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Key Takeaways
  • There are over 25 different accessories available to use in FF7 Rebirth.
  • Accessories play an important role in creating a strong build for your character.
  • There are different accessories for different situations, including offense, defense, and support.
  • Some accessories also break upon use, but most have infinite uses.
  • In my opinion, the Safety Bit and Gil Warrior’s Charm are the best accessories due to their extreme usefulness and immunity buffs.

My Picks For Best Accessories And What They Offer

Here is a list of all the best accessories and their functions in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth:

No.AccessoryBest ForFunction
1Safety BitThe Best Overall AccessoryProvides immunity against Instant Death and deadly status effect known as Stone and Petrify.
2Supernatural WristguardsThe Best Offensive AccessoryBuff the physical attack damage by boosting the strength stat by 10%
3Survival Vesthe Best Defensive AccessoryIncrease physical defense by buffing the vitality stat by 10%.
4Revival EarringsThe Best Breakable AccessoryBlesses characters with auto-life status effect which grants a free revival once per battle but breaks upon use.
5CircletThe Best Magic AccessoryIt not only increases the maximum MP by 10% but also buffs the magic attack damage by 5%.
6Gi Warrior's CharmThe Best Limit Break Buff AccessoryCause the limit gauge to fill at a faster rate which will allow players to use more Limit Break attacks in boss battles.
7Healing CarcanetThe Best Support AccessoryIncrease the amount of health healed not only by spells but also by items and abilities.

1. Safety Bit

The Best Overall Accessory.
item in game
The Safety Bit Accessory In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Image Captured by Us)

The Safety Bit is an extremely powerful accessory in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, granting immunity against multiple dangerous status effects. Firstly, it protects against Instant Death attacks, which can kill a character in a single hit. Secondly, it also provides immunity against Stone and Petrify status effects.

Petrify can basically make a character immobile, and they become unusable for the rest of the battle if the effect isn’t reversed. You can already understand how dangerous both the Instant Death attacks and the Petrify status effect are, which is why I always had my party leader equipped with the Safety Bit.

  • Why I Chose This: It allowed my characters to survive life-threatening attacks and status effects in battle in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

2. Supernatural Wristguards

The Best Offensive Accessory.
item in game
The Supernatural Wristguards Accessory In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Image Captured by eXputer)

This is the best accessory for offensive characters like Cloud, Tifa, or Red XIII, further boosting their physical attack damage. The Supernatural Wristguards will increase a character’s strength by 10%, which ultimately strongly affects the character’s damage output.

I found it more useful for offensive characters with a melee playstyle like Tifa. I was already dealing high stagger damage using her but this accessory allowed me to deal big health damage, as well.

  • Why I Chose This: I was able to increase the maximum damage output of my offensive characters and was dealing higher physical attack damage.

3. Survival Vest

The Best Defensive Accessory.
item in game
The Survival Vest Accessory In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The Survival Vest should be your first choice as an accessory for tank characters in your party, like Barret. It has an effect on the physical defense of the character and increases their vitality by 10%, which will allow the character to tank more attacks during battle.

I always had this accessory on my support characters, ensuring they survived longer during tough boss fights in the endgame. Furthermore, it also allowed the support characters to buff up party members until the end of boss battles.

Why I Chose This: It allowed me to increase the Tank Character Role’s survivability and support characters in my party by increasing their physical defense.

4. Revival Earrings

The Best Breakable Accessory.
best accessories ff7 rebirth
The Revival Earrings Accessory In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Now, this accessory can break upon use, but it does play a much-needed role in supporting your party in battle. It grants the auto-life status effect to its wearer, which translates to getting a free revive upon death. Once a party member goes down, you have to depend on the revival spells and items to bring them back, and it also uses an ATB charge.

However, if a character is wearing the Revival Earrings, they will automatically get revived if they die from an enemy attack. This can be especially helpful in boss fights where bosses have broken moves and can one-shot your party. I kept stacks of Revival Earrings and always used this accessory in tough boss battles.

Why I Chose This: My dead party members would automatically get a free revive, and it allowed me to endure tough boss fights, including the hard final boss.

5. Circlet

The Best Magic Accessory.
best accessories ff7 rebirth
The Circlet Accessory In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Image Captured by Us)

It is probably the best accessory for mage characters because it not only buffs up the total amount of MP but also increases the magic attack damage in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. I always keep this accessory equipped for characters I’ve set up with multiple spells to deal elemental damage. 

It really helps to increase the damage of magic spells since you need to depend on them to capitalize on a boss’s weakness most of the time. Additionally, the extra MP boost that you receive will allow you to use more spells before you run out of MP.

Why I Chose This: It allowed me to increase the damage of magic spells of my mage characters and even gave a reasonable boost to their MP.

6. Gi Warrior’s Charm

The Best Limit Break Buff Accessory.
best accessories ff7 rebirth
The Gi Warrior’s Charm Accessory In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Image Captured by eXputer)

Limit Breaks are the ultimate attacks of each character that deal massive damage and can only be utilized once per boss battle most of the time. The limit gauge fills slowly as the battle progresses, and once it’s filled, you can execute the Limit Break attack of a character.

The Gi Warrior’s Charm directly buffs the rate at which the limit gauge fills up in battle by 10%. This will allow you to use more Limit Break attacks, especially in multi-phase boss battles, which become common during the end game.

Why I Chose This: I could execute more Limit Break attacks in multi-phase boss fights because my limit gauge would fill up more quickly.

7. Healing Carcanet

The Best Support Accessory.
best accessories ff7 rebirth
The Healing Carcanet Accessory In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The creative use of healing and support is just as important as offense in the overall gameplay system of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. A party always consists of a character whose sole purpose is to heal their teammates using spells or items. That is where the Healing Carcanet accessory comes in, as it increases the health you receive from spells and items.

The support character can provide more health with his healing spells and items if they are equipped with the Healing Carcanet. In my experience, I used this accessory with Aerith or Barret, who can not only deal damage from range but also provide healing if equipped with the right Materia setup.

Why I Chose This: The support character in my party was healing back a lot of health in one spell cast, and I could tank more hits from enemies and bosses.

Alternative Options That I Considered

Here is a list of some accessories which are also strong but didn’t make it to my list due to some flaws:

  • Platinum Earrings: They provide a strong buff to magic attack power, but I didn’t include them in my list because they do not buff your MP like the Circlet.
  • White Cape: It protects your character from turning into a toad, but in my experience, there were not many instances where I got turned into a toad, which is why I didn’t depend on this accessory much.
  • Chocoking’s Cape: It fills an ATB charge at the start of a battle, but ATB can already be charged pretty quickly in FF7 Rebirth, and there are spells to increase the amount of ATB you gain.
  • Spell Materia Earrings: There are different earrings for different elements that allow spells of the said element, like fire, ice, or lightning, but the same effect can be achieved with Materia as well.

My Take On Best Accessories

In my opinion, the accessories play an important role in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which is why you shouldn’t overlook them. Almost all of the accessories in this game are useful, and you should be switching around accessories depending on the type of situation or boss battle you face. 

This concludes my guide on the best accessories in FF7 Rebirth. I have mentioned the seven best accessories and their functions in complete detail. I hope that the guide allowed you to strengthen your builds further. Let me know if you’re having fun playing through Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in the comments below!

You can also read Hamid Shah’s Review of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, who gave the game a high rating and praised it as a worthy successor to the Remake.


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