FF7 Rebirth: The 5 BEST Limit Breaks [My Picks]

After 40+ hours with the game, here are my recommended Limit Breaks to use in encounters and boss fights.

Limit Breaks in almost all Final Fantasy titles have been one of the most powerful attacks, which can easily tip the scales of battle in your favor. Knowing about the best FF7 Rebirth Limit Breaks can drastically give you an advantage, whether it’s a tough main story boss fight or a challenging Summon in the VR missions. Each of the six playable party members has their own Limit Breaks with a specific level to access them in battle.

Key Takeaways
  • Across all the Party members and other playable characters, there are 15+ Limit Breaks in FF7 Rebirth.
  • Limit Breaks don’t have any specific stats as they are mostly attack-based, provide stagger damage, or have unique support capabilities.
  • You’ll be at a disadvantage if you don’t use your Limit Breaks in difficult battles, as they can make short work of major encounters.
  • My personal favorite Limit Break is Planet Restoration, which nullifies physical damage, temporarily increasing survivability.

My Top Picks And Comparison

Below is a summary of my hand-picked Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth:

5Howling MoonRed XIIILevel 2Support
4Mega Magic BoxCait SithLevel 2Offense/Support
3Dolphin FlurryTifa LockhartLevel 2Offense
2Planet RestorationAerith GainsboroughLevel 2Support
1AscensionCloud StrifeLevel 2Offense
Important: To unlock further Limit Break levels in battle, such as Cloud’s Level 2 Ascension, you must achieve it by using specific Synergy Abilities that raise Limit Break levels.
Before You Start: My testings for these Limit Breaks are primarily done in Normal mode, and I strongly prefer the Level 2 Limit Break attacks instead of Level 3, as you’ll have to charge them with another Synergy Ability.

5. Howling Moon

ff7 rebirth best limit breaks
Howling Moon enhances Red XIII‘s Vengeance Mode. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
TYPE Support
DESCRIPTION Howl to the moon above, activating a longer-lasting Vengeance Mode.
  • Why I Chose This: It allowed me to sufficiently use Red XIII’s Vengeance mode stance to keep up his aggressive attacks on the target.

I’m starting my list off with Red XIII’s Howling Moon, which, if you ask me, I found helpful on a few occasions but nothing that would impress you in the long run. For me, Vengeance Mode on Red XIII is beneficial to ensure his survivability because not only does he gain HP back using the Siphon Fang attack in this mode, but it also enhances his normal arsenal of attacks to be more proficient, including his evasions from Circle button.

4. Mega Magic Box

ff7 rebirth best limit breaks
Mega Magic Box like Caith Sith, is a jack of Trades surprise. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
TYPE Offense/Support
DESCRIPTION Use the Moogle to lob an enormous box of tricks at an enemy and find out what’s inside.
  • Why I Chose This: No notable specialty, but considering his playstyle, one particular Mega Magic Box spammed an AOE-type blast of plushy toys, which made me adore these (possibly) RNG-based attacks a lot.

Cait Sith is easily one of the most unique characters to play and control in FF7 Rebirth. As someone who got to the end of the story, while he can be a technical party member to control, his Limit Break is perhaps the only one that always surprises you.

Mega Magic Box has quite the same name and description as both the Level 1 and 3 variants, where the Box will spur anything out of it to aid you in battle, from staggering the enemy to applying critical damage.

3. Dolphin Flurry

ff7 rebirth best limit breaks
Dolphin Flurry increases Stagger damage and has my favorite animations. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
CHARACTER Tifa Lockhart
TYPE Offense
DESCRIPTION Unleash an unrelenting stream of acrobatic attacks. Significantly increases stagger.
  • Why I Chose This: Considering how a lot of Tifa’s potential comes from her Unbridled Strength and other ATB commands, activating a Limit Break Level Synergy Ability for Dolphin is easily worth it for the Stagger damage.

For fans of Tifa like me, I consider the Dolphin Flurry one of her signature moves; animation-wise, it is one of my favorite Limit Breaks ever since the Remake in 2019. You shouldn’t have much trouble activating this Level 2 Limit Break, mostly because Tifa uses her ATB commands a lot on the deeper spectrum to achieve the optimal playstyle against tough adversaries.

2. Planet Restoration

best limit breaks ff7 rebirth
Planet Restoration might be second on the list, but it is my favorite Limit Break in the game. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
CHARACTER Aerith Gainsborough
TYPE Support
DESCRIPTION Entreat the planet’s favor to nullify physical damage dealt to all party members. Can only be used once per battle.
  • Why I Chose This: Considering how a lot of Tifa’s potential comes from her Unbridled Strength and other ATB commands, activating a Limit Break Level Synergy Ability for Dolphin is easily worth it for the Stagger damage.

As I also stated in my Character Guide for Aerith, she is easily the best character when it comes to providing healing and other useful support utility to the party during battle. Regarding Planet Restoration, it is easily the best in terms of overall Limit Break usefulness. In my recommendation, it is most potent when you need to survive in the heat of battle, making Aerith a valuable character to have in the endgame boss fights.

1. Ascension

best limit breaks ff7 rebirth
Cloud’s Ascension rips through the target and is my main recommended Limit Break at Level 2. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
CHARACTER Cloud Strife
TYPE Offense
DESCRIPTION Focus on a single enemy and deliver several powerful strikes. Significantly increases stagger.
  • Why I Chose This: Cloud is the main character for DPS, so it makes sense to charge a Level 2 Limit Break on him in advance, as Ascension can destroy a target while also staggering it.

Ascension basically does what other Limit Breaks do of the same level with a similar description, but the reason why I ranked it at the top is solely because of how iconic it is and how you’ll be playing as Cloud for most of the portion in FF7 Rebirth. Almost 70% of the time, I saw myself using Cloud’s Ascension to close the remaining gap between finishing off a tough boss fight or staggering them instead to close the victory.

Honorable Mentions

Below, I’ve mentioned a couple of other stand-out Limit Breaks in FF7 Rebirth that did not make the final list:

  • Octoslash: Temporarily playing as Sephiroth with Cloud in the starting chapters is a memorable time in FF7 Rebirth. Using Sephiroth’s signature Octoslash as the Limit Break makes the experience even sweeter.
  • Catastrophe: Like Tifa, Barret is another Party member I kept using for various encounters, so it made sense to use his Catastrophe Limit Break whenever possible after Synergy abilities with him or Tifa.

My Take On The Best Limit Break

In my opinion, I would highly suggest using Aerith’s Planet Restoration Limit Break whenever possible, especially for the challenging fights later in the main story. Being able to nullify physical damage makes completing a few particular boss fights a breeze, to the point where even having Aerith in my party for those fights made me thankful I didn’t have to restart the encounter.

This concludes my guide to the FF7 Rebirth Best Limit Breaks. If you enjoyed reading this, then be sure to check out my friend Hamid Shah’s Review of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for his full thoughts and analysis. If you’re just starting out, make sure to read Haris Umar’s guide on the Feed Locations for Piko the Chocobo.

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Man I love Cloud\'s Ascencion. Such a stellar Limit Break.

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