FF7 Rebirth: Best Cait Sith Build [Playstyle, Materia, & More]

After spending over 75 hours in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, here is how I would recommend building Cait Sith.

Unlocked late into the game, Cait Sith is what I would call a “Wild Card” character. He is the second new addition to the roster alongside Red XIII. He has the most unorthodox playstyle out of all the characters, as so much of his abilities rely on luck and gambling. Nevertheless, Cait Sith is an incredibly fun character who can be played as both a mage and an attacker simultaneously, with the right build in FF7 Rebirth.

Key Takeaways
  • There are seven characters in FF7 Rebirth.
  • Cait Sith can randomly bestow various spells in any given encounter while also being able to summon a fourth-party member for great damage and stagger.
  • His main advantage is buffing party members and dealing high stagger via his Moogle.
  • His main disadvantage is his lack of defensive options and low health.

Best Cait Sith Build In FF7 Rebirth

Below is a summary of my Cait Sith build in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth:

BEST ABILITIESLet's Ride, Moogle Knuckle, Roll o' Dice, Moogle Kaboom. Lucky Slots, Moogle Mine
BEST MATERIASteadfast blocking Materia, Auto Unique Ability Materia, Time, HP + Luck Up, ATB Boost
BEST GEARResounding Megaphone/Golden Megaphone, Cetran Bracer, Road Warrior Bangle, Chockoking's Cape, Speed Demon Keychain
BEST SYNERGY SKILLS AND ABILITIES Soldier Moogle Class, Bodyguard, United Refocus, Magic Megaphone

Best Abilities

FF7 Rebirth best Cait Sith build
My equipped ATB commands for Cait Sith [Image By eXputer]
Cait Sith is equipped with both wild card and high damaging abilities, both of which require the use of Moogle. So before using any of his abilities, summon his moogle, then use his damaging or buffing abilities according to the situation.

Following are some of my favorite abilities in Cait Sith’s kit:

Let’s Ride Default Call your moogle over and hop aboard, enabling jump attacks and fully healing your Moogle. Circle (O) to Dismount. Let’s Ride is a mandatory ability to use all of Cait Sith’s equipment, and this should be your first priority as soon as the battle begins. Additionally, the summoned Moogle has insanely good damage.
Moogle Knuckle Golden Phone Use the Moogle to deliver a fistful of pain. Increased stagger damage bonus. Moogle Knuckle is Cait Sith’s single target nuking ability, dealing both high stagger and damage—a personal favorite.
Roll o’ the Dice Yellow Megaphone Roll a die. Resulting effect varies depending on the number that appears. There were many situations where this ability helped me turn the tide in my favor due to its gambling nature. Results varying from heals and elementals to shields and other debuffs are all there.
Moogle Kaboom Red Megaphone Turn your moogle into a ticking time bomb that explodes when it leaves combat. Moogle Kaboom is great for sending out your Moogle with a bang. The summoned Moogle has high damage but low health in addition to a timer, making this ability highly useful.
Lucky Slots Folio Press Square/Circle to align reels. The ability’s effect changes according to the result. Costs 2 ATB. Lucky Slots is a very late-game luck-based ability that bestows a buff depending on a reel pattern, and trust me, properly aligning all three reels is 100% worth it. It should be used without aggroing the enemy.
Moogle Mine Resounding Megaphone Use the Moogle to scatter landmines that explode upon enemy contact. Moderately increases stagger. Moogle Mine is best used in normal enemy encounters due to its AoE nature. The mines getting planted on the ground instead of exploding immediately is also a plus.

Best Materia

FF7 Rebirth best Cait Sith build
My materia recommendation for Cait Sith [Image By eXputer]
Cait Sith’s random effects almost cover his command over elementals, leaving materia slots open to cover for his weaknesses, such as health, defense, and ATB generation. His main abilities cover all the buffing, so I recommend ironing out the weak parts of his build with these materia slots in FF7 Rebirth:

  • Steadfast Blocking Materia: Atop Moogle, the only option to withstand an attack is via guarding, making it an essential mechanic for Cait Sith. With Steadfast Blocking, you’ll be able to recharge your ATB while blocking.
  • Auto Unique Ability Materia: Cait’s unique ability changes once its Dropkick gauge is filled, granting decent buffs to party members. In my opinion, this materia is best used on Cait Sith because of this advantage.
  • Time: Time is one of the best materia in FF7 Rebirth, and I specifically recommend using the Haste spell to speed up the ATB charging process for Cait Sith.
  • HP UP + Luck UP: To cover up his low health and take advantage of his luck dependability, I highly recommend equipping Cait Sith with both of these materials.
  • ATB Boost: Speeds Up the ATB charging process, leaving more room for abilities like Roll o’ Dice and Lucky Slots.

Recommended Gear

FF7 Rebirth best Cait Sith build
My gear recommendation for Cait Sith [Image By eXputer]
Resounding Megaphone [End Game]


Golden Megaphone [Mid Game]

  • +101 Attack
  • +86 Magic Attack
  • 4 Materia Slots (2 linked)


  • +60 Attack
  • +86 Magic Attack
  • 6 Materia Slots 
Moogle Mine: Scatter landmines that explode upon contact.


Moogle Knuckle: Deliver a devastating punch using the Moogle.

Cetran Bracer [End-Game]


 Road Warrior [Mid-Game]

  • +42 Defense
  • +42 Magic Defense
  • 8 Materia Slots (4 Linked)


  • +53 Defence
  • +25 Magic Defence
  • 4 Materia Slots (2 Linked)
Chockoking’s Cape


Speed Demon Keychain

Accessory N/A  

Fills one ATB Charge at the start of the battle. I highly recommend using it for Doppelganger.


Slightly replenishes the ATB gauge when using a weapon ability.



  • Why I Chose Resounding and Golden Megaphone: Cait Sith’s strength lies in both attack and magic and depending on the user, he can be both built like a mage or an offensive character. If you want to utilize his high-damaging attacks, I recommend using the Resounding Megaphone; however, if it’s his buffs and magic you are after, Golden Megaphone is your best bet.

Synergy Skills & Abilities

FF7 Rebirth best Cait Sith build
Solider Moogle Class Synergy Ability in FF7 Rebirth [Image by eXputer]
While Cait’s Synergy Abilities are good, his synergy skills could use a little improvement. Nevertheless, out of his 3 Synergy Skills and 6 Synergy Abilities, there are my recommendations:

  • Soldier Moogle Class: As Cloud is a permanent party member for most of the game’s runtime, I highly recommend prioritizing this ability for its Limit Level increase effect, leading to higher damage potential.
  • United Refocus: To make the most out of his Luck-based abilities, I recommend using United Refocus for 3 ATB bars. It can be used with both Tifa and Yuffie.
  • Magic Megaphone: Magic Megaphone is great for sending party members for a direct hit, leaving Cait on the sidelines, and avoiding any direct damage as compared to All-Out Assault.
  • Bodyguard: To cover up for his low health and defense, Bodyguard is an incredibly useful ability.

Cait Sith’s Role And Playstyle In FF7 Rebirth

FF7 Rebirth best Cait Sith build
Cait Sith’s role and playstyle [Image By eXputer]
Best Character for Random Buffs and Effects.

Cait Sith, “The Fortune Teller,” has the ability to utilize all kinds of spells and buffs in addition to summoning a fourth party member, “Moogle,” who can deal incredible damage.

To best utilize Cait Sith, I recommend summoning his Moogle first, followed by a Moogle Kaboom and ATB Boost or Haste. Afterwards, keeps utilizing his luck-based attacks for various effects while building up his Dropkick gauge for additional effects. When the opportunity arises, use his Moogle Knuckle for high stagger and damage.

  • Luck-based attacks can grant various buffs, enemy debuffs, and protections.
  • Moogle has high damage potential.
  • Good Stagger buildup.
  • Ranged Megaphone attacks.
  • Moogle can be utilized as a fourth member.
  • Low Health.
  • Hard to master.
  • Needs better synergy attacks that complement his playstyle.
  • Moogle lacks a dodge option.

My Take On Cait Sith

Using Cait Sith for the first time, I was pretty overwhelmed by his kit. All the information about his dice and utilizing Moogle puzzled me at the start. However, by getting the hang of his kit and learning how to use his attacks and luck abilities in harmony, Cait Sith proved to be an incredibly rewarding character who is as fun as he is complex.

This concludes my guide on the best Cait Sith build in FF7 Rebirth. While you are at it, I highly recommend reading our build guides on Aerith and Barret in FF7 Rebirth, written by our trusted writers. Lastly, consider reading my review on FF7 Rebirth and how I felt about it in my 75+ hours of playtime.


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