How To Beat Titan In FF7 Rebirth [Step By Step]

The following is a strategy guide to help you beat the Titan Summon boss fight with my personal experience.

Titan is one of the many Summon boss fights you encounter in FF7 Rebirth, and learning how to beat it early on in the game can be a hassle if you’re unfamiliar with the combat. Beating the fight can reward you with the Titan Summon Materia, so you might be tempted to fight it immediately when you meet Chadley. However, with a bit of patience and strategy, you can easily trivialize and overcome this encounter.

Important: I strongly encourage you to discover and find at least two of Titan’s Summon Crystal Shrines to fight a significantly weaker version of him to complete the encounter easily.
Key Takeaways
  • FF7 Rebirth features a variety of Summon Boss Fights, one of which is against Titan, the earth-rending colossus.
  • Titan is weak to the Wind element, and two of my recommended party members of Barret and Red XIII can easily exploit him with it.
  • To overcome the fight, I recommend tactics such as Cloud’s Counterfire for projectiles and charging up Synergy Abilities quickly.

Titan Stats And Weaknesses

ff7 rebirth titan
Assess Materia displays weaknesses and other info about Titan. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Upon analyzing Titan with the Assess Materia, as shown in the image above, you will be able to learn its various weaknesses and resistances, as well as a quick explanation from the game to put him into a staggered state.

  • Assessment: Exploiting its elemental weakness, blocking or evading certain attacks, and counterattacking it will pressure it. Destroying its barrier will pressure it for longer than usual.
  • Weaknesses: Wind
  • Greater Resistances: N/A
  • While Staggered:
    • Effective: Wind
    • Resistant: Fire, Ice, Lightning

Best Party Composition And Loadout

ff7 rebirth how to beat titan
My recommended Party composition for Titan. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

First things first, You’ll need to compose a party of three, and while the game allows you to choose any three, even besides Cloud, I strongly suggest just having him here despite that option. I went with Red XIII and Barret for the other two party members due to their high HP and tanky effectiveness.

Below, I have summarized all three characters and the optimal Materia and Abilities to have when fighting Titan:

CloudPrecision Defense Focus, Steadfast Block, HP UpBraver, Focused Thrust
BarretChakra, Wind, Auto-Unique Ability, HP UpSteelskin, Focused Shot
Red XIIIPrecision Defense Focus, Wind, MP UpSidewinder, Crescent Claw, Sentinel Stance

You can feel free to use any Materia you wish, but the Wind Materia on Barret and Red XIII is highly important to target the weaknesses of Titan since I found them the best party members to generate ATB charges quickly. Aside from that, I strongly encourage you to utilize Cloud’s Focused Thrust and Barret’s Focused Shot whenever Titan is in the Pressured state so that you can quickly Stagger him to dish out DPS.

Titan Move list

ff7 rebirth how to beat titan
The Earthen Aigis is a major ability of Titan, which he activates in the 2nd Phase. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Regarding his basic attacks, like most Summons in the game, Titan will aggressively attack you with a flurry of punches and slam attacks, which can all be blocked or counterattacked with the right timing. This brings me to say that I strongly recommend using either Cloud or Red XIII for close-range combat due to their counterattack abilities from Cloud’s Punisher Mode and Red XIII’s Sentinel Stance.

However, I have also shortly detailed Titan’s special attacks that have their unique animation and effects:

SlingA grab attack which cannot be blocked or parried.
ThwackA charging attack where Titan launches himself in your direction. Can easily be dodged or side stepped.
Mountain CrusherTitan will launch a series of punching attacks which will then be followed up by a swing attack or either Sling or Thwack. I personally found this attack chain the easiest to block and parry.
Earthen RoarTitan will slam his fist into the ground, causing geo AOE shockwaves around the arena which can be safely dodged.
Stone/StonegaProjectile attacks which in my opinion, can easily be read and parried by using Cloud's Counterfire Synergy Skill.
Earthen AigisTitan's overshield that activates in his latter phase and must be broken to significantly pressure him.
Boulder HurlSimilar to Stonega, a charged up projectile attack which can be either interrupted or backfired at him using Counterfire.
Granite ShellOne of Titan's most deadly attacks that needs to be interrupted as he will charge up an earth encasing attack on one of your party members.

Walkthrough And Strategy

Now that I’ve discussed his extensive move list and the optimal party setup, I’ve briefly discussed the steps on how to beat Titan successfully with as little room for error as possible in FF7 Rebirth. Remember that my experience may not be the same as that reflected in your game, so patiently learning and fighting Titan should be your best course of action, especially if you’re not well-versed in the combat of FF7 Rebirth.

ff7 rebirth titan
Dodge Attacks and use the Wind element spell to pressure Titan. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  1. Dodge and Counter: Cloud and Red XIII are your main DPS. If you equipped them with the Precision Defense Focus Materia, you should easily be able to parry most of Titan’s basic attacks.
  2. Utilize Synergy Skills: Counterfire is necessary against Titan’s projectile attacks. But Red XIII’s Wild Charge is also good, allowing me to charge up his and Cloud’s Savage Assault Synergy Ability.
  3. Pressuring Titan: Create distance between Titan and Barret, then spam Wind spells in an opening to pressure him, and follow up with abilities like Focused Shot.
    ff7 rebirth titan
    Use powerful attacks such as Cloud’s Braver for DPS in the Stagger stage. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  4. Cloud’s Punisher Mode: The Punisher stance of Cloud should be your top priority to use in this fight as it can counterattack on successful blocks.
  5. Healing Materia/Chakra: Make sure to have a healing Materia on either Red XIII or Barret, but ideally, Barret wouldn’t even need it if you have his Steelskin ability activated.
    ff7 rebirth best limit breaks
    If you can charge up a Limit Break, the fight can be won quickly. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  6. 2nd Phase: Things can get crazy here when Titan casts Earthen Aigis, but you can quickly break it using powerful abilities such as Cloud’s Braver from mid-air and severely pressure him.
  7. Unleashing Powerful Limit Breaks: As long as you can charge up Cloud’s Ascension, one of the best Limit Breaks in FF7 Rebirth, you can quickly crush Titan’s last chunk of HP to achieve victory.

This concludes my guide on how to beat Titan in FF7 Rebirth, and I hope it helps you in acquiring the Titan Summoning Materia so you can use him to demolish other Fiends. Before you go, I highly suggest checking out my good friend and RPG fan, Haris Umar’s detailed guide on the best early skill cores to unlock in FF7 Rebirth, which can heavily aid you during the beginning hours.

If you’re enjoying the game like me, feel free to read eXputer’s Review of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, written by Hamid Shah, where he explains the ins and outs of this passionate sequel. As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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