Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s Performance Mode Issues About To Be Fixed In New Patch

The Director of the title has spoken up in recent times.

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  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the latest addition to the long-running Final Fantasy franchise. 
  • The continuation of the FF7 remake trilogy suffers from certain technical issues on launch.
  • The director of the game Naoki Hamaguchi says that a patch is on its way to take care of all that.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has been a long time coming, but now that it’s finally here, the second iteration in the OG Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy suffers from an array of performance-oriented issues that plague overall playability. Instilling confidence in players, director Naoki Hamaguchi has said that an update focusing on such problems in particular is coming soon, so sit tight, (thanks One More Game).

We’ve received a lot of feedback on whether the graphics in the performance mode will be improved or not. We hear you, and we are currently working on an update patch to improve that aspect. I don’t think the release date would be far away from now,” confirms the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth director. 

Ever since the playable demo of the title came out early last month, fans have been concerned regarding the performance of the full game, and evidently, the Performance Mode in Final Fantasy 7 is currently janky, and not something you’d want to test your hand at right now. 

Red XIII build FF7 Rebirth
Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

It lets players in on some nasty frame drops, and other technical bugs that dull the overall experience. Until the devs push out the aforementioned patch to resolve the issue, best stick to the Graphics Mode on your PS5. 

We have heard from players that in certain situations, the facial lighting makes some character shadows look very scary. So that’s one part of the update that we are working on,” says Hamaguchi. 

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, apart from its fair share of bugs and other pangs, has been a fantastic title so far, with a ton of mini-games to keep players such as myself hooked for the time to come. On top of that, of course, is the firm foundation of Rebirth’s base gameplay, which is nothing but exhilarating by every stretch of the imagination. 

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This second iteration in the three-part remake of the original 1997-released Final Fantasy 7 came out on February 29, 2024, for the PlayStation 5 exclusively. eXputer rated the title 4/5 in its review, with author Syed Hamid Ali Shah remarking, “Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is bigger in scope, providing a solid narrative and riveting gameplay that makes you fall in love again with the Unknown Journey.”

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