The Best Materia In FF7 Rebirth [Battle-Tested]

After spending over 30+ hours, these are the must-have Materia to make your end-game easier.

The best Materia in FF7 Rebirth can really change the way you play this game as they introduce spells and buffs into your play style. In my experience, it was almost impossible to beat bosses post-Chapter 7 without using the correct set of Materia. The Materia feature is both really unique and time-consuming to learn; however, I have made a list of the best Materia to make things easier for you.

Key Takeaways
  • Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth allows you to use spells or to gain stat-related buffs, which can be really beneficial for your party.
  • There are over 30+ different kinds of Materia Orbs available in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
  • These Materia can also be linked to enhance their effects, and you can even level them up to unlock more spells.
  • The best Materia in FF7 Rebirth, in my experience, is between Barrier and the Time Materia, which turns most boss fights into cakewalks.
  • With the right Materia setup for your party, you can easily clear the end-game and even the hard mode.

The Best Materia: My Top Picks

Here is a list of the best Materia and their functions in gameplay:

1Time Materiahe Best Overall MateriaIncrease the rate at which you build up ATB gauge and freeze enemies to punish them in battle.
2Steadfast Block MateriaThe Best Offensive + Defensive MateriaRecharge ATB by guarding against attacks and also reduce the damage taken by guarding attacks.
3HP/MP Up MateriaThe Best Stat Buff MateriaStack these Materia to increase your HP or MP to the maximum.
4Elemental MateriaThe Best Weapon Buff MateriaLink this Materia with an element to add elemental damage to your weapon and also gain defense against the chosen element.
5Auto-Unique Ability MateriaThe Best Party MateriaAllow AI controlled party members to automatically use abilities once their ATB gauge gets filled.
6Barrier MateriaThe Best Defensive MateriaIncrease your defense against both physical and magical attacks during battle.
7Magnify MateriaThe Best Spell Buff MateriaEnhance the number of targets that you can hit with a single spell cast by linking it with the Magnify Materia.

1. Time Materia

The Best Overall Materia.
item in the game
The Time Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Image Captured by Us)

The Time Materia in FF 7 Rebirth has to be one of the most useful Materia in my overall experience with the game. It has two different uses in battle; both are just as good. Firstly, Haste allows me to charge up the ATB gauge at almost double the speed, allowing me to use my abilities more frequently during battle.

Secondly, the Slow and Stop spells are really handy in some of the boss fights. Bosses that are not resistant to these spells can be slowed down or literally frozen, which will allow you to punish them with your abilities or synergy skills in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

  • Why I Chose This: I could easily beat bosses who were not resistant to either Slow or Stop spells, which made my progression much easier in FF7 Rebirth.

2. Steadfast Block Materia

The Best Offensive + Defensive Materia.
item in the game
The Steadfast Block Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Image Captured by eXputer)

I really can’t recommend this Materia enough because it has saved my party more times than I can count, especially during the end-game sections. Not only does it decrease the incoming damage for my characters, but it also allows me to recharge the abilities that I can use to dish out high stagger and health damage.

Essentially, the Steadfast Block Materia strengthens the effects of guarding by decreasing the incoming damage during that state. It also allows you to refill your ATB gauge by blocking attacks. Blocking is not even as hard as perfect parrying, as you can easily anticipate enemy attacks.

  • Why I Chose This: It allowed me to boost both my offense and defense, and that too by just guarding and without having to utilize perfect parrying, which is harder to pull off.

3. HP/MP Up Materia

The Best Stat Buff Materia.
ff7 rebirth best materia
The HP UP Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Your HP and MP are the most important stats in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth because these dictate how long your party survives on the battlefield and how many spells they can utilize before burning out. The HP and MP Materia should be leveled up immediately, especially before entering hard mode.

Hard mode is literally impossible without efficiently utilizing these Materia. You can stack up three or four HP Materia on the same character to maximize his health and turn him into a tank. The same can be said for the MP Materia, which is really useful for characters who are dependent on magic.

  • Why I Chose This: I was able to increase the health of my party by a large margin using the HP Materia, which allowed me to literally tank attacks even against the final boss.

4. Elemental Materia

The Best Weapon Buff Materia.
ff7 rebirth best materia
The Elemental Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Most of the enemies and bosses in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are weak to a certain element, like fire, ice, wind, or lightning. That is why investing in an Elemental Materia is absolutely necessary: You really can’t deal much damage to some of the bosses without capitalizing on their weaknesses during battle.

The Elemental Materia will allow players to add elemental damage to their character’s weapon. The element can decided by linking either a fire, ice, wind, or lightning Materia with the Elemental Materia. In FF7 Rebirth, there are even options to link fire+ice and wing+lightning to your weapon as well.

  • Why I Chose This: The Elemental Materia allowed me to buff my weapons with elemental damage, and it even gave me armor/defense against the element that I decided to link with my weapon.

5. Auto-Unique Ability Materia

The Best Party Materia.
ff7 rebirth best materia
The Auto-Unique Ability Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Image Captured by Us)

A party consists of three characters most of the time in FF7 Rebirth, aside from certain story-related situations. Additionally, you’re not always focusing on controlling all of the three members of the party individually during battle. Which leads to you not utilizing their abilities, even when their ATB bar is filled because you simply forget to focus on them.

However, if you equip the party members that you do not actively control with the Auto-Unique Ability Materia, then they will use their special abilities automatically. It will also allow you to focus on using a single character without worrying about the entire party.

  • Why I Chose This: I don’t always pay attention to my party members and their ATB gauges, which is why the Auto-Unique Ability Materia was a blessing in disguise for me.

6. Barrier Materia

The Best Defensive Materia.
ff7 rebirth best materia
The Barrier Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Image Captured by eXputer)

This is another Materia that is absolutely necessary for playing Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in hard mode, but it still helps out a lot in normal difficulty after Chapter 7. You will face many bosses equipped with attacks that are able to one-shot your entire party. That is where the Barrier Materia will save you during the battle.

It allows you to use spells, which can decrease incoming physical damage and magical damage when the Materia has been leveled up to the maximum. That will prevent your party from dying to one-shot attacks and will increase your chances of survival while fighting bosses.

  • Why I Chose This: Without spoiling, there are many bosses during the endgame, which can become tedious to beat due to their overpowered attacks, and that is where the Barrier Materia helped ease the game’s difficulty.

7. Magnify Materia

The Best Spell Buff Materia.
item in the game
The Magnify Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

You can increase the number of targets a spell hits using the Magnify Materia. It can also become useful for bosses with multiple hit-points or during gank fights. You can use this to increase the number of targets for offensive and healing spells.

It basically translates to using one Cure spell cast to simultaneously heal more than one party member. It also allows you to efficiently utilize your ATB gauge since you won’t have to cast the same spell repeatedly. One drawback to using this Materia is that it decreases the potency of the linked spell, but the range you get with it is really powerful.

  • Why I Chose This: I used the Magnify Materia to hit multiple hit-points on bosses with their elemental spell weakness, allowing me to conserve my ATB gauge.

Honorable Mentions

These are some Materia that are also good enough in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth but are not the best of the best, which is why they didn’t make it into my list.

  • Assess Materia: It reveals the weakness of enemies, but I didn’t add it to my list because most players won’t miss this Materia and will have it already equipped during the early game.
  • Healing Materia: You can use it to heal party members, but even if you don’t equip the Materia, multiple items can also be used to heal as a substitute.
  • Revival Materia: Instead of using the Revival Materia to revive downed teammates, you can use the Phoenix Down or Phoenix Draft items.
  • Precision-Defense Focus Materia: It buffs perfect parries, but guarding is already very strong in FF7 Rebirth, so it is unnecessary to put effort into learning perfect parries.

My Take On The Best Materia

At first, I was overwhelmed with the Materia system, but once I got used to it and started linking the correct Materia with each other, my whole playstyle changed. In my opinion, the best Materia is the Barrier Materia due to the defensive capabilities offered by Manawall.

This concludes my guide on the best Materia in FF7 Rebirth. I have listed the functions of the best Materia in my list as well as the reason that makes them strong. I hope the guide helped you create a strong Materia setup for your party. Let me know what you think about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in the comments below!

Hamid Shah has reviewed Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and gave it a high score, so you can check out his review if you’re still unsure about purchasing the game.


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