FF7 Rebirth: How To Get Beast Bone [Explained With Images]

In this guide, I have discussed the exact location and source of the Beast Bone material in FF7 Rebirth for Transmutation.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has introduced a brand-new feature known as the Item Transmutation mechanic, allowing you to craft a variety of items and armor from materials found on the world map. One of these materials that you can find is the Beast Bone, and learning its exact source can be slightly concerning for players, but thankfully, I have included the precise source and its location in this guide.

Key Takeaways
  • FF7 Rebirth greatly incentivizes players with its new crafting feature and important materials, such as the Beast Bone.
  • The Beast Bone can be found earliest in Chapter 2 in the Grasslands region from the Elphadunk creatures.
  • The Elphadunk creatures are weak to Fire and Ice damage, so you can easily exploit their weaknesses to farm them effectively.

If you’d rather watch a video on finding Beast Bones in the early-game phase, here’s a helpful one from our YouTube channel:

YouTube video

Where To Find Beast Bone In FF7 Rebirth

ff7 rebirth elphadunk
The Elphadunks are the earliest source to get Beast Bones. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

While you can find Beast Bones later on in areas like Gongaga, the best place to get them as soon as possible is via the Elphadunk Fiends in the Grasslands area.

Design-wise, these enemies are based on Elephants in real life and are not too hard to kill. In comparison to most Fiends and other creatures, they’re technically not hostile in nature and herbivorous. Nonetheless, they will still attack you when provoked, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble with them even early in the game.

Elphadunk Location And Strategy

  • ff7 rebirth beast bone
    Location of the Elphadunks on the map of the Grasslands. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

In my experience, I found the best location for the Elphadunks to farm Beast Bones to be toward the East side of the Grasslands area; the exact location is marked in the images above. I would strongly recommend using the Chocobo Bus Stop nearby here to easily Fast-Travel as you wish.

ff7 rebirth beast bone guide
Defeating the Elphadunks for the Beast Bones. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Below, I’ve discussed a few tips to help you overcome and defeat the Elphadunk as quickly as possible:

  • Exploit Its Weakness: Thankfully, the Elphadunk is weak to both fire and ice elements, making it an easy pick to pressure and stagger damage.
  • Firebolt Blade: As I also discussed in my character guide for Cloud, Firebolt Blade is the best ability to exploit Fire element weaknesses while also dishing out a ton of damage.
  • Attack from behind: The Elphadunks are tenaciously defensive from the front, so try to dish out your attacks from the rear instead, which should make fighting them a breeze.
  • Optimal Party Members: If you ask me, I honestly found Aerith and Tifa to be great choices in killing these creatures, but then again, Red XIII is also good via his Vengeance Mode attacks.

With the strategy I’ve mentioned, you shouldn’t face too much trouble with defeating these large creatures for the Beast Bones. But with that said, if you enjoyed reading this, then be sure to check out my other guides, such as my recommendations for the Best Limit Breaks. However, if you want to learn more about the game, then check out Hamid Shah’s Review of FF7 Rebirth. As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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