Horizon Forbidden West: How To Use Auto Loot 

Now you can loot an enemy without having to shoot each of their parts by using Auto loot in Horizon Forbidden West!

If you are one of the players who are struggling to kill certain parts of enemies in order to loot them in Horizon Forbidden West, then you should try out the auto loot feature in the game.

Important: In the recent patch update of Horizon Forbidden West, there are a lot of quality-of-life updates and features introduced, which have made the whole gaming experience much more enjoyable for the players. In the recent patch update 1.21, the players will be able to easily loot any items and resources present in the inventory of their opponents without having to tear off their parts in order to get the items.
Key Takeaways
  • Horizon Forbidden West Auto Loot or Easy Loot is a new accessibility feature introduced in patch update 1.21. 
  • Thanks to the upgrade, the players will be able to collect different key components of a machine without shooting the relevant parts to drop them. 
  • Now the players can simply kill the machines, loot them whenever they want, and store the items in their inventory. 
  • Players will be able to access these resources for crafting important items like weapons and gears. 
  • They will be able to access the setting through the General Tab in the Settings option only when they are playing Horizon Forbidden West. 
  • They will be able to select the easy loot option along with six other Difficulty Options depending upon the situation. 
  • Players with higher difficulty settings will be able to use the option without wasting their time on lengthy animations whenever they kill a machine and loot them. 

Auto Loot Mechanic Explained 

It is no surprise that Horizon Forbidden West has a very hard overall gameplay mechanic, with certain systems making it quite difficult for beginners and veterans alike.

Horizon Forbidden West How To Use Auto Loot 
Looting The Enemy [Image Capture Credits: eXputer]
Unlike the previous game, the players will have to learn a lot of different mechanics. For instance, the loot system is entirely different, and the players will have to loot different opponents, like mechanical enemies, by tearing off their parts.

  • Only separating their parts before killing them will allow them to gain the loot. And this will require the players to shoot certain body parts to separate them as well.
  • However, with the easy loot or auto-loot option, the players will be able to easily collect resources from their enemies without shooting the body parts off.
  • Guerrilla Games have recently added this option in the Patch Update of 1.21. Therefore, along with several important updates and bug fixes, the players will also be able to enjoy the auto loot system, which can make their gameplay a lot easier.
  • Before the update, the players will have to go through an animation where the players will pick up a certain item. This animation was quite a hurdle when there were a lot more items to collect.
  • The animations and cut scenes took a lot of time, and looting became harder.
  • However, by using the auto-loot option, players will be able to avoid this scenario and easily pick up various resources without going through this animation. 

Therefore, the players will be able to easily craft important items like bombs and arrows by collecting different sources. Players will also be able to loot the machines they kill in Horizon Forbidden West and speed up the process of crafting. 

How To Use Auto Loot 

Players will be able to turn on easy loot and make use of it from the get-go by simply accessing the Horizon Forbidden West Settings.

First, the players will be required to pause the game and select options.

Horizon Forbidden West Auto Loot 
Easy Loot Option [Image Capture Credits: eXputer]
After that, the players will be required to select Settings and open the General Tab.

  • To activate the easy loot system, the players will have to change the difficulty level to custom. After doing so, you will be able to access six new difficulty options
  • hese difficulty options include damage to Aloy, Enemy Health, Concentration Duration, Auto Concentration, Auto Heal, and Easy Loot.
  • The players will then be required to select an easy loot system, and after that, they just need to kill a machine to loot the necessary external components.
  • This will save a lot of time as you won’t have to shoot each body part off in order to collect it. There are also five different difficulty custom settings that you can choose according to the combat situation.
  • However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to access these custom difficulty settings through the setting menu on Horizon Forbidden West’s starting screen.
  • You will only be able to choose the different customization options whenever in the game by pausing them. 

Customization Options 

There will be a lot of different customization options available, and the players should select the most to their game style after they have selected auto loot Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West Auto Loot 
Difficulty Levels [Image Capture Credits: eXputer]
The difficulty settings are Story, Easy, Normal, Hard, or Very Hard. These will also change the concentration duration, damage to Aloy, and other options.

  • Therefore if you have your difficulty settings set to hard or very hard, you can make use of the auto loot Horizon Forbidden West system by going through the different Difficulty Options.
  • The reason why the option is not available on the starting screen and can only be accessed during Horizon Forbidden West. 
  • This will help the players customize their difficulty options according to the in-game situation. They can choose other options like duration of concentration, total health that enemies have, input damage of Aloy, and even concentration automatization and health-regaining abilities.
  • In addition to that, the feature only impacts minor items, including the natural resources and loot of machines.  
  • Therefore other items like a dead robot or items in certain body parts like a chest will have to be picked up without moving in Horizon Forbidden West. 

This feature will save a lot of time and will not break exploration continuity allowing the players to enjoy the gameplay to the fullest. 

Other Accessibility Features  

Players will also be able to make use of different Controller Presets, including an accessibility feature for left-handed players. The controls are now remappable, and the players will be able to select button prompts according to their preference.

Difficulty Levels
Other options [Image Capture Credits: eXputer]
Furthermore, they will also be able to customize press and hold buttons and make use of the copilot system. Therefore, the players will be able to give access to a user with another controller but with customized gameplay controls.

  • There is also a dual sense gyroscope update which will allow the players to set up motion controls and vibration intensity during the cutscenes and cinematics.
  • Players will also be able to set different adaptive triggers resistance and make their gameplay experience more optimal for the rest of the journey.
  • Options like aim assist, auto sprint, and auto-heal are also introduced, along with in-game climbing annotations to help players pinpoint areas where they will be able to climb. Navigation markers are adjustable as well, and the sound effects are revamped and upgraded. 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on the auto loot system Horizon Forbidden West and how it works. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out our detailed guide on how to start burning shores DLC in Horizon Forbidden West and the new Burning Shores machines introduced.

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