How To Get Clothing Stalls In Manor Lords

Set up a clothing stall to meet the needs of your citizens!

As you start building your village in Manor Lords and reach the small settlement level, you will gain access to setting up clothing stalls. It is also one of the requirements of upgrading your Burgage plots to a higher level. To meet the needs and requirements of your civilians, it is important to set up clothing stalls and a marketplace, which will also allow you to increase your settlement level and ultimately build townhouses in Manor Lords.

Key Takeaways
  • The clothing stalls are a requirement to upgrade Burgage plots in Manor Lords.
  • For the level 2 Burgage Plot, you need to set up a linen, leather, or yarn clothing stall.
  • To upgrade the burgage plot to Level 3, players will be required to set up the clothes, cloaks, or shoes stall in Manor Lords.
  • To set up a clothing stall, players will first need to collect the raw materials and then set up the processing facility to get the goods.

How To Get Clothing Stalls In Manor Lords

In order to establish a clothing stall for the level 2 burgage plots in Manor Lords, all you have to do is produce either linen, yarn or leather.

Clothing Stall in Manor Lords (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

As soon as you start producing an optimal amount of any of these three materials, a clothing stall will automatically be set up in your marketplace if you have established it beforehand.

  • Harvesting Raw Materials: No matter what clothing stall you are looking to build, you will always have to set up a way to harvest raw materials.
  • Setting Up The Processing Facility: After you have enough raw materials, you will need a processing facility to turn them into clothing material.
  • Assigning Family: As soon as you assign a family to one of these processing facilities, you will have a clothing stall set up automatically in a marketplace shortly after.

Leather Clothing Stall

Personally, I found the leather clothing stall the easiest and the fastest to set up. To get a leather clothing stall, you will need hides that are produced in a Tannery.

Tannery is required for the Leather clothing stall (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The fastest way to obtain leather is to set up a hunting camp and build a Tannery right next to it. Make sure to assign families to the tannery so that they can turn the hides collected from the hunting camps into leather. Once you manage to gain a steady supply, clothing stalls will automatically set up in the marketplace.

Yarn Clothing Stall

If you just want to quickly upgrade your burgage plot to level 2, then I will not recommend gathering yarn as it is a long process.

Pasture is required to get wool (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

But you should consider collecting yarn at some point because it can generate a lot of Regional Wealth.

  • Building Pasture And A Sheep Farm: if you want to get yarn, you will have to collect wool first, and for that, you need to unlock sheep breeding in the development menu.
  • Construct The Trading Post: After that, you need to set up a livestock trading post and import a sheep. Make sure that you have a pasture and a sheep farm with families assigned to it so you can get wool.
    Weaver's Workshop
    Set up the Weaver’s Workshop (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Setting Up The Weaver’s Workshop: In order to get yarn, you need to build a weaver’s workshop in your settlement.
  • Building The Yarn Clothing Stall: After that, a yarn clothing stall will be set up in the marketplace. Any excessive sheep can be sent back to the livestock trading post to get regional wealth.

Linen Clothing Stall

Linen, by far, takes the longest to make. I would recommend setting up a linen processing facility only when you are well aware of the fertility of the land.

Flax is needed for Linen (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Furthermore, make sure to wait until you have enough families in your settlement.

  • Harvesting Flax: To get linen, you will first have to get flax. Make sure that you set up a field and a farmhouse where there is the most flax fertility. After that, you just need to assign families to work in the field.
  • Setting Up The Weaver’s Workshop: After setting up the means to harvest flax, make sure to set up the Weaver’s workshop as well if you want to turn your flax into linen.
  • Building The Linen Clothing Stall: When you have enough resources, a linen clothing stall will automatically pop up in your marketplace in Manor Lord.

How To Get Clothing Stalls For Level 3 Burgage Plot

After successfully upgrading your burgage plot to level 2, you will need to meet even more requirements for the Level 3 burgage plot. Along with a linen, yarn, or leather clothing store, you will also need a clothing stall for shoes, clothes, or cloaks.

There are two ways by which you can get these.

  • Setting Up The Cobblers Workshop: This is the easiest way to complete the requirement as you will only need to use leather to get shoes. Upgrade a burgage plot near your Cobblers workshop with a goat shed to get more leather.
    Cobbler's Workshop
    Cobbler’s Workshop to make shoes (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Building Tailors Workshop: A Tailor’s workshop can produce gambesons, cloaks, and clothes. But you will need multiple items, including yarn, linen, and dyes.
  • Setting Up Dyer’s Workshop: To get the dyes, you will have to set up a dye workshop. After all these requirements are met, a clothing stall of clothes or cloaks will be set up automatically in the marketplace.
    Tailor's Workshop
    Build Tailor’s Workshop (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

I will personally recommend setting up the leather clothing stall for the level 2 burgage plot upgrade and a Cobblers workshop to get the shoes stall for the Level 3 burgage plot. Both of these have minimum requirements and can be set up quite quickly.

While you’re at it, I recommend checking Huzaifa’s guide on the uses of grain in Manor Lords. You can also check out Obaid’s guide on how to fix the homeless bug. Lastly, don’t forget to check his guide on how to store the exposed goods.

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