The Ultimate Guide For Burgage Plots In Manor Lords

Burgage Plots in-game are necessary for the families as it gives them shelter and helps in increasing the regional wealth!

Burgage Plots are an essential part of making a town in Manor Lords. As soon as you progress in-game, you will get more families, and they will need a place to live in. That is where Burgage Plots come in. Two houses can be built in a single Burgage Plot, and much more can be done on it, which gets a little complicated. 

Key Takeaways
  • A Burgage Plot is a residual place for the families in your Manor Lords settlement. 
  • While it acts as a shelter, it allows the families to do side hustle, which increases the regional wealth.
  • Burage Plot can be upgraded till level 3, and extensions can be unlocked once players reach level 2.
  • Backyard extension has many more benefits but some drawbacks, too.   

What Is A Burgage Plot In Manor Lords

Burgage Plot is necessary for families and can help to increase the regional wealth (Screenshot By Us)

As said before, it is a place where families make their homes and do side hustles that benefit the town overall. 

  • A Residential Place: Simply remember that a Burgage Plot is a residential for the families that live in your settlement. These are necessary as if you don’t build them, a message about homelessness will pop up.
  • More Than Just A Residential Place: A Burgage Plot has more uses as it can be used by families to generate income that goes directly to the regional wealth, which has a lot of use in-game. 
  • Backyard Extension: In the intro, I mentioned that it gets a little complicated, and that is due to the backyard extension. Backyard extension is exactly what will benefit your town, which I will explain later. 

This is a basic understanding of the uses of burgage plots in Manor Lords. They are a must-have in-game, as without them, you would face many problems. 

Upgrading The Burgage Plots

Wooden Church is one of the requirements to upgrade the Burgage Plot (Image Captured By eXputer)

You can upgrade your Burgage Plots to level 3, but let me tell you that it is not easy. Even getting to level 2 can take some time, so it is better to make progress first. Level 1 is by default, so for that, you just have to construct the plot.

  • Upgrading To Level 2: To upgrade your burgage plot to level 2, you will need a well, a food stall in the marketplace, a wooden church, a supplied food stall, a supplied clothing stall, and four timber.  
  • A Lot Of Things To Do: Upgrading to level 2 might seem simple, but there are many things to do.
  • More Buildings: Before building the aforementioned things, you will have to build buildings such as a logging camp, woodcutter’s lodge, and sawpit. 
    Small Stone Church is one of the major requirements for upgrading the Burgage Plot to level 3 (Image Source: eXputer)
  • Upgrading To Level 3: Upgrading your Burgage Plots to Level 3 requires a well, a small stone church, a supplied clothing stall, a supplied fuel stall, a tavern, a food stall in the marketplace, four timber, eight planks, four roof tiles, and 25 regional wealth.  
  • A Lot Of Farming: Believe me, to get to level 3, you will have to do a lot more farming, which can take some time. After that, you will even have to consider an extension, which is even more hectic. 

Upgrading burgage plots to level 3 is not really an early-game thing in Manor Lords, so you don’t have to force yourself into grinding. Just follow your pace, and eventually, you will be able to do it, which is the ideal way of playing the game. 

Backyard Extension

Backyard Extension allows the residents to work on separate things for the town’s benefit (Image Credits: eXputer)

While building a burgage plot, you can add extensions to them, which ultimately benefits your town. You allocate the space to a plot yourself so you can know whether the plot will have room for an extension in the process. When allocating the place, you might notice an icon appearing, such as the house. That is the sign telling you that you can implement a backyard extension. 

  • Backyard Extension Unlocks At Level 2: The backyard extension of burgage plots can be added only when you have upgraded your burgage plot to level 2. 
  • Passive Income At Level 1: At level 1, even without backyard extensions, you have several benefits, such as income from minor things like eggs, vegetables, and apples. 
  • Benefits Of Backyard Extensions: When you upgrade your burgage plot to level 2, all of the families will convert to Artisans. This will help you to make some things more effective. 

Do note that you won’t be able to change to the profession of Artisans again. Also, you won’t be able to use them for another job. However, they come with a lot of benefits, such as producing things much more effectively. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the Burgage Plots in Manor Lords. These plots are necessary for your progress in-game. Burgage Plots let the families do a side hustle while living under a roof. You can learn more about it via the Steam Community Page

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