How To Store Exposed Goods In Manor Lords

Exposed goods message in-game can appear due to bad weather and it can be fixed by storing the goods in either granary or storehouse!

Manor Lords is the ultimate city builder with a lot of features for your entertainment. There is just so much to do in-game that it forces you to grind for hours daily. However, while grinding, you might have noticed an exposed goods message appearing in Manor Lords. This message mostly appears when it is raining, letting you know that the goods require care. 

Key Takeaways
  • Manor Lords features different weather in-game that can affect goods in a bad way.
  • When the exposed goods message appears, it means your items and food are getting damaged. 
  • Players can take care of them by building a Granary and a Storehouse
  • To store more goods, players should upgrade the aforementioned buildings. 

How To Store Exposed Goods In Manor Lords

Exposed Goods message appears due to the bad weather in-game (Screenshot By Us)

Goods can be exposed under bad weather, so to store them, you would need to build a Granary along with a Storehouse.

As mentioned before, bad weather can cause an exposed goods message to pop up in your game. This means that you must store your goods as they will get worse with time. If you fail to store the goods, then you might not be able to use them anymore. 

  • Building A Granary: Bad weather appears a lot in Manor Lords, so you must be prepared every time. The first step is to build a granary that will help protect the exposed food. 
    Building a Granary is necessary in order to store exposed food (Screenshot By eXputer)
  • Assign The Workers: As soon as you build the granary, all you have to do is assign some workers to it. As soon as the weather gets worse, they will collect the exposed food and store it in the Granary. 
  • Protecting Other Goods: Food isn’t the only thing that will be exposed to bad weather, as there will be other items, too. You will also need to protect them as they will need a separate building. 
    Storehouse is absolutely necessary for items like materials and tools (Image Source: eXputer)
  • Building A Storehouse: To protect your materials and tools, you will need to build a storehouse. The workers you assign to this building will also distribute the goods to the other residents in your settlement.  

That is the main process of storing and saving your exposed goods from the bad weather in Manor Lords. Remember, bad weather can appear anytime, so make sure you already have the required buildings constructed to avoid any type of inconvenience. 

Upgrading The Buildings

If you have more goods that are being exposed and less space, then try to upgrade your Granary and Storehouse. The process can take some time as the items needed from them can’t be obtained easily. You will have to play the game for a while in order to get them.

  • Upgrading The Granary: For starters, Granary only has 500 slots, which is limited and not nearly enough. So, you can upgrade the building and expand the size for more space. Upgrading Granary will take five units of wood, ten boards, and five units of stone.
    Upgrading the Granary increases the size of the Pantry to 2500 (Screenshot Captured By Us)
  • Upgrading The Storehouse: The storehouse also has a pretty limited space, which requires an upgrade soon enough. You would need the same items to upgrade except for the five units of stone.  
    Upgrading Storehouse helps you store a lot more exposed items in Manor Lords (Image Copyright Credits: eXputer)

Constructing More Buildings

Important: If it so happens that your workers aren’t picking up the exposed goods, simply go to your Store House > Advanced > click on “Limit Work Area,” which will let you select a circular area to designate workers in. Now the workers will pick up the inaccessible exposed supplies inside it. But remember to have a worker assigned to the Storehouse since they’ll focus on picking up supplies from that area. Lastly, be sure to cancel the limit pickup after the process is done.

If you don’t really have the upgrade materials and can’t get them anytime soon, then constructing more of the buildings is the best choice. Simply make more Granaries and Storehouses to protect the exposed goods from bad weather. 

Upgrading these buildings is extremely important as after making some progress, you will generate a lot of items. Unless you don’t want those items again, you should set up for the bad weather as soon as possible. If you can’t upgrade the Granary and Storehouse, then it is better to build more of them. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the exposed goods in Manor Lords. The exposed goods occur mainly due to bad weather, and this can be fixed easily. While you are at it, you should check out the guide on how to trade in Manor Lords. After that, make sure to read the guide on regional wealth, as it is one of the main features.  

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Khalil Hendricks

Thanks for pointing out what and how much is needed to upgrade the Granary and Storehouses. Was really looking for this. Wish it was highlighted a bit better.

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