How To Trade In Manor Lords [Step-By-Step]

Trading is a little complicated and can take some to set up as it isn't available by deafult!

Trading is extremely important in Manor Lords as it allows you to get upgraded materials without leaving the region. It also has other benefits, like increasing regional wealth. However, it isn’t unlocked by default, so players might wonder how to trade in Manor Lords. The process is really simple, but you must understand what items can be traded. 

Key Takeaways
  • Trading in Manor Lords can be used to increase regional wealth and get some items.
  • Players should import items low in production or rare in their region.
  • It is recommended that the desired surplus be obtained in trading.
  • Along with items, livestock can also be traded, which is beneficial too. 

How To Initiate Trading In Manor Lords

A Trading Post allows you to Import, Export, and make Full Trade (Image Copyright Credits: eXputer)

To start trading, you will have to construct it. As said before, it isn’t available by default, but it doesn’t take many materials, so don’t worry. 

  1. Setting Up The Trading Post: To trade, you must build a trading post. Go to the build options and select Trading Post (it costs four timber).
  2. Assign A Family: Once you have successfully constructed the Trading Post, all you have to do is assign a family. After you have assigned the family, trading can be commenced.
  3. Trading In Manor Lords: Now, simply click on the building and navigate to the Trade option. This will allow you to import or export some things. 
  4. Trading Options: Importing in Manor Lords requires you to have some money in the Regional Wealth, which can be increased via exporting and some other ways. Full Trade is also a choice, which is a mix of import and export.

These are the points that you need to keep in mind before setting up the trade post.

However, there are still some things that you need to consider regarding how to trade in Manor Lords, and they are the following:   

  • Desired Surplus: The simple trading rule is to trade until you have reached the desired surplus number. The desired surplus is basically the quantity of the item or the overall stock you want to store despite trading. 
  • My Tips: If you want an item that doesn’t grow effectively in your region, you must never go with the full trade. Always import such items and stockpile them if you use more of them. Also, establish a trade route, as merchants will visit you.

Trading Livestock

Livestock Trading Post lets you trade animals. (Image Taken By Us)

Now that you know how to do simple trading in Manor Lords, you should also know that livestock can be traded. 

Following are the steps you need to follow to trade livestock:

  1. Build A Livestock Trading Post: For starters, you must construct a livestock trading post. You shouldn’t think too much about it as it is the same as the previous one with a similar aim. 
  2. Animals Instead Of Items: The difference between a normal trading post and a livestock trading post is that the former trades items while the latter deals in animal trade. You can trade animals like horses, sheep, mules, oxen, and lambs.
    Sheep Farm is required to store Imported sheep and lambs (Screenshot By eXputer)
  3. How To Trade: Importing the animals requires you to build their dedicated hitching post, small stables, and sheep farms. Sheep and lambs are the ones that require sheep farms, so make sure to make them before importing them. 
  4. Best Animal For Help: I personally believe in buying a horse and assigning it to the trading post. This will speed up the trading process, benefiting you long-term. 

Trading is absolutely necessary for Manor Lords, as it lets you increase your regional wealth and obtain the items you lack. Many items can only be obtained from the early-game area, so trading plays an essential role in your city-building journey. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about how to trade in the game. Trading is simple but requires some work and can’t be done from the get-go. You would need to set up your town a little bit before starting trading, as that would be ideal. 

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