A Quick Guide On Regional Wealth In Manor Lords

Regional wealth is used for several useful things such as paying taxes, import, and for upgrading!

Manor Lords lets you create your own empire, which, of course, means providing for the people. However, the townfolks will manage everything by themselves as long as you assign them something. So, the money used to pay taxes, build different things, and, of course, import is the regional wealth of Manor Lords.  

Key Takeaways
  • Manor Lords has a system that allows townfolk to generate money through trading, Burgage plots, and looting bandit camps.
  • The money generated via such a process is known as Regional Wealth. 
  • This wealth is used to pay taxes, build some things, and import things from different regions. 
  • Increasing regional wealth isn’t a difficult job, but understanding it can be a little complicated. 

What Is Regional Wealth In Manor Lords

Treasury is different from the Regional Wealth (Image Taken By Us)

As mentioned before, regional wealth is the overall money generated by your town.

This money isn’t exactly your own as it is used to do things on a larger scale for the town. Do note that any money the families obtain from selling things in the marketplace isn’t included in the regional wealth. 

  • A Bit Confusing: You might confuse regional wealth with the treasury, but there is a difference. The treasury hires troops or settles new regions in Manor Lords. 
  • Default Regional Wealth: When you start the game, you will have 50 Regional Wealth by default, which is more than enough for the startup. 

How To Get It

You can get Regional Wealth via Burgage Plot (Screenshot By Us)

Getting wealth in Manor Lords isn’t exactly hard, as the process is pretty simple. However, it can take some time as it is a city builder, so don’t expect to perform things here swiftly. One way of generating regional wealth is via the Burgage Plots, which is not complicated at all.

  • Generating Wealth Via Burgage Plots: Simply constructing a Burgage plot won’t do anything, as you will have to upgrade it. To get one regional wealth per family, you would need to level it up to 2. Further, to get two regional wealth per family, you will have to level it up to 3. 

Regional Wealth Via Trading

Trading is one of the best ways to increase Regional Wealth (Image Copyright Credits: eXputer)

You can generate regional wealth not only via Burgage Plots but also through trading. This method is also simple and will not take much time to understand. 

  • Regional Wealth By Trading: As soon as you develop a commendable town that generates goods, you are ready for trade. Through trading, you can earn Regional wealth that will surely come in handy. 
  • Trading Post: You can make a trading post early in Manor Lords for just four timbers. So, the play is to construct it early. After constructing one, click on Trade and start exporting and importing. 
  • Importing & Exporting: If you import, you use regional wealth to send the goods to your town. However, exporting allows you to spend your goods on others, which earns Regional Wealth. 
  • A Trade Route: Ensure you have established a trade route as a merchant will visit your town. 

Starting trade isn’t a hard job in Manor Lords. However, I would advise you not to do it until you have a good amount of goods in your inventory. You will know when you are ready to trade, as Manor Lords requires strategic thinking, and your planning will lead you all the way through.  

Regional Wealth Via Bandit Camps

Bandit Camps can be obtained in the world but aren’t the best means to increase Regional Wealth (Image Source: eXputer)

You can also gain regional wealth via Bandit camps. This mostly depends on your luck, as I haven’t found many bandit camps in Manor Lords so far. That said, finding a bandit camp doesn’t necessarily mean gaining regional wealth. 

  • Lucks In An Important Factor: This is where luck really pays out. When you are pillaging a bandit camp, if lucky, you will find goods that can be stored directly in your treasury or the regional wealth.
  • The Final Choice: Now, you can either increase your own money or benefit your town by increasing wealth; the final choice is yours.

Generating wealth isn’t hard in-game, but understanding the whole concept is. Players might confuse regional wealth with treasury, which can be troublesome. However, once you understand the main concept, generating wealth will be the least of your concerns. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about regional wealth in Manor Lords. It has only been two days since It was released, and despite being in early access, it is doing wonders on Steam. Slavic Magic, an underrated developer, has shocked fans, and the reception will ensure it supports the game for a long time. You can also check out the Steam Community Page for discussions regarding Manor Lords.

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