Manor Lords: Easy Ways To Fix The Homeless Bug

Homelessness in-game is appearing mainly due to players having less burgage plots and more families!

If you are one of those people who have constantly been playing Manor Lords since launch, then you most probably have come across the homeless pop-up. This is an in-game feature that can be fixed, but some fans are reporting that it is bugged. I have also faced a similar issue but the fix is simple

Key Takeaways
  • The homelessness message problem is appearing for many players in Manor Lords. 
  • This means that players don’t have enough room for their families in the settlement.
  • The main fix is to make more burgage plots so everyone could have a roof to live under.
  • If the issue appears after performing every fix, then players should wait for the official patch. 

How To Fix The Homelessness In Manor Lords

Homelessness message in Manor Lords can appear when there is not enough room for the families (Screenshot Grab By Us)

The easiest way to fix the homeless bug is by constructing more burgage plots for the families to reside in.

The homelessness pop-up in-game isn’t a rare thing and would appear just a while after you have made some progress. This means that the families in your settlement don’t have a roof to live under.

If you are in the early game and have just recently seen this message, then do the following: 

Burgage Plots are necessary for the families to live in the settlement (Screenshot By Us)
  • Build Burgage Plots: The best and easiest way to fix this problem is by simply building burgage plots. The families in your settlement use the Burgage Plots as a place to live. So, making enough of these is likely to solve the problem. 
  • Some Of My Tips: Burgage Plot doesn’t take much timber, so make sure to create for each family, and don’t forget to upgrade. Also, I would advise you to have them face the roads. 

Some players have already tried doing this, but the homelessness message isn’t disappearing, which is likely to be a bug. However, this can also be solved, as I have faced this issue in-game. 

Try Saving & Restarting

Saving and restarting Manor Lords could help fix the issue (Image Taken By Us)

If you have already done the aforementioned process, then there is another simple method to fix the homeless issue in Manor Lords.

  • Save & Restart Manor Lords: Simply head to the settings and click on save. When the game is saved, all you have to do is reload your saved file, and the issue should be fixed. 
  • Exit Manor Lords: If the issue is still not fixed, then quit and simply launch Manor Lords again. After that, fast forward the time in-game, and the homelessness message should disappear. 

If the message doesn’t disappear even after doing this, there is one more effective method you can try. 

Upgrade The Homeless People’s Tent

Upgrading the Homeless People’s Tent into a Worker Camp could also fix the problem (Image Source: eXputer)

In order to fix the homeless problem in Manor Lords, you can simply upgrade their tent. 

  • Upgrading The Camp: Uprade the Homeless People’s Tent into a Worker Camp as it will provide living space for more families. This upgrade only costs one timber and can store up to 5 families. 

That being said, even after upgrading the Homeless People’s Tent into a Worker Camp, you would still need to give them proper accommodation. After upgrading to a worker camp, make sure to make enough Burgage Plots for everyone, as this is the best possible way to fix the issue. 

Some Other Fixes

Your save file might be flawed, so starting a new game could help in this instance (Image Credits: eXputer)

As you are progressing in-game don’t forget to constantly check your approval rating and the homelessness message. Your priority should be making enough room for the families and then constructing the other things. I have done this in a new save and the message doesn’t appear this way.  

  • Save file Issue: In some instances where a player has made much progress but can’t seem to get rid of the homelessness message in Manor Lords even after using every method, then, unfortunately, they will have to start a new game.

The developer might release a fix, so deleting that saved file might not be ideal.

That is almost everything you would want to know about the homeless issue in Manor Lords. The issue can be fixed with simple methods, and trying them out won’t take much time. However, do keep in mind that many players have reported this issue to not be fixed after trying out the given methods. 

On the Steam Community Page, many players claim it to be a bug. So, the developer is likely to fix it soon enough. Manor Lords has already become a massive game in 2024, so such issues won’t be ignored by the developer. 

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