V Rising Tannery: How To Get & Craft Leather

Our V Rising Tannery guide entails how to acquire this important structure in the early game & start crafting leather for various upgrades.

The first time you will realize that you need to craft leather is when your quest tells you to upgrade your Castle Heart, for which you will require leather and copper bars as leather is the basic crafting material for the castle.

However, as the game remains silent about how to get leather in V Rising, which creates confusion among the players, therefore, we have prepared this comprehensive guide to explain everything you need to know about Tannery and leather items in the game.

Key Highlights
  • The Tannery is a workstation used to craft leather and Pristine Hide in V Rising. You must create the tannery in the game before you construct the leather.
  • To get the tannery you need to defeat the V blood boss named “Keely the Frost Archer” and absorb her V blood.
  • Then, you can easily craft the leather by using animal skins.
  • Some Vampire powers, Structures, and Recipes will be unlocked after defeating Keely.
  • You can use Pristine Hide leather for making high-quality armor for you and your slaves. Copper Castle Key can also be manufactured with the leather aid.

Why Do You Need Tannery in V Rising

The tannery is basically a workstation used for refining animal hides to leather; to build it you will need 8 planks and 16 animal hides. To acquire a tannery you will have to defeat the V blood boss named ‘Keely the Frost Archer.’

Once you decide to acquire tannery and set V blood boss ‘Keely the Frost Archer’ as your target, you can track her blood trail all the way to Bandit Trapper Camp in Forbane Woods.

Also, note that at this stage in the game you must have already killed several wolves and bears roaming around the forest and you have already got a stock of animal skins in your inventory but in order to convert those skins into leather you will require a Tannery. 

How To Get Tannery in V Rising 

How To Get & Craft Leather
Tannery V Rising

To acquire the tannery the important thing is to make sure that you first construct a Blood Altar at your V-Rising castle. The Blood Altar will help you track the specific bosses with V blood; for ‘Keely The Frost Archer’ you will see a blood trail that will lead you to her. You will need to hunt Keely to acquire the tannery. Fighting Keely is not much of a struggle but she is surrounded by obtrusive bandits who make the battle against her a bit complex.

Keely The Frost Archer Boss Fight Strategy

Keely is a level-20 V boss which is found near Bandit trapper camp in the northeast area of Forbane Woods. One thing you will notice about this particular area is that there are lots of other monsters and minions that you will have to deal with.

The V blood boss Keely has three main abilities you have to be aware of, one is her ice volley area of effect attack (AoE) around her, and the other one is when she charges up her bow, she will shoot with three ice arrows. She has a third ability which is invisibility, but if you pay close attention you will still be able to see her.

keely frost arrows

One tip to call out for this fight, specifically, that is going to help you out quite a bit is that there are a lot of bears that are locked in cages around this encampment and you can actually set them free and use them as an ally. These bears will attack you but they are also going to attack all of your enemies too.

Keely boss fight v rising

You can destroy the gate of the cage to let the bear out and you will see that the bear will start going after all the other enemies, so you can lure the bear out of the cage and use him as an additional teammate. That will be really helpful to take the heat off you and get some additional help, so you can use those bears to help you win this fight.

V Rising Tannery – keely

Fortunately, she is not much challenging, and you should be able to defeat her at this stage in the game. After you have defeated Keely and absorbed her V Blood, you can go back to your castle to build a Tannery. After you have built a tannery, you can easily craft leather by placing animal skins. 

Boss Fight Rewards  

Once you defeat Keely the Frost Archer, the following are unlocked:

  • Vampire Power: Frost Bat
  • Structures: Tannery
  • Recipes: Traveller’s Wrap, Empty Canteen, Leather

Now make a Tannery in your base, which will cost you 8 planks and 160 animal hides. After the Tannery is built, you can use 16 animal hides to make a single piece of leather.

Why Do You Need Leather in V Rising

One of the most crucial components in V Rising is leather. Early on, you must make leather so you may use it. This resource is crucial since you’ll need it to enhance both your first crossbow and your castle heart.

Leather is also required for the Simple Workbench‘s garment and armor crafting. You may manufacture the Copper Castle Key with the aid of leather. In V Rising, you must first create a tannery and obtain its formula before you may construct leather. 

You also need Tannery to craft Pristine Hide in V Rising. Since Pristine Hide is the best leather in the game, you may use it to craft high-quality armor for you and your slaves. As you level up, you’ll also need to make better armor to offer more defense.

We provide our method of farming Pristine Hide in V Rising as it is a simple and affordable material to obtain for armor. Pristine Hide is needed to create Pristine Leather.

Pristine Leather used to need Leather, Fish Oil, and Pristine Hide to be crafted in the game. The issue here was that getting Pristine Leather required a longer waiting period because both Leather and Fish Oil were craftable materials.

After just Fish Oil and Pristine Hide were needed to create Pristine Leather in V Rising, the developers thankfully took notice and delivered an update to solve the problem for the players.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about V Rising Tannery guide. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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