V Rising Best Blood Types & Qualities

Our V Rising best blood guide entails top-tier blood type and quality you should go for and make your vampire character overpowered.

Blood pool is one of the many intricate mechanics in the game that not only allows you to stay alive by recovering health from the pool, but the overall gameplay and playstyle also depend on the blood quality and types in V Rising. The many blood types and qualities may be used to your advantage in V Rising; however, certain opponent blood types are more powerful than others. That is why we have discussed how blood quality functions and which are the V Rising best blood types.

Key Highlights
  • The playstyle in V Rising depends on the blood type and quality. You’ll need an altar blood type in order to get more health and a wide range of effects.
  • You need to quest each blood type by fighting different bosses or by clearing a mob with AoE spells.
  • The greatest blood types in V Rising include Brute, Rogue, Warrior, Scholar, Creature, Worker, and Frailed.
  • Every blood type has different qualities. The higher the quality of the blood you ingest, the better power-ups you receive.
  • However, it is important for you to know the location of a nearby prey and their blood type. So that you could replenish your blood supply without the fear of losing abilities.

What Are Blood Types in V Rising

V Rising Best Blood
Best blood types V Rising

V Rising has seven distinct blood kinds with various stat bonuses. Animals may increase your movement speed in the Farbane Woods by consuming bandits and soldiers’ blood types, increasing your damage and defense. 

To master the combat in V Rising, you’ll need to often alter blood types due to the wide range of effects. Our guide lists all the information about each blood type in the V Rising and the impacts of your vampire character’s blood quality.

The consequences of different blood types vary. For instance, creature blood strongly emphasizes exploration, whereas rogue blood focuses more on critical strikes. As a result, whether you’re attempting to complete quests or simply explore new areas of the game, you’ll need the appropriate blood to dominate a boss fight or clear a mob with AoE spells and much more.

Our V Rising, the V Rising best blood types quality guide, explains the different passive boosts and skills that each of the seven blood kinds grants your vampire character based on your blood quality. We’ll also go over how to acquire blood that is 100% pure and how to utilize servants to ensure a steady supply of blood of the highest caliber.

So let’s look at the greatest blood type in V Rising and how blood quality functions in this article.

  • Brute
  • Rogue
  • Warrior
  • Scholar
  • Creature
  • Worker
  • Frailed

What is Blood Quality in V Rising?

Blood types and quality
Best blood quality V Rising

In V Rising, having knowledge of the greatest blood types and qualities will greatly benefit you. Based on the opponent you feed on, it grants you a certain passive ability by consuming the blood type that the enemy contains. 

Consuming Blood

For instance, if you consume an assassin whose blood quality is 9 percent, your probability of scoring a critical strike with a weapon increases from 10 percent to 20 percent. The passive ability boos that you receive depends on the caliber or nature of your opponent’s blood. On the subject of abilities, why not give our Best V Rising Ultimate Abilities and vampire abilities guides a quick look? 

Quality of Blood

The higher the quality of the blood you ingest, the better power-ups you receive. Keep looking for strong victims while you go around, as drinking 80 percent of the creature’s blood quality will be far better than drinking 10 percent of the creature’s blood, which is poor blood quality. 

Additionally, you should choose your target with high blood quality, such as your slaves, since their blood quality stats will reflect their high blood quality and the type you consume.

Furthermore, don’t become overly fixated on finding a high percentage of blood quality because your blood will ultimately run out as you fight monsters or heal yourself. If you don’t get blood, your HP will gradually decline until you reach one health. Your blood pool is also decreased by utilizing the Blood Mend healing power and by reviving clan members.

All The V Rising Best Blood Types 

We have ranked all the V Rising best blood types in the early access version of V Rising that players should know. Also, note that we have ranked each blood type from the best to the worst, and this is strictly our preference regarding blood types. You may find a scholar blood type superior to Brute, but that would be your preference. 


The Brute blood type makes you a tanky vampire who kills for sport and can enter any fight since it improves your damage and health recovery while you’re in it. Humanoid foes like village bandits and soldiers with small swords frequently have the Brute blood type. These enemy types may be found in all of the towns and encampments or patrolling near these locations, making them easier to target and acquire the blood type.

The Brute Blood Type is simply perfectly balanced, as all things should be, for those who prefer a combination of high DPS, excellent resistance, and physical defense. Most of the offensive perks the blood type offers to your vampire character in V Rising are about Life Leech and dealing massive DPS with increased attack speed.

The benefit of utilizing brute blood is that players don’t need to use their blood-healing capacity all that frequently, which is a nice feature. The Brute Blood Type will benefit more from this preservation than other blood types. Players might continue carelessly morphing on their victims in this fashion. If you’re after the best weapons in the game, then consider reading our V Rising Weapons Tier List.

Brute Blood Quality Tiers

TiersBlood Percentage RequiredPassive Abilities/Perks
Tier 1Less than 30%Your vampire gets 7.5-12.5% life leech on primary attack
Tier 230% or higherYour characters get a 7.5-12.5% increased primary attack and also get one extra gear score level
Tier 360% or higherThe healing your vampire gets is increased by 20-35%. Also, when you land a killing blow, it heals you for 4% of the target’s health
Tier 490% or higherThere is a 6% chance that the movement speed and main attack damage will both increase with each relative point of health regained
Tier 5100%When you get 100% Brute blood quality, all of the above-tier buffs get a 30% boost


You fight more quickly and are more likely to get a critical hit if you have target enemies and consume rogue blood type. The blood may be acquired similarly to Brute by consuming human foes. 

However, if you are looking for this particular blood type, then make sure to inspect opponents with your cursor by hovering over them rapidly. Or, when you press “F” and feed, you will also learn the blood type of your enemies.

Similar to the Warrior Blood Type in V Rising, the Rogue Blood Type emphasizes the DPS and hit-and-run strategies more than the Warrior Blood Type does. This playstyle saves less nighttime because vampires are naturally vulnerable to sunlight and need to optimize their time beneath the moon.

Players benefit from rogue blood’s improved Critical Strike frequency and quick mobility. Having the amount of blood is necessary for killing priority targets with heavy armor.

Rogue Blood Quality Tiers

TiersBlood Percentage RequiredPassive Abilities/Perks
Tier 1Less than 30%Weapon attacks have a 10–20% chance of landing a critical strike.
Tier 230% or higherYou get an 8-15% increased movement speed
Tier 360% or higherReduced travel skill cooldown by 12–25 percent. After using a travel skill, there is a 100% chance that the following physical attack will be a critical strike.
Tier 490% or higherA critical attack has a 50% chance of exposing the victim’s armor, which increases the damage taken overall by 15% for 4 seconds.
Tier 5100%When you get 100% Rogue blood quality, all of the above-tier buffs get a 30% boost


Dealing with quick but decent damage is the focus of the warrior blood type. To deliver enormous damage more frequently, you should deal massive damage by equipping some of the best weapons in V Rising. That is why melee weapon players can benefit more when they have consumed a prey having Warrior blood type in the game.

Again, the Warrior blood type is widespread among human enemies, so search for guards, militia, or bandits of this blood type in camps and fortified areas.

One of the most useful blood types to have in your vampire’s body is warrior blood since it offers significant battle advantages. The main goal of the warrior blood type is to increase physical damage while minimizing harm received.

The Warrior blood will thus be useful for players who prefer using weapons over other forms of fighting. The balanced combination of offensive and defensive skills means that players get more use out of their equipment, and the shorter weapon skill cooldown makes it possible.

Warrior Blood Quality Tiers

TiersBlood Percentage RequiredPassive Abilities/Perks
Tier 1Less than 30%Your vampire gets 10-20% increased physical power
Tier 230% or higherYour character gets an 8-15% reduced cooldown on all weapon skills
Tier 360% or higherWhen attacking foes at full health, you do 25 percent more damage and suffer 7 to 15 percent less damage.
Tier 490% or higher50% less damage is sustained when an attack is parried, which happens 15% of the time. When you parry an attack, your own damage goes up by 25%.
Tier 5100%When you get 100% Warrior blood quality, all of the above-tier buffs get a 30% boost


Indeed, players who would want their vampire character to concentrate on becoming a knowledgeable vampire and rely more on spells than weapons will do better with scholarly blood type in V Rising. That is why a vampire who is more adept at using their vampire-specific spells, be it ranged or other buffs and debuffs, will benefit the most from Scholar blood type in the game. 

In V Rising, the spellcaster build is an interesting playstyle that many find interesting over the melee one. 

While most spellcasters will have a problem with the accessibility of spells because of higher spell cooldown, it is easily resolved when you consumer prey with higher Scholar Blood Type and quality. Players must search for prey at monasteries and cathedrals to farm Scholar’s blood type.

Your magical skills receive special attention from the Scholar blood type, which boosts their power and shortens cooldowns. The Scholar blood type is advantageous for any player that favors using magic over a sword because it will increase the potency of several of your vampire skills.

Players who want to go after Scholar blood type should focus on hunting priests and other magic-user foes in the Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills. You’ll need to go further north to find this blood type because it is less common in the Farbane Woods.

Scholar Blood Quality Tiers

TiersBlood Percentage RequiredPassive Abilities/Perks
Tier 1Less than 30%All spell power is increased by 12-25%
Tier 230% or higherYour spells get reduced cooldown by 9-15%
Tier 360% or higherAll of the spells get 5-10% life leech
Tier 490% or higherThere is a 20% chance that your spells will get a 100% cooldown while hitting targets
Tier 5100%When you get 100% Scholar blood quality, all of the above-tier buffs get a 30% boost


In V Rising, the Creature Blood Type is a comprehensive defensive specialty. It is simple enough for players to acquire the higher perk levels for this Blood Type because they may simply gain it by drinking animal blood.

Any vampire may become a tank because of the increased movement speed, Sun Resistance, regeneration, and damage reduction that come from consuming animal or creature blood. Players may even utilize it in some configurations to stroll in the sun without suffering much harm, which promotes greater exploration time and gear progression by farming items in V Rising.

The creature’s blood type is better for surviving and exploring the map.

Animals roaming in the open world of Vardoran are easy targets to prey upon and then consume the Creature’s blood type when they are close to dying. The blood type will be more prevalent among novice players, who will probably encounter several bears and wolves while attempting to gather bones or explore the early hours in Farbane Woods.

Creature Blood Quality Tiers

TiersBlood Percentage RequiredPassive Abilities/Perks
Tier 1Less than 30%Your vampire’s movement speed is increased by 3-15% 
Tier 230% or higherYou get extra sun resistance by 10-25 points when exposed during day time
Tier 360% or higherYour character gets 10-20% overall damage reduction
Tier 490% or higherYour vampire character gets a 150% health regeneration speed
Tier 5100%When you get 100% Creature blood quality, all of the above tier buffs get a 30% boost


The Worker Blood Type is better suited for players who want more from farming or scavenging resources. This Blood Type is ideal for those who want to forage or gather materials. Every degree of perk or passive ability you get from the worker’s blood quality helps to increase resource production or improve resource collection effectiveness.

With this Blood Type in your vampire character’s veins, players can still fight and shake things up, but they won’t be as successful as those specializing in melee combat or spellcasting. Also, we think the worker’s blood quality is an excellent fit for PvE support-like activities.

The Worker blood type offers passive abilities for resource collection and is therefore weak in combat. That is why the blood type is perfect for anybody who enjoys construction or crafting items back at the castle. 

If you want to quickly access the prey containing Worker blood quality, try visiting the towns and villages near the Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills since they are the NPCs most likely to have the Worker blood type.

Worker Blood Quality Tiers

TiersBlood Percentage RequiredPassive Abilities/Perks
Tier 1Less than 30%Players can get 10-30% extra resources while scavenging
Tier 230% or higherThere will be a 15-25% increase in damage while destroying resources
Tier 360% or higherYour mount gets a 10-20% increased speed
Tier 490% or higherYou get a 3% chance to destroy a resource node and cause a speed boost immediately
Tier 5100%When you get 100% Worker blood quality, all of the above-tier buffs get a 30% boost


When you initially spawn as a new player on a server, you’ll be frail as the default blood type. When you die and resurrect, you’ll also be reborn with the frailed blood type unless you consume blood of higher quality or type.

You should locate an enemy to drain blood from as quickly as possible to switch to another blood type as the six other blood types listed above contain passive abilities for your vampire character that has become frail does not. Make acquiring a new blood type one of your top priorities in the early game when you spawn since even low-quality blood of a different kind is prone to failure because it’ll give tiny rewards.

Frail blood may save lives, but players must be careful not to ingest it in a circumstance where it is still possible to save themselves because doing so would override their existing Blood Type. Fortunately, any other Blood Type is preferable to Frail. In addition, feeding rats is highly improper behavior for a vampire, especially when premium blood quality targets always lurk in the woods, villages, and monasteries.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the V Rising best blood types. Which is your favorite blood type in the game? Is it Brute or Scholar blood type? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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