V Rising: 6 Best Servants [Our Picks]

This V Rising Best Servants guide will showcase how to get servants, their traits, and the 5 types available in V Rising!

For V Rising players who want to know exactly how Servants work in the game, they have come to the right place, as we will uncover it all! In essence, servants are enemies and NPCs in V Rising that can be weakened and charmed to lure them into your base/castle and have them work under you.

Key Takeaways
  • The Servants in V Rising have different weapons and armor to protect you and your castle. 
  • You can get the servants by charming them with the “Kill of The Vampire” skill, but make sure it attaches the servant because you’ll be between different enemies or NPCs. 
  • Bring them to the base and place them in the servant’s coffin; making them a proper servant will take 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • The five major types of servants in the game are Worker, Scholar, Brute, Rogue, and Warrior.
  • Before choosing a servant, you should know about some of the traits of the best servants, including their blood quality, expertise, protection level, etc.

Best Servants In V Rising Compared

Before everything, here is a summarized comparison of the Types of Servants in V Rising:

Servant NameServant PerkDescription
WorkerHumble AppearanceReduces difficulty by 100 when infiltrating settlements
ScholarSacred ResistanceReduces difficulty by 100 when hunting in areas protected by the elements
BruteTenacious StrengthReduces difficulty by 100 when hunting in harsh environments
RogueTracking Expertise Reduces difficulty by 100 when hunting in areas inhabited by creatures and demons
WarriorMilitary Tactics Reduces difficulty by 100 when hunting in fortified areas

6. Paladin

Best High Damaging - Durable Servant.
v rising paladin
Paladin Servant (Screenshot by eXputer)
Blood type  Warrior 
Level 72
Physical Power 33
Spell Power 33
Description  Capable of dealing more damage at the cost of speed.
Health  844
  • Why I Chose This: The high damage and durability make them one of the best frontline fighters.

Paladins are much like Knights; however, they can deal more damage at the cost of speed. Although, if you pair them with several other servants, their combat speed won’t really bother you. Their hits can inflict more and more damage on each swing. On top of that, Paladins also have some great abilities.

Paladin’s ability to use their dash move makes up for their slower speed. In addition to that, they also use an AoE attack from time to time, which is great if more than one enemy surrounds you. Unfortunately, they aren’t that unit-friendly and can be woeful amongst a tightly-knit team.

  • High damage output.
  • High Durability.
  • Has a bunch of useful abilities.
  • Slow speed.
  • Doesn’t synergize well in coordinated group battles.

5. Cleric

Best Servant For Offensive - Defensive Engagements.
v rising cleric
Cleric Servant (Image by eXputer)
Blood type  Brute 
Level 62
Physical Power 28
Spell Power 28
Description  Great fighters who usually wield a sword and a shield also summon footmen alongside them.
Health  345
  • Why I Chose This: The combat proficiency this servant has on top of the summoning ability that provides great help in battles.

When it comes to getting your hands dirty on the battlefield or while defending the castle, the Clerics will be your main servants! These guys are extremely useful as far as combat is concerned. They are great fighters who usually wield a sword and a shield. Compared to the villagers and footmen, the Clerics are much stronger and can last a generous time in combat.

In addition to their strengths, they can summon a bunch of footmen alongside them whenever they are summoned. Clerics can also make use of some basic spells in V Rising, which adds flair to their expertise on the aggressive side.

  • Sword and shield wielding allows for efficient combat.
  • Summoning ability.
  • Spellcasting ability.
  • Limited spell power.
  • Moderate physical power.

4. Nun

Best Servant For Healing And Supportive Roles.
Blood type  Scholar 
Level 56
Physical Power 21
Spell Power 21
Description  They tend to have good healing abilities, and they have Sacred Resistance.
Health 242
  • Why I Chose This: The superior healing abilities of this servant make them the best for supportive roles.

The Nun Servant may not be the ones to take down other players or enemies, but they are an integral part of the whole system since they’re considered one of the Best healing servants. They are scared and usually run and hide when they see players or fights. 

Nuns can heal and look after your combatants during combat. Hence, if you can try getting a few Nuns into your unit, they will make a world of difference during PvP situations. Nuns have the Scholar Blood Type, and their servant perk is called “Sacred Resistance,” which allows them to decrease 100 in difficulty while hunting in element-protected areas.

  • Excel in healing.
  • Has a vital supportive role in the game.
  • Sacred resistance allows for reduced difficulty.
  • Limited offensive capabilities.
  • Vulnerable to enemy attacks.

3. Devoted

Best Servant For Adaptability.
Blood type  Human
Level 56
Physical Power 244
Spell Power 244
Description  Capable of dealing, both, melee and ranged damage, also cast AoE spells from afar.
Health  304
  • Why I Chose This: The ability to switch between melee and ranged combat allows for adaptability in different combat scenarios.

First off, the Devoted Units are capable of dealing both melee and ranged damage. When they’re above 50% health, they like getting into the enemy’s face and dish out their melee attacks. However, when their health drops below 50%, they will step back and start casting AoE spells from afar.

  • Versatile.
  • High damage output.
  • Has an adaptive combat style.
  • Dependent on health and resource management.

2. Lightweaver

Best Servant For Defense.
Blood type  Scholar
Level 66
Physical Power 29
Spell Power 29
Description  Mages capable of teleporting will have various spells that can cause AoE damage.
Health  374
  • Why I Chose This: The exceptional defensive prowess and unmatched mobility on top of the high damaging AoE spells.

The Lightweavers are considered the Best Servant by many in the game. In addition to being one of the best, they are also the toughest ones to recruit in V Rising. The Lightweavers are actually mages who are capable of teleporting at will. Hence, they can fortify themselves and remain at a safe distance from their enemies at most times.

Additionally, the Lightwaevers have various spells that can cause AoE damage. These are the best units you want at your castle for defense. However, as OP may be, they have a slight drawback. Lightweavers do not excel in small fight zones because they do not have a lot of room for evasion.

  • Teleportation ability.
  • Has access to various AoE spells.
  • Enhanced defensive capabilities.
  • Are challenging to recruit.

1. Priest

Best Servant For Crowd Control.
v rising priest servant
Priest Overview (Screenshot by eXputer)
Blood type  Human
Level 68
Physical Power 300
Spell Power 300
Description  They can summon endless waves of holy pillars that stun nearby vampires.
Health 390
  • Why I Chose This: The unparalleled crowd control ability and the summoning of endless holy pillars.

The Priest doesn’t heal or does loads of damage to the opponent, either. Looking at them at a glance, they just feel like a weak Mage servant. However, there’s one special thing about them that totally boosts their whole status in V Rising. Apart from their ranged spell attacks, the Priests can conjure multiple monoliths on the field.

The monoliths summoned by the Priest can grab and paralyze enemies that come within their radius. What makes the whole thing even better is that a single Priest can conjure up 7-8 monoliths alone. All of them will hold down and paralyze enemies, which makes it extremely easy for the other Brutes or Warriors Servans to bring down the enemies and defend your castle!

  • Great crowd control capabilities.
  • Ranged spell attacks.
  • Summoning holy pillars ability.
  • Vulnerable to disruption.
  • Lacks direct damage.

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