V Rising Best Servants: How To Get, Traits & Types

This V Rising Best Servants guide will showcase how to get servants, their traits, and the 5 types available in V Rising!

Role of Servants In V Rising

For V Rising Players who want to know exactly how Servants work in the game, they have come to the right place, as we will uncover it all! In essence, servants are enemies and NPCs in V Rising game that can be weakened and charmed to lure them into your base/castle and have them work under you. 

Key Highlights
  • The Servants in V Rising are equipped with different weapons and armors in order to protect you and your castle. 
  • You can get the servants by charming them with “Kill of The Vampire” skill but make sure that it attaches the servant because you’ll be in between different enemies or NPCs. 
  • Bring them to the base, place them in the servant coffin and it’ll take 1 hour 30 minutes to make them a proper servant.
  • There are five major types of servants in the game which include Worker, Scholar, Brute, Rogue and Warrior.
  • Before choosing the servant, you should know about some of the traits of the best servants which include their blood quality, expertise, protection level etc.

Each servant in V Rising can get their chest armor, hand armor, and foot piece and equip their weapon to protect the player. Below are the three main roles they play when the player has captured them. W

Defend Castle 

The first and perhaps the most obvious role that V Rising Best Servants will offer the player is that once they have been leveled and equipped, they will start guarding your castle. They will guard the base against potential intruders, whether the player is playing on PvP or PvE servers. 

For PvP servers, payers need to be wary of enemies and people that can join in from outer worlds, break into your castle and take your loot and vital resources.

To protect them, this is where the V Rising servants jump in, and while they are patrolling around select areas, they will be able to protect your precious items. 

Fight Off Intruders

Alongside keeping the resources safe, these servants will also prove their loyalty to the player by being able to charge at any unsuspected enemies and piercing through them with their wielded weapons and utterly rendering them useless. It makes them excellent support, which is required whenever you are out of the castle doing quests or farming gear. 

Send On Missions

If you feel you have captured too many V Rising Servants, then perhaps look into using some of them, increasing their gear progression, and sending them out on expeditions.

This will allow them to farm resources for your base while being able to mine for important materials that would have otherwise been deemed difficult. 

How To Get Servants in V Rising

Now, as for actually getting the servants into the castle, there are a certain few steps that players will need to follow. To bring V Rising servants in, they *need* to be NPCs or enemies that seem vulnerable or are in a weakened mindset.

You can not force animals or bosses to become your servants. Check out how to craft Pristine Hide in V Rising, which is needed in order to maintain your base!

V Rising Dominating Presence
Dominating Presence Skill

After you have approached the desired NPC of the “human” enemy, players will need to attack and charge at them until their HP has been depleted to below 30%; it is when they enter their “weakened state” and are easier to charm. After that, there will be a skill known as “Dominating Presence,” which will first be needed to activate before even thinking of capturing servants. 

V Rising Charming Enemies
Weakening Enemies

After that, use the skill “Kiss of The Vampire” and make sure that it attaches itself to the servants in V Rising. The skill will then be summoned and work towards “charming” the NPCs. one thing that players need to keep in mind is that while they are in the middle of charming enemies or NPCs, there are chances that the enemy candidates will end up lunging at you and killing you, which sort of defeats the entire purpose of charming humans in the game. 

V Rising Servant Coffin
Servant Coffin

After charming them, bring them into your base, where V Rising players should have a Servant Coffin ready for them. Place them inside the coffin, and click on “Convert,” which will take 100 Blood Essence and a total time frame of 1 hour 30 minutes to properly make them a servant. 

Traits of A Servant 

V Rising Servant Trait
Traits of Servants

Before players can truly choose their V Rising Best Servants, they should know a few things about each servant: the V Rising servant traits. Each servant will share a “blood quality,” which can be decided based on the type of human NPC or enemy converted by the player to become their servant. 

Alongside Blood Qualities, there is also expertise, which scales off the Blood Quality. The higher the blood quality, the better the expertise of the servant in V Rising.

To have the highest amount of protection, players are recommended to have servants with higher blood quality, allowing them to be a lot more viable to act as guards. 

Whatever mission the servant will be sent out on, the certain servant chosen needs to have the “location perk,” such as a certain servant is being sent to collect resources; the perk should be easing the mission difficulty. Otherwise, the servants could die and return unsuccessful on their missions. 

With that, each servant will also have their power based on the overall damage output or health points. With that, after getting the Best Servants, players can also name their servants while also having a certain “Servant Perk” and its Description. 

Types & Best Servants in V Rising

Now, in total, there are only five types of Servants in V Rising. Therefore players have a pretty scarce collection to choose from. Therefore they must make their choices wisely. Players can charm and keep them in their base with these five servants and use them for different missions and quests. 


V Rising Humble Appearance
Humble Appearance Servant

The first type of servant that players can access is the Worker, which caters to players that want to infiltrate protected settlements. It is mainly for players that would rather mingle into areas and collect their resources. The main aim of the servant is to be one of the V Rising Best Servants by helping players go into settlements that have been guarded. 

With their “Humble Appearance” trait, they can appear innocent. Therefore people in these settlements will be able to trust them pretty easily.

And with the reputation that they built up, they can take control of the people’s resources without being attacked. For that reason alone, this type of servant might be perfect for players who would rather be civil than attain conflict. 


V Rising Sacred Resistance
Sacred Resistance Servant

Another type of servant that players can go for is the Scholar servant in V Rising, which is usually used when trying to mine or go farming in areas that are fully covered and governed by nature’s elements. In V Rising, protection from elements is crucial. Therefore it is important to send servants that excel in keeping themselves safe from the elements. 

With their perks, “Sacred Resistance,” they will make it innately easier for the player to go hunting in those areas that have been guarded by nature’s elements without needing to deplete their HP. the perk grants them a small buff and is important for keeping them alive. 


V Rising Tenacious Strength
Tenacious Strength Servant

Some people actually might find the Bruce type the Best Servants in V Rising, considering their service for the players. In essence, the way that they work is that they will be able to allow the player to hunt in harsher areas that seem way too dangerous to traverse alone. 

The servant trait that they hone is known as “Tenacious Strength,” which will instantly reduce the number of difficulty players feel when trying to take out enemies or animals for food or blood in these harsher environments. Players are advised to invest in servants that fit their preferences best. 


V Rising Tracking Expertise
Tracking Expertise Servant

Next up, Rogue servants in V Rising; these servants will mostly come in handy simply to go into territories that have been covered with demons and enemies that are deadly to the player’s safety. These servants can go in in place of the players and provide them the resources they need without the payer needing to hurt themselves. 

They have a trait known as “Tracking Expertise,” which is helpful if the player aims to farm in these harsher areas. 


V Rising Military Tactics
Military Tactics Servant

Last but not least, the warrior servant in V Rising hones the trait known as “Military Tactics,” which is the equivalent of being a main DPS for the player, and these servants will be able to decimate enemies that dare enter their base without hurting the player. They are impeccable for entering into areas that are heavily guarded. 

Blood Quality And Expertise Impact on Servants 

The last topic we would like to cover is how blood quality affects expertise and how important it is to have a higher blood quality and expertise servant. 

Quality of BloodServant Expertise
1 to 10%2 to 4%
11 to 20%2 to 5%
21% to 30%3 to 5%
31 to 40%4 to 7%
41 to 50%4 to 8%
81 to 90%11 to 20%
91 to 99%14 to 24%
100%15 to 26%

With that, we will wrap up our V Rising Servants guide; let us know what you think! Don’t miss out on our V Rising Silver Ore farming guide!

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