V Rising Vincent The Frostbringer: Location & Rewards

Our Vincent The Frostbringer location guide entails how to find this boss, battle strategy and the rewards you get by defeating.

In V Rising, many players get baffled as to where to find the bosses, let alone Vincent the Frostbringer. The way to find out this boss is similar to how you will find pretty much any boss in the game, and that is by tracking their blood scent after having selected them on Blood Altar. To make the process easier for you, we have listed down everything there is to know about Vincent the Frostbringer location and fight in V Rising.

Key Takeaways
  • Vincent the Frostbringer is a level 40 boss in V Rising. In order to fight him, your gear score level must be above 37.
  • Vincent can be located in the center of Dunley Farmlands or tracked using the Blood Aura system.
  • His attacks primarily revolve around frost, requiring players to observe his strategy and plan their defense accordingly
  • After defeating the boss, you’ll unlock some rewards, which include:
    • Recipe of Reinforced planks.
    • Prisoner Cell Structure.
    • Frost Barrier.
    • Veil of Frost power.

Vincent The Frostbringer Location

Vincent the frost bringer
V Rising Vincent the Frostbringer
  • Vincent The Frostbringer is a level 40 V Blood carrier boss in V Rising.
  • Defeating him can be challenging if your gear score is level 37 or below, as he deals significant damage.
  • Vincent can be found in the Dunley Farmlands, specifically at the center of the area.
  • You can use the Blood Altar to select the boss and track him using the blood aura tracking system
Vincent The Frostbringer dunley farmlands
Vincent the Frostbringer location v rising

Still, if you can’t happen to reach Vincent the Frostbringer’s location, then here is an image (inserted above) for reference.

Vincent The Frostbringer Boss Fight Strategy

boss fight
Vincent the Frostbringer boss fight strategy- v rising
  • Vincent the Frostbringer has additional minions, clear them out quickly.
  • Watch out for frost attacks; getting hit twice can lead to freezing.
  • Vincent uses frost arrow attacks and melee hits, but he’s slow and telegraphed, making kiting effective.
  • His frost barrier blocks attacks in a 180-degree front.
  • At 50% health, he uses Tri-Veil of Frost charge; at the same health threshold, he activates Call of Winter, freezing surroundings.
  • Vincent is slow, allowing for multiple healing opportunities during the fight.
  • Beware of a possible wolf respawn during the extended fight.
  • If you have the bone shield from the graveyard boss, it can keep Vincent occupied and make the fight easier


V Rising Vincent The Frostbringer location
Vincent the Frostbringer boss rewards

Once the boss is defeated, make sure to suck his blood like always, deal a final killing blow, and extra the valuable V Blood. Once you have done that, you will also unlock some of the best rewards in the game.

  • Power: Frost Barrier and Veil of Frost.
  • Structure: Prisoner Cell.
  • Recipe: Reinforced planks.

Other V Rising Tips

V Rising is a vampire-themed based RPG that puts heavy emphasis on scavenging resources, building a castle, and defeating bosses to extract V Blood. You earn some of the best abilities, crafting recipes and equipment recipes by hunting down bosses and feeding on them to get the best builds in V Rising.

Then you craft these items back at your castle base, and that increases your gear progression in V Rising. So, your level is tied to whatever level of gear you are wearing in the game.

V Rising encourages players to explore the vast land of Vardoran and look for common to rare materials to craft items and progress the survival journey.

You can farm scales, glass, or unsullied hearts. When you reach the mid to late game, you will need advanced materials to obtain some of the best weapons and armor in V Rising. You will also need to have the best base locations in V Rising to get the most out of your surroundings in the mid-to-late game.

That is why farming iron and silver ore, or obtaining silver coins and ghost yarn will become your everyday routine. So, you need to look out for bosses like Putrid Rat in V Rising, to defeat and get the best rewards in the form of vampire powers, structure unlocks, and item recipes.

Otherwise, your game progression will be stagnant and you will have little idea of what to do next in the game. Also, why not go through our V Rising weapons tier list.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Vincent The Frostbringer’s location in V Rising. Did you find this boss on your own in the game? Have you defeated the boss? Are you a melee player, or do you prefer ranged attacks while fighting bosses? For us, it is definitely ranged as it gives you an edge to attack and maintain distance at the same time. So, let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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