How To Build A Castle In V Rising [Step By Step]

Want to build the castle of your dreams & rule? Then our V Rising building Castle guide will help you achieve just what you have in mind.

V Rising offers an exciting world you can explore solo or with friends. You can go fishing, explore caves, or enjoy a relaxing castle construction session. Then you can start kidnapping people to make them unpaid workers for your castle or slaves. In this guide, we will inform you how to build a castle in V Rising so you can look over your domain of darkness in style. 

Key Highlights

V Rising offers the player to construct and design their dream castle where they can oversee their domain of darkness.

Building Your Castle:

  1. Gain the Castle Heart to mark your territory by accepting the Lord of Shadow quest.
  2. Access the build menu and construct the Castle Heart using 240 Stones and 20 Blood Essence.
  3. Keep an eye on the Castle Heart’s condition and use more Blood Essence if it starts to decay.

Structures and Resources:

  • Some castle structures require Greater Blood Essence, obtainable from the Unsullied heart and its recipe, which you can get by defeating the Vampire Hunter.
  • Use Reinforced walls and Proper Castle Flooring to build the castle roof.
  • Create rooms for various crafting stations to support your gameplay.

Building your dream castle in V Rising allows you to oversee your dark domain and customize it to your liking.

Building Your Castle 

Castle Guide
Castle- official screenshot

Dedication is vital if you’re wondering how to build a castle in V Rising. The first step in building a castle is to put down the Castle Heart, which allows you to claim the area and mark the boundary where you can build your castle. Once you have marked your territory, you can start building your castle to protect your home from being invaded by other players.

To start building, head into the Fundamentals Tab in the Build menu, which can be accessed after pressing “B.” Now you can start building your castle’s walls, floors, and windows. You can also build crafting stations such as the Woodworking Bench, Grinder, Blood Press, and more for your castle.

If you accidentally build a wall where you want to build a door, there is no need to fret because V Rising allows you to build stuff over stuff. 

How To Obtain Castle Heart

Castle Guide Obtaining heart
Castle Heart

The Castle Heart is a fountain of Blood that powers everything in your castle. It is basically an energy source for your Castle. In order to obtain the Castle Heart, you first need to be at least level 10 and accept the Lord Of Shadow quest. Afterward, you must go to the build menu and build a castle heart. The materials required to build a Castle Heart are  

Decaying Castle Heart

If your Castle Heart starts decaying, then that’s bad news because the Castle Heart acts as an energy source for your castle. As your Castle Heart starts decaying, your castle will also start decaying. The walls of your castle will start to crumble, and you won’t be able to use crafting stations in your castle because they rely on the Castle Heart, and the Castle Heart will not be able to spare the resources to keep those Crafting Stations running.

Also, your castle will become the ideal target in the eyes of the invaders. Consider reading our Best Weapons guide, as these weapons will give you an extra edge in battle.

Fortunately, it is very easy to fix a decaying Castle Heart. You only need to feed it Blood Essence, which is easy to get because you get it automatically after drinking the blood of living beings during your adventures.

So always stockpile Blood Essence in your castle; you never know when you might need it. You can also upgrade your Castle Heart to hold even more Blood Essence.

Greater Blood Essence

Castle Guide Greater Blood Essence
Greater Blood Essence

To obtain Greater Blood Essence, you have two methods:

  1. Unsullied Hearts: Crafting Greater Blood Essence requires 4 Unsullied Hearts. These hearts have a low drop rate and are obtained randomly from defeating enemies. You’ll likely need to defeat enemies above Level 20 to have a chance at getting Unsullied Hearts.
  2. Recipe for Greater Blood Essence: In the mid-game, when you’re around level 50, it’s recommended to explore the Farbane Woods and defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter. Doing so will allow you to obtain the recipe for crafting Greater Blood Essence, using 150 Standard Blood Essence.

Standard Blood Essence is easier to obtain compared to Unsullied Hearts, so obtaining the recipe should be your priority once you reach level 50. Until then, you might need to farm Unsullied Hearts to craft Greater Blood Essence for your Castle structures.

Building Castle Roofs 

Building castle roofs is crucial for protection from the deadly sun, and here’s how to do it:

  1. Progression Requirement: Roofs are locked behind a bit of progression. To build a roof, you first need to construct a room using Reinforced Walls and Proper Castle flooring. Once the room is constructed, a roof will automatically generate over it.
  2. Expanding the Room: You can expand the room by adding additional walls, and the roof will cover these walls at no additional cost. Note that wooden structures cannot generate a roof.
  3. Prioritizing Rooms: It’s recommended to build roofs over essential rooms of your castle first, such as sleeping quarters, crafting areas, or storage rooms. Non-priority rooms can wait.
  4. Mist Blazers: While you work on building roofs, you can also craft Mist Blazers. These devices allow you to block sunlight for a limited amount of time. They require 120 stones to craft and can be found in the Fundamentals Tab. Mist Blazers use bones as fuel, consuming one bone per minute. Remember to switch them off at night to conserve resources. Keep in mind that Mist Blazers only cover a small area, so prioritize building roofs as you gather the necessary resources.

Building roofs and using Mist Blazers will help you protect your vampire character from the sunlight, ensuring your survival during the day.

Increasing Crafting Efficiency

V Rising Castle Guide

To increase crafting efficiency, follow these strategies:

  1. Organized Castle Layout: Design your castle with organization in mind. Allocate specific rooms for different types of crafting stations, such as Research Desks, Grinders, Blood Altars, Sawmills, Furnaces, and more.
  2. Appropriate Floors: Choose the right floor type for each room to enhance efficiency. For example:
    • Create separate rooms for Sawmills and Grinders to boost the Crafting and Refinement Rate by 25%.
    • Use Workshop Floors to reduce the cost of refining materials by 25%.
    • Designate a Forge Floor for the Furnace and an Alchemy Floor for the Blood Press to maximize their efficiency.
  3. Servant Coffins: As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock the servant coffin recipe and gain the Dominating Presence Power ability. This ability allows you to convert humans into slaves who can perform various tasks for you, including crafting and defending your castle.
    V Rising Castle guide Slaves
    Servant Coffins
  4. Slave Utilization: Make use of your slaves to improve crafting efficiency and castle defense. Slaves can be assigned to various tasks and can help protect your castle from potential invasions, particularly useful in PvP servers.

By organizing your castle layout, choosing appropriate floors, and utilizing slaves effectively, you can significantly increase your crafting efficiency and overall gameplay experience in V Rising.

That concludes our guide on how to build a castle. Let us know your thoughts about the game in the comment section below.

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