Building Castle In V Rising [Complete Guide]

Want to build the castle of your dreams & rule? Then our V Rising building Castle guide will help you achieve just what you have in mind.

V Rising offers a compelling world that you can either explore solo or with friends. In this guide, we will inform you how to build a castle in V Rising so you can look over your domain of darkness in style. 

The game starts with you as a weakened Vampire awakened after thousands of years of slumber, and from there, your journey to becoming a Count Dracula begins. V Rising offers variety in gameplay whether you want to go fishing, explore caves or indulge yourself in a relaxing castle construction session. Then you can start kidnapping people to make them unpaid workers for your castle or slaves if you prefer. 

Key Highlights
  • V Rising offers the player to construct and design your dream castle where they can oversee their domain of darkness.
  • The first step in Building the Castle is to gain the Castle Heart which will give you the marked territory for your castle.
  • You can obtain the Castle heart by accepting the Lord of Shadow quest. Go to the build menu and start building the Castle heart with 240 Stones and 20 Blood Essence.
  • If your heart starts to decay, you can fix it with more Blood Essence.
  • Some structures of the Castle will require Greater Blood Essence. You can obtain it by Unsullied heart and by getting its recipe by defeating the Vampire Hunter.
  • In order to build the Castle roof, you can use Reinforced walls and Proper Castle Flooring for your rooms.
  • You can also make rooms for different types of crafting stations.

Building Your Castle in V Rising

Castle Guide
Castle- official screenshot

It’s going to take some time before you’re able to construct your dream castle, but dedication is key. The first step in building a castle is to put down the Castle Heart, as it allows you to claim the area and mark the boundary in which you can build your castle. Once you have marked your territory, then you can start building your castle to protect your home from being invaded by other players.

Now to start building, head into the Fundamentals Tab in the Build menu which can be accessed after pressing “B”. Now you can start building walls, floors, and windows for your castle. You can also build crafting stations such as the Woodworking Bench, Grinder, Blood Press, and more for your castle.

If you accidentally build a wall where you wanted to build a door, then there is no need to fret because V Rising allows you to build stuff over stuff. 

How To Obtain Castle Heart

Castle Guide Obtaining heart
Castle Heart

The Castle Heart is a fountain of Blood that powers everything in your castle. It is basically an energy source for your Castle. In order to obtain the Castle Heart, you first need to be at least level 10 and accept the Lord Of Shadow quest. After that, you need to go to the build menu and build a Castle Heart in V Rising. The materials required to build a Castle Heart are  

Decaying Castle Heart

If your Castle Heart starts decaying, then that’s bad news because the Castle Heart acts as an energy source for your castle. As your Castle Heart starts decaying, your castle will also start decaying. The walls of your castle will start to crumble, and you won’t be able to use crafting stations in your castle because they rely on the Castle Heart, and the Castle Heart will not be able to spare the resources to keep those Crafting Stations running.

Also, your castle will become the ideal target in the eyes of the invaders. Consider reading our Best Weapons guide, as these weapons are sure to give you an extra edge in battle.

Fortunately, it is very easy to fix a decaying Castle Heart in V Rising. You only need to feed it Blood Essence, and Blood Essence is easy to get because you get Blood Essence automatically after drinking the blood of living beings during your adventures.

So always stockpile Blood Essence in your castle; you never know when you might need it. You can also upgrade your Castle Heart so it can hold even more Blood Essence.

Greater Blood Essence

Castle Guide Greater Blood Essence
Greater Blood Essence

Certain structures in your Castle will require the Greater Blood Essence for them to work. You can craft the Greater Blood Essence at the Blood Press Crafting Station. There are two methods to obtain the Greater Blood Essence in V Rising.

Unsullied Hearts

Crafting Greater Blood Essence requires 4 Unsullied Hearts, but they are tough to get because of their low drop rate. As of right now, there are no confirmed ways of getting Unsullied Hearts because they are dropped randomly by enemies. According to the community, You need to defeat enemies above Level 20 to get Unsullied Hearts.

Recipe of Greater Blood Essence

In mid-game, If you are around level 50, then we would recommend exploring the Farbane Woods to find and defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter to obtain the recipe that will allow you to craft Greater Blood Essence with 150 Standard Blood Essence.

Getting Standard Blood Essence is a lot easier and more convenient compared to getting Unsullied Hearts; thus, getting the recipe should be your top priority when you hit level 50, but until then, you will be forced to farm Unsullied Hearts.

Building Castle Roofs In V Rising

One of the main reasons for building a castle roof in V Rising is to be protected from the deadly sun. Building roofs for your castle is essential for fulfilling that purpose. But building roofs are locked behind a little bit of progression.

In order to build a roof, you first need to build a room that uses Reinforced Walls and Proper Castle flooring. Once you have constructed the room, a roof should automatically generate over the room. The game also allows you to expand the room by adding additional walls. The roof will be placed over those walls at no additional cost. Wooden Structures can not generate a roof.

We would recommend building roofs over essential rooms of your castle first, as non-priority rooms can wait. You can protect yourself from sunlight in the other rooms by crafting Mist Blaziers.

Mist Blaziers

Mist Blaziers allow you to block Sunlight for a limited amount of time. They require 120 stones to be crafted, and they can be found in the Fundamentals Tab. They use bones as fuels, consuming one bone per minute, so don’t forget to switch them off at night to save resources. One thing to note is that Mist Blaziers only cover a small area, so start building roofs as soon as you get the resources.

Increasing Crafting Efficiency In V Rising

V Rising Castle Guide

V Rising encourages the players to keep their castle organized. This is directly connected to choosing the right floors for the rooms of your castle. V Rising encourages you to make different rooms for different types of crafting stations such as the Research Desk, Grinder, Blood Altar, Sawmill, Furnace, and more.

Choosing the appropriate floor and making separate rooms will increase the efficiency of your crafting stations. Making a separate confined room for your Sawmills and Grinder will increase the Crafting and Refinement Rate by 25%. If you choose the appropriate floor, which in this case will be Workshop Floor, then it will reduce the cost of refining materials by 25%.

The Furnace will require a Forge Floor, while the Blood Press will require an Alchemy Floor for more efficiency and so on, so making separate rooms for different types of crafting stations is highly recommended.

Acquiring Slaves

V Rising Castle guide Slaves
Servant Coffins

As you progress through the game, you will unlock the servant coffin recipe and will gain the Dominating Presence Power ability that will allow you to turn humans into slaves and send them to your castle. Your slaves can perform different tasks for you. They can also defend your castle from invasion. We would recommend using your slaves to defend your castle if you are playing in a PvP server

V Rising is a recently released MMORPG that has the potential to be one of the biggest MMORPGs out there. Despite being in early access, the game has already crossed the 100,000 concurrent players mark. 

That concludes our guide on how to build a castle in V Rising. The game is still in early access and is available now on PC through Steam. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.

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